Here I am running to La Push Washington; here let me introduce myself my name is Isabella Marie Shaw I am sixteen years old all I knew is that I have a brother that lives there and that I have never met him. See what my mom told me is that my dad didn't want me but she did thinking that I would salvage their marriage; well you can see how that turned out. Few years ago I had just turned fourteen when my mom sat me down telling me the worst news that I could ever hear I still remember it like it was yesterday.


"Bella, can you come down here please I need to tell you a few things" my mom yelled from downstairs of our house.

"Coming" I yelled back walking down the stairs

When I sat down I was dreading the talk that was about to take place.

"Yes mom?" I asked looking at her.

"Bella I need to tell you a few things. First of you have an older brother that lives in La Push Washington, and that I have cancer" she said looking down.

"What?" I said through clenched teeth.

I couldn't believe that I am just finding out that she has cancer I knew she went to the doctor's office over eight months ago.

"I'm sorry sweetie I didn't mean to not tell you about having a brother." She said

"Mom we can get into that later what I want to know is why did you not tell me that you had cancer?" I could feel myself shaking

"I didn't want you to worry yourself dear" she said finally looking up at my shaking form.

"Bella outside NOW" once she got down I ran outside into the woods and found myself with fur and paws.

I decided to go to the creek that was behind our house and look at myself when I go there I noticed that I was black with brown tips on my tail, feet and ears. It took me about three hours just to turn back human; went I did my mom was there with a pair of shorts and tank top for me.

Two hours it was that everything was talked through and I found out my brother's name in the process.

End flashback

That was two years ago; I guess you're wondering where my mom's at well it is pretty simple I guess, she died couple weeks ago the cancer finally got to her. So I decided to pack up my stuff and have it sent to La Push; after I called mom's good friend asking if he could get everything settled before I got there.

Finally got to the woods when all of a sudden I heard noise from behind me; I stopped and looked behind me smelling something sickly sweet, when the one in question popped in front of me I got a good look at him; he looked like a bodybuilder short brown hair; he had yellow eyes. I have never encountered a vampire before but from what my mom told me is that some have gold eyes or red eyes.

"Who are you" he boomed I cocked my head

"Can you change back?" he looked at me weirdly

I walked behind a bush and changed human again and put my clothes on; I walked out to in front of him and sighed after he gaped at me.

"What? Yea I know I'm a girl, but could you help me?" I asked him

"What you need help in?" he boomed crossing his arms.

"I need to find La Push" I said rolling my eyes at him

He just nodded and motioned for me to follow him and showed me where to go after I turned back into wolf; I didn't want to be defenseless if something happened, he pointed where I have to go and how far; and said if I wanted to get anyone's attention just howl. Well I didn't want to do that at all I wanted to go in there unsuspected a few minutes after I passed the line that the linebacker showed me I spotted a russet wolf heading somewhere so I decided to follow but quietly; when he shifted back and walked into a small red house, I decided to do the same but knock on the door.

"Just a minute" I heard someone say from inside, I stood there waiting till he finally opened the door.

"Hello, May I help you" a guy in a wheelchair asked

"Yes, I am looking for a Billy Black" I said looking at him noticing shock run through his features

"I'm Billy Black, who are you?" he asked after letting me in

"Isabella, I talked to you on the phone for handling my belongings" I replied back

"Oh my. I remember now, you look just like your mother" he replied solemnly

"Thank you" I replied

After a while I decided to go to the house that I bought to spend the night with the help of Billy of course, before Billy wants to introduce me to the whole pack. Around ten I decided to explore the woods before getting some sleep.

Seth POV

I was patrolling the area when I caught a different scent in area; so I went to check it out when I caught sight of a black wolf with tips of brown on the tail, ears, and feet. I decided to make some noise to alert them that I was there; when the wolf turned and looked at me I felt everything that held me to this earth snapped and was redirected to the wolf in front of me. Nothing else mattered except for my imprint and I knew that I would do anything for my imprint.

The world held a new meaning for me. She had definitely imprinted on my heart, and my soul. Those chocolate brown eyes were depths as they stared into my own. I decided to change back into human; when I got back to where the wolf was I decided to talk.

"Hello, my name is Seth Clearwater. Can you change back?" I asked the wolf

I watched as the wolf walked away all of a sudden; I felt my heart beating fast thinking that I wouldn't get to meet my imprint when all of a sudden I see a beautiful girl walking out from where the wolf went behind.

"Hello Seth, my name is Isabella but like to be called Bella" she said

"Nice to meet you Bella, you are not from here are you?" I asked her

"I was born here, but I didn't live here. I lived with my mom in Ohio" she replied sitting down next to me.

"Oh. So where's your mom at if you don't mind me asking?" I asked her

"She died a couple weeks ago." She replied looking down

I sat there thinking of what I had been told and I couldn't help but feel bad for her. I couldn't help but think about my pack brother Jared he found out few years ago that he had a sister; but all he knew was her name nothing else so he had no way of finding her.

"Well I am going to head on home; you take care Seth" she said walking away before I could answer her.

"Bye Bella" I replied back to her knowing she heard me

The rest of the night I couldn't get Bella out of my mind; the color of her fur was really unique, just after my shift was done Sam called me over to him telling him that there was a council meeting around one in the afternoon, I just nodded and headed home to get some rest before anything else was said that didn't need to be. I woke up ten minutes before the council meeting; I rushed to get ready before heading down there.