Note: This story takes place in Breaking Dawn. When Edward offers Jacob the chance to sleep with Bella in order to give her a normal, human baby.

Jacob paced his room back and forth clearly stressed. He ran a hand through his short, stubbly, jet black hair. Why would he do this to me? Why would he offer such a thing? He's playing with me sure that's it. He thinks I won't say yes. He thinks I won't take it. Well I'll prove him wrong.

Jacob headed across the field towards enemy lands. He could see Edward's tall statue like frame as he came closer. It was clear the vampire was equally stressed about something. His hair was messier than usually and his clothes were actually wrinkly. It was as if the vamp just rolled out of bed and forgot to brush his hair.

Jacob knew better, Edward's lack of efforts in his appearance had nothing to do with sleep. No, the reason was deeper than that. It had to do with an offer he gave the wolf not too long ago.

He waited nervously for Jacob to reach him. Anxious of what his answer would be. He thought silently to himself. He has to say yes. This is the only way it will work. If he cares for her as much as I do he will say yes without a second thought.

Jacob took his spot in front of the restless vampire as Edward began to speak.

"So, do you agree or not?"

Jacob let out a heavy sigh as if in thought, scanning Edward's appearance over.

"If I do this, and Bella happens to fall for me in the process…"

Edward let out a laugh as Jake's silly expectations.

Jacob waited for the vampire to finish his laugh fest before continuing.

"You have to promise you will uphold to your statement." He said, carefully eyeing Edward's reaction.

The vampire gave the wolf a questioning look, confused at what Jacob was referring to.

"What promise is this regarding?"

The wolf sighed annoyed before continuing.

"The promise, that if Bella were to choose me, you would willingly let her go."

Edward let out a frustrated huff, shaking his head in disbelief. Unbelievable this wolf is unbelievable. Here Bella could possibly die any day now thanks to that thing inside her and he's worried I will back out of a promise I made months ago.

"Jacob, I meant what I said. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it. Now are you going to help me or not?"

Jacob remained quiet for a little bit before he warily replied.

"Okay, I'll do it. But I get to pick the time and place. I don't need a bunch of vampires breathing down my neck while I'm doing it." He announced shivering at the thought.

"Jacob, it has to be at our place. Bella is too weak to be taken anywhere else and as far as my siblings, don't worry, I'll make sure there out of the way when the time comes. So are we in an agreement?" The vampire asked reaching out his pale white hand.

Jacob eyed it for a moment as if afraid it would bite back before slowly reaching out his own tan hand, grasping Edward's hand in his. A gasp escaped the wolf from the sheer coldness the vampire possessed before quickly drop his hand.

"Yes." Jacob said easing Edward's worries.

He watched as the vampire gave a weak smile in appreciation before heading off to take care of the girl they both loved. What am I getting myself into? The wolf thought as he headed back home himself.

Note: So, this is another Jakeward story idea I had. I'm not sure if I will carry it on or not. It will be in third person point of view/ narrator, if I do, decided to do it. And yes, the chapters will be short. Let me know what you think. Review! ;)