Why was I here? Fuck. Come to drop off a letter for Stefan to give to Caroline, and the whole things gets turned into a rescue mission. It'd only made an unnecessary fuss about the whole damn situation. He had called Bonnie and considered calling Damon but thought better of that. "I just, don't want to be the thing standing in the way of Caroline being safe" I blurted in the midst of watching Stefan rush around the parlour in search for something. Or maybe he was just pacing. He seemed like the stress pacing kind of guy. He shook his head, nibbling on the nail of his thumb.

"You don't understand I can't just let you do this" He whispered finally stopping opposite me.

"You know I don't get it. You're not even doing this for me or Caroline, you're doing this because Elena was part of the deal too" I fumed pressing the guilt into him. I felt bad since Caroline mentioned guilt was one of Stefan main weaknesses. There was no doubt about the fact that Stefan loved Elena dearly. You can see that just by the way his eyes would turn a lighter shade of green by the simple mention of her name. Actually, Stefan and I weren't so different. He was cursed, so was I. He fell in love when he wasn't really supposed to…same here. He would do absolutely anything for Elena, as I would for Caroline. I was the only opportunity for a distraction, so the others could end this Adrian character whether I was killed in the process or not. I wasn't hurt by the fact either. I'd probably do the same in his shoes. He sighed heavily, helplessly. This wasn't giving up on Caroline, on our love. This is me giving her the chance to live at least some of her life whether it's as a vampire or not. I wasn't convinced there was anything other than this that could be done about the situation. Hell, I only came to drop off a damn letter! The sound of Bonnie's sharp breaths and light feet brushing against to wooden floor interrupted the intensity of the atmosphere around us, and in an apologetic voice she said, "Sorry it took me so long. I had to grab a couple of things"

I fixed my eyes onto Bonnie. A couple of things? The flushed girl was standing with four huge dusty books that were obviously weighing her arm down, and a bag that, by the sounds of the clanking whilst she dropped it to the floor, contained glass jars of some sort. She collapsed onto the sofa immediately opening the first book. Giving one last stare, Stefan grabbed one of the oversized books and opened it whilst standing. I let my body fall against the wall of books behind me wondering what Caroline would be doing now. Probably still sleeping. It was part of my plan. When Adrian put this offer on the table my mind was instantly set on what my decision would be. So, I had one last night with Caroline. I wasn't going to waste that. So I kept her up until at least 5am doing naughty things and letting her please me in ways I didn't even know were possible. Then I would return the favour and so the night went on in some sort of dirty sequence of sex, tongues and deep panting. I inhaled her scent until my nostrils burnt and I was certain I would never forget the smell. My hands roamed up and down her body until I knew where all her curves, freckles and perfect imperfections where. I lavished her mouth with my hot tongue, making certain of the fact that I would never forget those delicately red lips and how they fit so perfectly with mine. I made sure Caroline was carved into my brain. Her cute little dresses, her bashful smile…how she always knew what to say and how to calm my entire being… I bit hard against the inside of my cheek, rubbing my hands over my face before shifting from the wall. This was too much.

"What exactly are you guys looking for?" Bonnie's eyes flickered upwards to me whilst her fingers stopped skimming the pages of the book. Her gaze was hard with a touch of softness glimmering in the chocolate iris of her eyes.

"A spell" She simply said. "It's going to be difficult but I'm not going to let you die on Caroline. It wouldn't be right" I rolled my eyes only for her to return the motion and continue reading. I caught the disapproval on Stefan's face as Bonnie mentioned that she wouldn't let me die on Caroline. It made me wonder who she had a death sentence for, who she would die for. Probably Elena. I shook my head. Hypocrite. I may not be the smartest cookie in the cookie jar but I wasn't an idiot. Caroline had filled me in on Bonnie's little suicide mission. Hypocrite. I repeated the word with much more disgust.

After a couple more minutes Stefan's eyebrows grew closer together as he passed the book over to a curious Bonnie. She slapped her finger on the book, a smile growing on her face. "That's the one" She mumbled before dropping to her knees and placing the book on the coffee table in front of the sofa, retrieving a couple of jars from her bag. I was confused as to what the leafy, herb-like substances were exactly but imagined that Bonnie would explain as she went along. Therefore I waited. Stefan folded his arms, leaning over Bonnie's shoulder studying what she was doing. Violently emptying several of the jars into an empty, transparent cylinder she jumped from her position and got two sets of large candles from a table near the staircase. It took her two trips to set the solid wax down but soon enough Bonnie's eyes were shut gently, her mouth set into a hard line. The candles lit. A knot formed in my stomach. I found myself holding my breath whilst the witch began to speak words that were unknown to me. "W-What's she saying?" Stefan ignored me. Bonnie continued with her chant. Her eyes remained shut as tight as possible. My chest throbbed harshly as worry overcame me. A blue vein was blatant in Bonnie's neck travelling upwards to her head.

"It's fighting me" She managed before her entire body jolted and her breath seemed sharp, heavy. I was frozen. I just watched her, obviously in pain and did nothing. Her hands crippled into fists in a slow, ugly way. Why was she doing this? Going through this for me? Her screeches felt like they were shaking the whole house. I heard bangs next, the coffee table, the jars rattling against each other. Bonnie's screeches drastically settled down to painful grunts whilst her eyes viciously flickered at a dramatic speed. The process seemed to drag on for hours, but eventually Bonnie was taking deep steady breaths attempting to regain control again. When she opened her eyes again I noticed the small trickle of crimson blood trailing down from her nose. She quickly swiped it away leaving a thick red smug across her upper lip. Cutting the silence Bonnie whispered weakly,

"I'm gonna need a drop of your blood" I nodded, obeying the orders. Now wasn't the time for questioning. I'd just do as I was told and flow with it. That always seemed to turn out better than actually knowing. Even though it makes no sense at all. Bonnie took my hand examining it for a moment before pressing a knif- wait a knife? Where the hell did the knife come from? She must have gotten it out when I wasn't paying attention earlier. The sharp metal cut deep into my palm. I hissed at the shooting pain but knew it wouldn't last long. Pulling the dirty knife away she held it with both hands above the glass. I watched whilst a droplet of dark cherry leaked from the metal falling into the glass. "Yours too" Bonnie breathed to Stefan. He accomplished the small task in seconds without thinking. I found myself repeatedly watching the blood drop into the glass. Wiping the knife with a kitchen cloth and setting it down on the other side of the table, Bonnie then pulled out an odd shaped bottle half full with a completely clear liquid substance inside. "I've never used this before. I found at the back of Grams closet with some wolfsbane so I'm taking a risk here" I budged closer to Bonnie. Her eyes were sympathetic. She poured the elixir in before placing a cap over the cylinder and shaking it, humming some words. Before my eyes the lumpy mixture turned into a bouncy, fizzing liquid. My breath caught for the second time. "You know Tyler; I've done everything the grimoire told me to do... But, there's no guarantee this is going to work. It's fifty-fifty." She breathed, adjusting her gaze onto my face starring deeply into my eyes. I answered by taking the glass from her hand and lifting it upwards almost to my mouth.

"And what happens if it does work?" I asked quickly. Bonnie's eyes were now on the floor as if she was ashamed. Stefan was suddenly there beside her all broody like as usual. I already knew the answer. I should have seen it coming really…as soon as she brought up Stefan's blood…

"You'll become half werewolf half vampire"

"…so I drank it" I shrugged finishing telling Caroline the story. Her expression was blank, her mouth hanging open a little. Eventually her face just look utterly, helplessly confused.

"So, you're like…a vampire now?" She asked so innocently. We were now sitting crossed-legged and opposite each other. I chuckled slightly taking both of her hands, holding them in both of mine.

"I'm half vampire"

"So what exactly does that mean?" Caroline replied almost instantly. I almost heard a sound from her chest. Then remembered a thing such as that was impossible. However mine was still beating. I guess that was a good thing though. And I was still warm. I shook my head. We really need to visit Bonnie to ask her about what vampire like qualities I now possess. However I knew what Caroline was really getting at. I knew the secret meaning behind her question. The real question if you like. Does this mean you'll live forever like me?

I sighed. "This means, we go to Bonnie and let her answer our questions"

"She didn't tell you?" I shook my head in response. Caroline shook her head, letting it drop down to the floor. Leaning closer I made her look back into my eyes, a saddened look now upon her face. Pressing my palm on her cheek I stroked my thumb comfortingly. She answered my silent question. "I don't think Bonnie will want to see me for a while. Not after tonight"

I paused, waiting for her to continue. Caroline rolled her eyes, jumping from her position and retrieving her underwear. She slipped the white silk back on covering herself, and began looking for her jeans. I sighed before standing from my current position and lifted her jeans from the floor holding them up. She smiled gratefully as I widened the waistband of the denim, gesturing for her to step into the material. Caroline placed her hands on my shoulders to keep her balance and slithered into her jeans. Fastening the button I let my hands linger there for a while tucking my finger around a belt loop leaning my forehead against hers.

"Lets go then" The vampire puffed out. "Maybe you should dress first"

A chuckle escaped from the back of my throat. "Yeah. Maybe I should"

Hand in hand we walked back to the Salvatore Boarding house. It was as Caroline's fingers wrapped around the old fashioned door knob my stomach began to turn. I died. How would they react…? I was stepping into unknown land here. The door creaked open, the candle lit hallway seemed calm putting me at ease slightly until shimmering sprinkles of glass caught my eyes at the far corner; a broken picture frame alongside it. My chest tightened. Our bodies had stopped just before the living room, voices floating around inside the room. Caroline squeezed my hand tightly whilst moving even closer to my body. I kissed her cheek comfortingly. She smiled a little before we both entered, joining the scene. On the sofa Elena sat with her hands around a huge cream coloured mug, a thick blanket framing her body. Stefan was next to her, his big hand wrapped around her thigh rubbing it in a loving, tender way. Bonnie stood in front of the huge opening of the fire, and Damon was no where to be seen. Caroline cleared her throat. The three sets of eyes immediately set on me causing me to feel slightly self conscious. Bonnie's mouth dropped open. "Tyler?" She managed. I simply nodded in reply. Stefan stood from his position, a brooding protective look spread across his face.

"It worked" I shrugged. "I'm…alive I guess"

Stefan breathed out a laugh. Before I knew it Damon had appeared out of nowhere. The invisible tension had thickened massively in only a matter of seconds. Finally Stefan walked around the couch never taking his narrowed eyes from me. I glanced quickly at Caroline who tried to remain strong but was just as confused and worried as I was.

"You're alive…you're a…some sort of…hybrid now?" Stefan asked although I was uncertain of whether he was talking to himself, me or Bonnie. Either way his voice sounded different, almost sarcastic.

"Yeah I guess, if you put it like that," Pause. "Look we just came to find out what I can do and-" I replied in a whisper only for Stefan to cut me off. He was getting closer to me.

"A liability" He glared into my eyes, his mouth a hard line.

"What?" Caroline immediately shot back, her voice containing annoyance. "God Stefan and I thought I was dramatic? Tyler is not a liability" Caroline had moved a little closer, not happy by how a snarl was gurgling in the back of Stefan's throat and how his fingers were twitching.

"Stefan" Damon said. It seemed the confusion had spread, and no one in the room knew what Stefan was or going to do at this very moment…

"I didn't think it would work. I thought you'd die-" Caroline cut him off.

"Stefan!" She screamed but he ignored her and continued.

"We've just got rid of a major problem we don't need another one…"

The room had fallen completely still, but somehow we were all thinking the same thing. Surely he wouldn't…no. Not Stefan. Stefan, the good brother, the reason why I'm standing here right now. He couldn't be really considering what we all thought he was considering. I laughed nervously. His face didn't change. Damon was standing behind his brother now, placing a porcelain hand on his broad shoulders only for the younger Salvatore to shrug it off. Damon's nostrils flickered, an expression as if to say 'No. Not this. Not now' Was written all over his face. The older brothers stressed eyes flickered over to Caroline then back to Stefan.

"I'm not gonna put Elena in any more danger" He murmured sinisterly before he zoomed towards me and lifted me up against the wall by the throat, disconnecting me from Caroline. I groaned under his hold however it didn't…hurt. Stefan snarled never taking his eyes from mine pushing his hand harder against my throat. Then something…strange happened. A new source of power and strength built up in my body. Every pore, every muscle buzzed with energy. I inhaled one deep breath before crashing my hand against Stefan's. His eyebrows knitted together in bewilderment. I was even a little puzzled as to where all this was coming from, but before I knew it I had twisted Stefan's arm back a deafening crack signifying his arm was broken, along with a sharp intake of breath from Stefan himself. I didn't care though. Feeling my eyes beam gold I pushed Stefan by the collar of his shirt and miraculously threw him from were I was standing all the way to the opposite side of the room where he crashing into a bookcase. My chest throbbed at the odd feeling of invisible adrenaline ran through my new improved body. Caroline starred at me, wide-eyed and mouth hanging open. I gulped hard before stepping to were she was.

"Come on Care. We'll figure this out on our own" I spoke bitterly grabbing Caroline's hand and spun around, heading for the door only to be stopped by the squeaky voice of Elena.

"Wait" Caroline and I stopped robotically. She looked at me then sighed. She could hate Elena all she wanted. But when it came down to it, when it really came down to it…she couldn't let her go. They had been friends since kindergarten. Therefore it was understandable that she was the one to turn around and not me.

"What Elena. You're safe. That's all that matters. But I thought I lost Tyler tonight. I'm not going through that again" She spoke clearly, strongly. Although I could hear the lump forming in her throat at the thought of loosing me again. In a way it was comforting to know that, as least she wasn't afraid of what I could do. At least she didn't want me dead…at least she still cared.

"Of course," Elena began then turned to Bonnie the same time I turned back around, bringing my presence back to the room. "So what does this mean for Tyler, Bonnie?"

The room fell silent. I felt Caroline's mixed emotions and I wondered for the hundredth time if we were actually connected to each other in a way that's not possible. Not for a human, a vampire or a werewolf. It only just occurred to me that I could hear Bonnie's heart jolt once Elena had spoke.

How could I… Why did it feel like my senses had all been cleaned spotless? Why was only just noticing them now? Shaking the worry from my head I focussed on the scene before me. Bonnie knew what we were really asking… everyone knew.

"I don't know for sure…but in the grimoire it says…it says that having both elements of vampire and werewolf will make a person incredibly strong…kind of invincible. An eternity of power I think were the words used." She turned to Stefan now, more confident in her words. "You can't kill him. It's impossible" However I was still clinging onto the word eternity. Eternity…eternity…

"So this means th-" I began, but Bonnie cut me off.

"This means, you and Caroline can have a life together. Until the end of time" A smile blossomed upon Bonnie's face. Now she was looking on the Brightside. I mean seriously everyone was being so negative about it-wait what did she say? Until the end of time. I snapped my head around at Caroline whose hand had slithered into mine squeezing it tightly. Her breathing became unsteady and it was as if I could see Bonnie's words repeating themselves in her mind one by one. She smiled then stepped forward towards Bonnie. The two friends hugged and giggled whilst crying. I heard Caroline faintly whisper the words "Thank you" to our witch friend before returning to me. Damon just rolled his eyes and retreated back to wherever he came from. I was still very much in shock by our new discovery. Caroline bid the whole room goodbye, thanking Bonnie again and before I knew it the vicious night air was biting at our skin and we were wondering in the woods, the Boarding house getting smaller and smaller behind us. My breathing was sharp, unsteady. I hadn't realised that I had stopped and was leaning against a tree. I starred into the ground. Tyler and Caroline. Forever, something we thought we would never have, something that had been a major fault in our relationship. Something that was impossible up until a couple of hours ago. My eyes slid shut for a moment but it wasn't long before I felt the presence of my vampire in front of me. "Ty?" She asked. I smiled as I reopened my eyes.


The corner of Caroline's mouth was curved upwards, her eyes glistening with happiness. "I can't believe it" Caroline breathed, her head falling down towards the floor. She was shaking her head. "I feel like this is all a dream," The blonde vampire began looking back up at me still shaking her head. "Like I'm going to wake up and be back in the hospital as my old, human self and that none of this will be real" Concentrating on Caroline's blank expression I couldn't help but wonder what she meant.

"Do you want to wake up?" I asked. Caroline laughed wrapping her arms gently around my body. I placed my hands on her waist pulling her closer to me.

"Never" She whispered into my shoulder. I inhaled her heavenly scent as I fiddled with her hair, relieved with her answer. She pulled back.

"We should go away from a while. Get out of this town" Tyler suggested. Caroline's smiled a little.

"Tyler I've already missed a lot of school" She complained. I bit my lip and nodded.

"I get that. Come on Care. It'll be good for us" I pushed. I really did think we needed to get away. We had barley spent time together properly since this entire thing. Plus I would need to get to grips with my new "powers" in case there's any need to control them.

"Where would we even go?" I was getting there. I grinned.

"Is that a yes?"

"Where would we go Tyler?" I sighed. She didn't like playing games she knows she will loose in. I smiled caressing her face with both of my hands.

"Wherever you want to go" Caroline puffed out a sigh before leaning in a kissing me before taking my hand so we could carry on walking. Where? I don't know. And I'm not sure she did either. But hey, as long as we had each other right?

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