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Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. - Shirley MacLaine

And she falls to the ground, her head smacking against a rock with a loud crack.

My breathing halts and my eyes widen.

Silence settles apart from the crackling from the still burning church.

Everything pauses until the first sight of red.

«The Chief Inspector is down!» I hear someone scream. Then there's far too much noise and chaos; too much for me to keep up with.

Blood is everywhere.

There's blood flowing from the back of Aqua's head, coating her blue hair in deep crimson. And there's blood spraying the psychopath's neck. I absent-mindedly conclude that his jugular must have been cut. But he doesn't seem fazed in the least. In fact he doesn't even seem in pain. I wonder if it's the adrenaline.

«Kill him!»

I feel so helpless. All I'm able to do is gape as this violent person slowly getting drenched in red. I stare at him intently. And I can't help but notice…

One of the Police force tries stab the black heard man but his twin(?) sends him away with a swift kick in the face.

this guy

Everything happens far too quickly. Scenes are flashing before my eyes but I can't make sense of any of them. In a blink of an eye there's a blood bath around us and a mild silence has taken home among us.

People are groaning in pain clutching their sore spots. Everyone seemed alive but, upon further survey, the damage they received will cripple them. I wince wondering if death is a better option than losing their job and position in rich areas of the region.

The yellow-eyed demon stumbles lightly.

«Vanitas! Your wound!» the brunet whispers with a start.

Is he just noticing the damage now? Is he dim?

«Shut up,» Vanitas mumbles, blood dripping down the side of his mouth and chin.

Then, much to my amazement, the steady flow of blood slowly stops and the wound closes up like a zipper.

«Great now what?» asks the brunet.

«You-» I stutter, «how did you do that? What are you?»

The brunet sighs, though he is grinning. «He's not going to forget you now, man. What do you want to do? Kill him? Rearrange your face?»

I blench and gulp and the threat. But even then I couldn't move.

Useless. Axel was right.

As he slowly makes his way towards me I start to tremble uncontrollably. I'm tempted to beg for my life but I hold myself back. I know I'd receive no mercy from this kind of person.

He crouches in front of me and grabs me by the neck. I helplessly watch as variety of emotions cross in face: curiosity, anger – his grip tightens -, distress.

«Why,» I choke out.

He alts.

«Why do I make you angry?» I couldn't help asking. «Why do I make you so sad-» he cuts off my words by tightening his grip further.

He's strong.

I gasp as my lungs quickly burn, yearning for oxygen.

I grasp his hand. My slack grip constantly slipping off as my vain attempt for survival became more and more scarce.

My eyes fill with tears rendering my vision blurry.

My mind is a squabbled messed.

Am I really going to die?

As black spots invade my already faulty vision and my arms fall uselessly to the blood drenched ground, his eyes widen in fear - or so it seemed - and his grip slackens.

Soon after I'm released completely.

My body feels like a useless sack of meat as I slump forwards gasping for breath.

Warm, trembling knees cushion my fall.

At the back of my mind 'good sense' warns me that I should probably get the hell off my attacker. But I'm too tired and wary to even move a muscle.

I greedily gulp down air. Tears are slipping out of my eyes freely now. But they are silent. The only one that could notice is the owner of the trembling legs that are slowly getting wet.

«I can't do it,» I hear him mutter angrily.

Slowly I turn my head to the side so that I could breathe more easily. I notice Paine clutching her stomach, her face contorted in agony. She must have tried to help me.

The brunet twin is standing beside her, looking at me in shock.

Suddenly my eyes widen as well as I feel something wet against my fingers: blood.

«Aqua-» I rasp out. I hastily try to push myself up but I immediately fall forwards.

Hands grab my shoulders and my head falls forward. A series of coughs rack my body.

Heaving a deep breath, I push the hands away and turn towards Aqua's body.

I lift her head feel her pulse: it's really faint.

«Hm, she probably has concussion buddy.» I hesitatingly lift my head towards the brunet. «Doubt she'll survive. Sorry.» he says neutrally with a seemly fake wince.

«Fuck off,» I rasp out and he gapes at me.

I ignore him and quickly grab a small bottle.

«Oh, nice color.» the brunet states as he stares at it's deep green color.

I lift Aqua's head and slowly I pour the medicine down her mouth.

«What is that?» Vanitas asks suspiciously.

«Nothing, you'll ever need.» I say coarsely, my throat aching. I'm tempted to take a small sip of the medicine myself but I know that she needs it more than I do right now.

I sigh in relief as I feel the wound clotting and closing at the back of the Chief Inspector's head along with her broken nose.

«I have not idea what just happened-»«because you're an idiot, Sora» Sora grins at the insult, continuing unperturbed, «but we still don't know what to do with him.»

I hastily stand and the two follow suit.

Vanitas glares at me. «We'll take him with us.»

My jaw falls open.

«Uuh, I new travelling partner! Nice!» Sora cheers as he folds his arms behind his head.

«I'm no new travelling partner,» I snap glaring at grinning buffoon.

Sora pouts. «Another mean partner.»

I frown, even though the motion gave me a headache for some reason, «I'm not coming with you.»

«Either you come, or I kill you.» Vanitas growls.

I glare at him. «You can't kidnap me in front of all these people-» I pause as I notice that nobody is around anymore. The church is still burning to the ground though.


«Afraid they all left early.» Sora grins.

I shake my head, wincing. «If you didn't kill me once, you won't at all.»

Vanitas sneers. «You sound so sure about yourself.» He stalks towards me like a predator. When he enters my person space he glares down at me. «I might not kill you, but I can torture you to the brink of death. Believe me.»

Sora winces. «I'd believe him.»

«Yeah? What will you do?» I challenge.

Vanitas grins and I hesitate. Soon after Sora screams in pain and Vanitas is holding a very real ear in his hand.

«Something like this,» he says simply.

«Oh, goddamn fucking-» Sora curses.

I freeze and Vanitas's grin merely widens.


I turn to the side and notice Axel running towards us with Marluxia in tow.

He halts as soon as he lays eyes on Vanitas.

«You.» Axel mutters, Vanitas merely lifts an eyebrow. «What are you doing here? Why did you attack Roxas?»

«I wonder.» he says simply.

I blink. Does Axel know this guy?

Axel glares. «Roxas come here.»

Gratefully I take a step towards him but I'm immediately stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

«He's not going anywhere.»

«What do you want from him? And are you the cause of this?» Axel asks referring to the church, his tone deadly.

«Nope.» Chirps Sora, «but it sure made Vany happy.» he grins.

Axel's eyes widen. «Sora? That you?»

The brunet grins. «Who else would travel with this guy?» He nods towards Vanitas who just rolls his eyes.

«It's not like I want you around, you moron.» Vanitas snarls.

«Oh, he's just saying that. He'd actually be very lonely during his quest of love if it weren't for me!»

Quest for love?

I shake my head. «Wait, you know these guys, Axel?» I question.

«Axel?» Sora looks at him strangely.

«It doesn't matter, come here, Roxas.» Axel snaps hastily.

The grip on my shoulders becomes firmer. I wince. «I would if I could.»

«Vanitas, release him or I'll burn you to a crisp.» He lifts his arm.

«Try that and not only will you burn him, but I'll also snap his neck.» He says simply.

«Axel, he won't-» before I could complete the sentence, Vanitas turns me towards him and last thing I see is yellow eyes. Then pain explodes in my head and then… nothing.