If there was one thing Quinn Harris wasn't used to, it was heat. Her mother was right: moving to Miami was a mistake. Growing up in Boston meant cold weather. She didn't think it was appropriate to wear shorts to a crime scene, so settled for brown linen trousers and a vest top. Her second week working as a detective for MDPD and she was already getting the hang of how to handle the ropes: the media, veterans, CSIs. It didn't help that there were more male detectives than female. They treated her like a maid. But she marked her presence as a detective when she successfully tracked down a drug cartel and dismantling the organisation.

She rolled up the windows of the car and prepared herself for the Miami humidity. Locking her car, she surveyed the crime scene. CSI were already there. And from the look of the police officers' standing around outside, it wasn't a pretty crime scene.

She flashed her badge to the officer, signed the sign-in pad with her name and position and made her way into the house. It was huge. She stopped a passing officer and asked for information about the case: the Holdens, a wealthy family from Italy, were found dead in their beds. Four children and the parents. They were a nice family, very friendly, very charitable. Quinn smiled thanks to the officer and made her way up the stairs. She could hear Horatio Caine discussing something with a CSI. They appeared at the end of the long hallway when she reached the first floor landing.

Walter Simmons smiled over at her. "Detective!" Horatio Caine only threw her a quick glance.

"Harris," Eric Delko greeted.

"Officers," Quinn greeted. Out of the few people she had met so far, Walter was the nicest, sweetest person. He was such an optimistic person and his optimism was infectious.

She flashed a big grin down his way and reached the group. "Lieutenant. Who called it in?"

"Neighbours. Heard the gunshots at five this morning. Called 911. The officers found the family." Horatio looked up. Quinn was walking into one of the rooms.

"I'll talk to the neighbours," she said quietly. She slipped on her gloves and picked up a school photograph in the little girls room. "How many secrets do you think we'll find during the investigation?"

"Only one way to find out."

Quinn snapped off her glove and made her way downstairs. On her way she heard Horatio say, "Call everyone. It's all hands on deck.

After talking to the neighbours, Quinn found out that the family threw a birthday party for their three year old daughter yesterday. They catered for breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 100 guests. The party went on until late, the families let their children loose in the play room while the adults drank, talked, and danced. Things quietened down at about twelve and the last car left at about 1. Four hours later, she heard the six gunshots.

Quinn nodded. "Okay, thank you."

Back at PD, while Quinn sat at her computer, waiting for it to spit out information, Frank Tripp walked up and took the seat behind her.

"Hey, Harris."

Quinn pulled her medium length brunette hair back with her hands and let it go, letting it fall down her back. "Frank, what can I do for you?"

"Is this case not a bit strange to you?"

"How do you mean?"

"There was security in the place like nobody's business. Nice people… Why would something like this happen?"

"Professional or personal opinion?"

"You are the expert."

Quinn stood up, walked to Frank's desk and leaned on it. She smiled. The one thing she was proud of was her degree in criminology. "I think this party they hosted gave the perpetrator plenty of opportunity. I mean, seriously, over a hundred guests?"

"What does the profile tell you?"

"Are you teasing me or are you being genuine?"

"I genuinely want to know, thank you very much."

"I just didn't think you believed in this stuff… I think he's wealthy because how else would he have gained access to the house. Mid thirties.- Would you like my personal opinion?"


"I think it was the father."

"They seemed to be a happy family."

"You never know what secrets people have." Quinn reached over and grabbed the sheet of paper that shot out from the computer. She scanned through it quickly. Then stopped. "Oh my god."

"What is it?"

"They found six bodies: the parents and four kids."


"The Holdens had five children."