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Romeo's Not So Sweet, Niether Is Juliet

It was the kind of sunset that resonated with your soul. The horizon was a wonderful array of orange and red. The colors seemed to stain the town, not to mention the way the water in the river sparkled and reflected the colors back into your eyes. It was truly a sight to behold, a sight often overlooked by people, people too absorbed with their daily regimen to take notice. Not everyone was oblivious though, there, sitting by the river was a young man with a scowl on his face and peculiar spiky orange hair.

It was difficult to see him sitting there next to the water when another young man looked his way and called his name, "Ichigo, come on or were going to be late." Noticing that he was being ignored, the young man started yelling with an annoyed tone in his voice, "Damn it Ichigo, quit looking ever so mystically into the sunset and come on! I know you can hear me, we gotta go!." Waiting only half a second for a reply, he continued, "IIIICHIIIGOOO COME ON ALREADY, WERE GOING TO BE LATE IF WE DON'T GO RIGHT N—OOOUUCH THAT FREAKING HURT!"

'I'm going to kill him if he doesn't sh-' "IIIICHIIIGOOO!" The words were really starting to piss him off. 'Now hes even interrupting my thoughts.' Picking up a rock as he stood up, he launches it at Keigo's head. "Would you shut the hell up! I heard you the first time! GEEZ!" Ichigo finished exhaling sharply. He began to walk up the hill towards his friends. Looking down at the grass as he walked, he noticed the way the breeze made the long strands of grass sway in the wind. Now that Keigo had finally shut up, he could hear the sounds that the grass made as it collided and shifted in the wind. 'Considering what happened here so many years ago, its hard to believe that this spot could seem so nice,' Ichigo thought to himself.

As Ichigo peaked the hill, he turned to look back at Keigo. "HEEY let go of me Keigo!" Keigo had latched onto Ichigo's legs tightly, tears pouring from his eyes, He cried, "How could you hit me like that Ichigo, I thought we were friends." "I hit you because you wouldn't shut the hell up!" Ichigo replied. Still trying to shake the growth off of his legs, "One of you two pull this, this, this thing off of me!" Ichigo said desperately, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. "Sorry but I won't get involved in one of these childish skirmishes tonight, I have to keep my composure, there could be several gorgeous women there tonight," Mizuiro says cockily as he begins to walk off. "Oh shut up Mizuiro, as if any girl would want to go out with you!" Ichigo replied with sarcasm in his voice while managing to get one foot free, planting on Keigo's face, trying to pry him off. Mizuiro spun around quickly, "Hey I get more dates than all of you combined, so just shut up!" Satisfied with his comeback, Mizuiro turned back around and continued walking. Keigo, still holding on to Ichigo's legs like an old man holds onto the good old days, turned his face, still currently occupied by Ichigo's foot and managed a muffled reply. "Yeah Mizuiro, didn't you have a date last weekend, wasn't his name Steve?" This last information made Mizuiro freeze as if he had been hit by a bolt of lighting. He Screamed, "I told you guys to never bring that up again, besides I didn't even know he was a guy!" "What gave it away, when your were kissing his adams apple, or when you grabbed his man-ass?" Keigo mocked. Noticing that they were all laughing at him, "Even your gonna laugh at me Chad?" Mizuiro complained. Chad spoke slowly, "Sorry its just…Funny." "That's it," and with that, Mizuiro left them behind.

"Ha, I'm impressed you where able to talk with my foot in your face Keigo!" Ichigo said, slamming his foot into Keigo's face repeatedly. "Its-gonna-take-a-lot-more-than-your-stupid-foot-to-shut-me-up-Ichigo!" Keigo managed to get out each word between the barrage of kicks. "Gaaahhh, whats it going to take to make you let go of me!" Ichigo spoke desperately. Keigo immediately replied, "Apologize for hitting me in the face!" Ichigo growled under his breath, "Fiiiiinnee, I'm Sorry!" he said followed by many muffled insults. "Okay," was all Keigo said as he, as almost as if he were on cue; let go of Ichigo, Stopped crying, and headed off after Mizuiro with a smile on his face. "Hey Chad, is it just me, or does that smile look like one that a kid would have when he found out what candy was for the first time?" Ichigo asked, annoyance clear in his tone. "Yeah," was all the big Mexican had to say. "I hate it when he does that, I don't know how, but he can cry on command, and stop on command…Its weird" Ichigo said bluntly. Chad replied, "I think the word you were looking for…..was creepy" "Yeah," said Ichigo with a chuckle thrown in there. "So what exactly does the invitation say Chad?" Ichigo asked.

Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a shiny piece of pink paper, Chad handed the invitation slip to Ichigo, "Here." Glancing back at the sunset one last time, Ichigo spoke, "Hey Chad, remind me to bring a camera back here and take a picture of the sunset." He looked down at the paper and it read:

Attention all Students:

You are all officially invited to the welcome back celebration

In order to celebrate the starting of the new semester we are throwing a party

There will be food, a live band, and dancing

There will be a five-dollar cover charge considering this will also serve as a fundraiser

So come and have fun this Saturday at:

The Sphere-o-dome Complex

223 Main St. Karakura Town

It starts at seven p.m.

Don't Be Late!

"I think what they meant to say is that this is a dance, I really hate dances'…well hopefully the band will be good at least." Ichigo let out a sigh as he finished. "Yeah," grumbled Chad.

"Well, we'd better hurry up and catch up with them Chad, besides, I heard it could rain tonight, and I don't want to be soaking wet when we get there. Lets Go."

So, as the last of the light began to fade, Chad and Ichigo began to run into the falling sky.

Chapter 1 End

In the Next Chapter, We Meet a few more Characters, and see whats happening at the party. The chapters will be longer as the story progresses.