Edward walked in his house shirtless. He made sure to keep what was on his shirt hidden, wrapping it up in a ball shaped form. He looked back in forth across the room to make sure no one was around before tossing it into the wash. Once he knew he was safe, he let out a sigh, leaning against the cold machine.


Edward quickly spun around to find his wife standing in the narrow door way. Her face showed confusion mixed with curiosity.

"What happen to your shirt?" Bella asked, eyeing her husband's tone form.

"I got a little blood on it." He lied.

"Oh, you were gone a long time." She added.

"Sorry love, the woods were practically bare, it took me an hour just to find a deer." Edward went on, lying.

"I was worry about you." Bella all but cried out, embracing her husband's side.

The act left Edward at a standstill. He had never seen his wife look so broken before.

"Edward, what's happen to us?" She asked through watery eyes.

He brought his hand to her chin, meeting her sad eyes.

"Nothing's happened to us, things change, that's life. Bella, I love you and we're going to have a baby." He stated, caressing his wife's stomach.

Edward sweetly whipped his wife's eyes, removing all tears. Bella sigh contently in his touch.



"Kiss me, please?" She asked desperately, trying to lean in, though having difficulty supporting herself with all the exact weight on her body.

Edward let out a defeated sigh before leaning down and capturing his wife's lips in his. This was the first time they truly kissed in weeks. Bella moaned in the kiss wanting more. While Edward grew bored, fast. He was surprised his wife's lips did very little for him anymore. It was Jacob's lips he wanted, his taste.

"Uh, Edward!" Bella cried clinging to her stomach.

His eyes widen, fearing the worst.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

"Ah, the baby's coming!"

"I'll go get Carlisle. I'll be right back."

Bella nodded eagerly.


What am I doing, what am I doing? My wife's pregnant, going into labor and all I can think about is him. I should be burned on a stake. Edward thought, as he ran through the woods in search of his father.

He spent two pain sticking hours of listen to his wife scream out in agony and in exhaustion before it was finally over. The sounds of Bella's hushed pants mixed with the sounds of his baby's strong cries where music to his ears. Edward eagerly took the baby from his father, wrapping him up in a blanket, as his wife caught up on some much needed rest.

He smiled looking down at the creature before him, he looked just like, dare he think the words, Jacob. Now his family was finally complete. He laid a small kiss on Bella's clammy forehead before taking their baby to the bathroom for his first bath.

The little one squealed in joy, loving the feel of the water in-between his tiny toes and fingers. Once Edward was sure he was all clean, he put the newborn in some newly bought clothes and set him in his crib for a nap. He smiled at his son, as the little one drift to sleep.

"Where is he?" Jacob rushed through the room eagerly.

Edward shushed him, pointing to the crib. Jacob slowly made his way over eyeing the little bundle of joy.

"Wow. That really came from me." The wolf voiced amazed.

Edward snickered at this, watching Jacob's light up at the sight before him. He wanted him, bad. Edward snuck behind the wolf, wrapping his hands around his waist.

"Thank you Jacob, thank you for bringing him into our world." He whispered against the teen's ear.

Jacob nodded in respond not sure what to say. He gasped feeling the vampire's kisses against his neck.


"Let me make it up to you."

Jacob snickered, feeling Edward hard on pressed against his backside.

"How many times are you going to ask that?"

"However many times you'll let me."

Jacob groaned in response, turning around planting his lips to the vamps.

"Mmm, Edward."

"Shh, we have to be quit the baby's sleeping." Edward warned.

Jacob lay back against the wall as Edward had his way with him, nibbling on his neck, grinding against his body, telling him sweet little nothings in his ear. It didn't take long for either to succumb. They lay against each other spent.

"Edward, are you in here?" Bella's voiced traveled down the hall.

The guys were too tried, too weak to move. Bella came in gasping at the sight before her very eyes.


"Bella, it's not what is looks like, I can explain."

"You two are fighting again? Now is not the time, I thought we grown past this?" She lectured.

Jacob and Edward eyed each other confused by Bella's dumbness. They were push up against each other for goodness sakes, panting heavily. Perhaps Bella was choosing not to see the truth. Perhaps, she wanted to believe a lie. Perhaps, she wanted to believe there was such a thing as a fairy tale ending.

Edward and Jacob carefully moved back from each other, avoiding each other's eyes embarrassed Bella had caught them.

"Your right love, we shouldn't play these childish games." Edward replied, coming to his wife's weak aid, helping her over to the crib to view their baby.

"He's so beautiful." Bella praised.

Edward's eyes met Jacob's when she wasn't looking. "Yes, he is."

Jacob blushed, moving closer to view his little one.

"What should we call him?" Bella asked, looking up at both men, expectantly.

"Well, I think he looks like Jacob and he did help us out with our problem." Edward encouraged.

"That is true." Bella agreed.

"How about Jakey?" She suggested.

"Umm, no, I was thinking something a little stronger likeā€¦ Jakeward." Edward voiced.

Jacob's eyes light up.

"Yeah, I like Jakeward a lot."

"Jakeward? Okay, that can work. What made you think of that Edward?" Bella agreed.

Edward eyed Jacob over, trying not to look suspicious.

"I don't know. It just suddenly came to me."

Both men smile secretly at Bella's cluelessness.

The end!

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