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Gibbs led McGee silently into the elevator with Tony and Ziva in tow. None of them said a word as the elevator rumbled to life and began its descend. Tim felt as if he was being led into his early demise as they steered him in to Autopsy. He hung his head if at all possible lower as he saw that both Abby and Ducky were waiting for them. The moment they were through the automatic doors, Ducky flipped the Contamination: Lockdown switch and they were sealed in.

"Sit," Gibbs commanded severely, guiding him to the unoccupied chair. Tim irritably jerked away from Gibbs' grip on his handcuffs and slumped into the chair, his head still bowed. A shiver ran down his spine as he felt each of their individual gazes fixated on him, and he squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

You're not Tim McGee anymore. You're a sociopath who kills without reason. You're not you, you're a psychopath, Tim repeated fervently in his head, clenching his fists.

Gibbs crouched down and looked up at Tim's forcefully shut eyes.

"What's going on, Tim?" He asked quietly.

Tim licked his dry lips, resolute on his decision of acting like a killer. If he had managed to make a trained interrogator believe in his façade of mental insanity, surely he could do the same with his team.

"So, what's this? An intervention from ex-coworkers? Didn't know you guys cared that much," Tim spat aggressively. He turned his icy gaze from Gibbs searching steely blue orbs, to Tony's perplexed stare, then onto Ziva's compassionate eyes. Ducky studied him closely from behind his glasses, but Tim faltered when he met Abby's distressed emeralds.

"Of course we care, McGee," Ziva replied gently.

Tim was silent.

"We can help you, McGee," Tony said with a note of urgency in his normally composed tone.

"I know you guys," McGee said darkly, "And you don't help murderers,

"You're not a murderer, McGee!" Abby burst out indignantly, her eyes flashing dangerously at him.

"Wanna bet?" Tim snapped, countering her look with a glare. But the more he stared into her fuming eyes, the more he felt the heavy chains of false anger around his desperate mind break so he averted his gaze.

"Doesn't matter if you're a murderer or not, Tim. You're family. We always help family," Gibbs stated resolutely.

"Well then you guys have got a pretty sick sense of loyalty," Tim retorted spitefully, his eyes emitting another uncharacteristic glower.

"Yes, we do," Ducky replied grimly, "But you would do the same for us, Timothy,"

"Would I?" Tim bit back. He rather regretted it when he witnessed a look up graveness coincide on all of their faces.

"Yes, you would," Ziva said firmly, "The Timothy McGee we all know would give his life for his teammates in a heartbeat. And we would do the same for him,"

"Yeah, well maybe I'm not that person anymore," Tim admitted, the gaze he pierced them with now completely void of anger.

His eyes wandered from face to face with sudden desperation. He wanted to memorize each and every detail of them for it was very likely that this was the absolute last time he would ever see them again. Or so his gut was telling him… This abrupt realization caused him an overwhelming sadness that he was having an immensely difficult time concealing.

"Tim, I know you. You could never be a coldhearted killer! You are the sweetest most sensitive person I know, and you have the most genuine heart I've ever seen," Abby proclaimed compellingly, dropping to his side and placing a hand on his knee, "That's why we love you, Timmy,"

Tim was unable to resist looking up into her captivating eyes. It was all too much as he took in her bleeding mascara and swaying ponytails. He tried to document every single detail about her, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as his vision blurred with tears. One slipped down his cheek and he wished helplessly that he wasn't in handcuffs so he could wipe it away. He couldn't lose it now. Not when he'd come so far already. But his bottom lip was trembling and no matter how hard he stubbornly fought it, his tears were multiplying, cascading like raindrops down his cheeks.

"Dear boy," Ducky sighed quietly, sympathetically studying McGee's distressing state.

So much for that, Tim thought resentfully as he struggled to compose himself.

"Tim, its ok," Abby whispered, instantly looping her arms around his neck, pulling him close. Tim welcomed the contact and buried his face in her shoulder, wondering if this would truly be the last time he would fall victim to one of her hugs.

Tony and Ziva shared a grave glance, and Gibbs heaved a heavy sigh and placed a hand on Tim's shoulder.

"Couldn't just spare me this, could he?" Tim moaned bitterly between sharp breaths.

"Who McGee?" Gibbs demanded suddenly.

"No one," Tim inserted quickly, mentally shoving himself for his mistake.

"I said who, McGee?" Gibbs repeated forcefully, roughly shaking Tim's shoulder for emphasis.

Well, the crazy angle always did seem to be the most compelling…not to mention the more entertaining to play.

"The voice," Tim murmured, nearly cracking a smile at how unstable he sounded.

Gibbs stare bore into him, searching, studying.

"This voice have a name, McGee?"

Tim opened his mouth to answer then closed it again like a goldfish. He needed an out. But as he sat there contemplating how to answer he was struck with an idea. It was a grim but satisfying idea. He would not die in vain. He could still catch the killer. And maybe his plan could even spare his life, though he ought not get his hopes up. But if Earnest ever suspected he had a plan…

"Gibbs, can you keep them safe?" Tim asked abruptly, looking his boss directly in the eye.

"Always, Tim," Gibbs replied quietly, still analyzing him.

"Can you keep each other safe?" Tim said desperately, emphasizing each word with purposeful precision as he looked up at them all.

"Until the end, McGee," Tony affirmed definitely. Ziva nodded her head solemnly next to him.

"Good. You know, you guys were a really great team. Thank you for working with me," Tim thanked them sorrowfully.

"McGee, stop talking like that," Abby chastised him, her voice strangled slightly with emotion, "You're going to be fine. We're going to clear your name and everything is going to be fine. You just wait, everything will go back to normal, and you'll-you'll come down to my lab again and we'll solve cases together, and everything will be ok,"

Tim looked at her long and hard for a moment before leaning forward and placing a kiss firmly on her wet cheek. He tasted the salt from her tears as he pulled back. Truthfully he would have kissed her properly but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He couldn't die and leave her with that as their last memory looming over her like a foreboding storm cloud. As romantic as the situation would have been, he couldn't cause her that kind of mental torture.

"Gibbs," Tim addressed his boss boldly, "I'm going to need the key to my handcuffs,"

Gibbs stared at him questioningly.

"I'm not going to use it to break out. I just need it for- something. Trust me, please. I learned from the best," Tim persuaded confidently, imploring him with his eyes.

Gibbs sighed before pulling out the small key.

"Open your mouth, McGee," He commanded.

Tim did as he was told and Gibbs dropped the key in. He grimaced visibly as the metallic flavor seized his taste buds.

"Put it under your tongue,"

"Boss, that's quite unsanitary you know," Tony commented, wrinkling his nose.

Tim gave a small smile before turning a hard gaze to Gibbs.

"Agent Gibbs, I believe you have a criminal that you need to be escorting down to a holding cell," Tim said with mock irritation, though his eyes were gentle in their farewell.

Gibbs chuckled before pulling Tim to his feet and leading him out the now unsealed doors.

"We'll come to see you really soon, Tim. Don't you go worrying. We'll work this out!" Tony vowed.

"Yes, we will!" Abby agreed enthusiastically, raising two fingers to her forehead in a salute. Tony mimicked her action, as did Ducky.

"We will get you out of this, McGee," Ziva promised, as she too raised her hand in a salute of her partner.

And that was the last he saw of his team as Gibbs took him into the elevator. They rode in silence once more before the doors opened.

"Take care of yourself, Tim," Gibbs said gruffly too him. It was then followed promptly by a smack to the back of his head, "That's an order,"

"On it boss," Tim replied meaningfully as Gibbs handed him over to the frantic agents waiting.

Handing him over to his death.

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