Ok, first suspenseful fanfic so enjoy and tell me if i suck or not!

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Tim McGee lounged lazily on his couch as he sipped his morning coffee. Ah, Sundays. They were such a wonderful day of the week. No work, he could sleep, or type, or just relax, and Gibbs hardly ever called them in. Yep, Sundays were good days. Well, with an exception to this one. Tim sat idly as he relished the freedom of the day. There was so much he could do and with such limited interruption. This sort of independence was rarely found even on the week day evenings. Not even on Saturdays. Just these precious Sundays. He smiled as he took another taste of his rather sweet coffee. But just as he closed his eyes to take another deep breath of his uneventful morning his cell phone rang. All happiness faded from the room as Tim reluctantly picked it up.

"Hello." He answered trying hard to keep all the bitterness out of his voice from having his single free day snatched from his grasp.

"Hello?" He repeated when no one answered. He was about to hang up when a man's deep, calm voice answered him.

"Hello, Timothy McGee. And how are you this fine Sunday morning?"

"Er, do I know you?" Tim responded, slightly perplexed. There was a pause before the man answered:

"In some ways yes. In others ways no."

"I'm hanging up now." Tim said into the phone for he presumed, seeing that the man was making no sense at all, it was a prank call,.

"I know what you eat. I know what you drink. I know where you sleep. I know what you hate. I know whom you love." The man's voice had taken on an ominous tone and Tim was beginning to feel rather unnerved.

"Look, this is my day off and I have no time for idiotic prank calls!" Tim growled in the receiver.

"Oh, this is no prank call." The man replied with a note of relish in his voice that sent a shiver down Tim's spine.

"Oh, really." Said McGee trying to sound sarcastic as he hid his growing apprehension.

"Yes, now if you knew what was best for you and particularly those around you, I suggest you run. Far. That is if you fear for your loved ones lives." The man answered coolly, like that of one discussing the weather or other small, unimportant details of everyday activities not the pressing matter of a cherished one's life.

"Why would I do that? I don't even no you. You don't pose any threat against me. You don't know anything about me!" Tim was definitely beginning to feel uneasy. There was something about the man's voice that frightened him…

"Oh, but I do know you, Tim! I probably know more about you than even you do."

Tim was tired of the game he was playing with the man on the phone. No more beating around the bush.

"What do you want with me?"

"I want to kill you." The man seemed to savor the words as he said them a certain longing etched in the tones of his voice as if he ached to fulfill his bloodlust.

Fear and adrenaline pulsed through Tim's veins. He had one last final question:

"Who are you?"

"I'm the man who murdered your father."

His worst nightmare had just begun...

Author's Advice 2016-Oooh, I could've used a good beta reader for my legacy fanfictions. On a happier note, writing Worst Nightmare introduced me to the glory of the cliffhanger. Seriously. I remember when I first started on this, I wanted every single chapter to end with a cliffhanger...which was really great practice for writing an actual book where cliffhangers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but are integral to a riveting story.