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Chapter 1; Always Watching

Green-hazel eyes watch Merlin as he refills Arthur's goblet at dinner. This particular pair of eyes belongs to no other than King Uther himself. Uther watches, captivated, as Merlin's slender fingers hold the metal jug, noticing how the boy's sleeves slide up a little to reveal equally slender and pale wrists. Uther observes Merlin, his eye catching the slight twitch of his pink lips smiling at something Arthur whispers to him, probably about how bored he is. Uther's eyes follow Merlin as the servant stands back against the wall. The King turns his attention back to Morgana, who is still talking and has failed notice that he hasn't been listening to a word she is saying, even now Uther is concentrating on ignoring the itch to look at Merlin again.

Later in his chambers the King is pacing, thinking of a certain black haired, blue eyed servant, again. The King always feels the desire to reach out and touch the boy, to run his roughened fingertips across that pale skin, Uther shivers at the thought. He always watches Merlin when he thinks that no one else was looking, and could hardly survive a day without seeing the neckerchief wearing servant. The things he could do to the neck under that scarf, Uther shakes his head, trying to get it out of the gutter.

He is glad that Merlin is friends with and shows great loyalty to his son, but is jealous of their close bond and how much time Arthur spends with the boy. Uther has often wondered if their relationship went further than friendship, a growl emits the Kings chest as images of Merlin in the arms of another man bombard his head. Even though he has this over whelming desire for the boy he must restrain himself. Merlin is Gauis' apprentice and the slightly older man sees the boy as a son. There's also Arthur, he could imagine how the blonde Prince would react if his father took his servant as his lover. He sighs deeply and collapses in his chair.

Merlin and Arthur walk in silence after dinner, Merlin wonders if he has done something wrong, but nothing comes to mind. Minutes later they reach Arthur's chambers. Once inside Merlin walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out Arthur's night clothes, just as he lays them on the bed Arthur speaks.

"Merlin?" He begins.

"Yes Arthur."

"Did you notice my Father staring at you during dinner?" Jealousy is seeping though the Princes words, the young man showing his ever present possessive and jealous streak.

"No. Besides why would the King want to look at me? You're being paranoid." Merlin answers with a little scoff.

Arthur gives Merlin a look as if to say 'don't think so little of yourself' but nods and drops the subject. Arthur rises from the chair he had been sitting in, walks over to Merlin, places his hands on Merlin's hips and rests his forehead against Merlin's.

After a few moments of staring at each other intently Arthur cups Merlin's neck and kisses him. Merlin wraps his arms around Arthur neck as he becomes engulfed in the passionate kiss. Minutes later they part, both panting for air, but they are both smiling.

"Goodnight Arthur." Merlin says as he untangles himself from Arthur's arms.

"Goodnight Merlin." Arthur replies as he watches Merlin walk out the door.

Once around the corner Merlin stops and slumps against the wall. He had noticed Uther watching him, how could he not, even now he could feel the Kings gaze burning into his flesh, he shudders. Despite his strong feelings for Arthur, Merlin could not ignore the way his mouth runs dry in the King's presence or the way his stomach erupts in butterflies when he feels Uther watching him. Between his strong feelings for Arthur and his undeniable desire for Uther, Merlin is so screwed.

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