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Caitlyn stared up at the wooden cabin in front of her with a wide smile. It had taken her four years to save up enough to come to this place and here she was, finally attending the biggest music camp in the country. Camp Rock, the prestigious music camp. Everybody who was anybody in music had heard of this place and most of the current superstars had attended it for at least one summer if not more.

Now, after three summers and four years worth of part time jobs she was finally here, complete with her best friend Mitchie and her well used laptop. Without Mitchie, Caitlyn had nobody to produce for. Without Caitlyn, Mitchie had nobody to produce for her. They were like two halves of a circle; without one the other just wasn't right.

Desperate to see what they had worked so hard for, Caitlyn and Mitchie both leapt up the wooden steps and burst through the door into the cabin they were sharing. They stopped once they were inside to take a look around and even wider smiles graced their faces.

The cabin was wide and spacious, the girls had saved for the highest prices on purpose, deciding to get the most out of the only summer they could afford. There were only two beds in the room, both of which were wide. Not double but definitely not single either. There was only one wardrobe but it was large enough to hold twice as many clothes as the friends had between them, the floor had a thick, soft rug to block out any drafts and the window opposite the doors had a beautiful view across the lake. Both girls fell instantly in love with the cabin and threw their bags at the beds before grabbing each others hands and squealing loudly.

"We're finally here!" Mitchie clapped her hands eagerly and Caitlyn laughed, calming down slightly and reaching into her pocket to pull out the timetable and map that she had been offered.

"Opening Jam is in like half an hour, I think that maybe we should get ready." Mitchie looked up from where she had already torn open her bag and sighed.

"What do you mean get ready? We're already ready!"

"And we have to find our way back to the stage at the entrance." Caitlyn reminded her. Mitchie rolled her eyes and grabbed the first few tops that she had ever so carefully folded just hours before to hang in the closet. Caitlyn just reached towards her strained suitcase and unzipped it. It flung open with a loud pop and a few of the items tumbled out onto the bedclothes. Caitlyn just ignored the mess and grabbed a handful of clothes to shove into her half of the wardrobe as Mitchie gingerly began to hang up each individual shirt. Despite the fact that the girls were like sisters they were completely different.

Caitlyn was naturally messy, she never folded her clothes and rarely tidied up behind herself, preferring instead to move onto her next activity and leave the untidiness for later. It was only recently that she had been trusted to pack her own suitcase when she went away, once her parents realised hat everything would be a mess when she unpacked anyway they consented her to pack her own clothes for camp. At seventeen years old Caitlyn had only just begun keeping things clean.

Mitchie, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She was, as Caitlyn often reminded her, a neat freak. She could never leave a room that was a mess, she was always taking care of Caitlyn's tidying for her and she enjoyed it. Her room at home was spotless, her clothes were colour coded in the wardrobe and her laptop was organised systematically, unlike the mess that took hours of Caitlyn's life each day to sift through.

People were not often surprised about the differences between the girls. Just by watching them for a few moments you could hazard a guess at their personalities and many people were exactly right. Caitlyn wore her frizzy brown hair loose, never bothering to take much care of her tight curls while Mitchie spent hours each day labouring over her hair to make sure that every single hair was in place and that her makeup was perfectly applied, spread evenly all over her face. Caitlyn had not worn makeup in three years, she hadn't seen the point. It only took a second to notice the differences between them and it only took a second longer to notice how close they were.

Mitchie watched Caitlyn shove the last of her clothes into the wardrobe and shook her head sadly. In the time it had taken Mitchie to carefully hang up all of six tops and a pair of shorts Caitlyn had managed to empty the entire contents of her bag onto the shelf inside and was now moving on to the bathroom to lay out her toiletries.

The girls had lost track of time and were surprised by the loud banging that came from the door.

"Girls, opening jam is about to start!" Called a voice. Mitchie hurried to the door, only pausing on the way to check her hair was acceptable. She was a great believer that first impressions counted for a lot.

On opening the door she discovered a blonde girl waiting impatiently with two other girls standing a short distance behind her.

"You took your time!" The blonde accused before smiling brightly at Mitchie and Caitlyn, who was just appearing from the bathroom. "Anyway my name's Tess Tyler, I'm J Tyler's daughter and I'm in the cabin next door." Caitlyn glanced outside and could see a cabin on either side of her, presumably both as luxurious as her own.

"So which cabin are you in?" She questioned. Tess pointed to the one on Caitlyn's left and smiled.

"Yeah, that's ours. I don't know who is actually in the other one but it's the third expensive one so it won't be anybody poor. You two are obviously rich, like me or you couldn't afford one of these cabins." Mitchie almost spoke but Caitlyn discreetly elbowed her at the last second and flashed her friend a look. Tess continued on, oblivious to their communication. "I came to let you know that Opening Jam starts in about five minutes and we don't want to be late. Being late on your first time is acceptable but if you're rich it sets a bad example and that makes us all appear disorganised." Caitlyn was suddenly overcome by a violent coughing fit and Mitchie was forced to pat her on the back for several minutes before she regained her composure.

"Let's go," Caitlyn suggested once she could speak again. "After all we wouldn't want to make us all appear disorganised would we?"

"Precisely my point!" Tess agreed. Mitchie threw Caitlyn a waning glance but Caitlyn could see the laughter in her eyes.

Mitchie and Caitlyn followed Tess across the camp, wondering who the two girls behind them were. They were yet to speak and Tess hadn't bothered to introduce them. Neither girl really enjoyed the short walk because Tess never stopped babbling about herself, and her mother, the whole way there. Every time Mitchie or Caitlyn tried to say something she would cut across the top of them with stories of how she had done everything better than everyone else but didn't like to boast about it.

Even when they reached the crowd around the stage there seemed to be no escape. Tess still chatted on about herself as Mitchie, Caitlyn and the two unnamed girls pretended to listen.

Obviously sensing their discomfort, a tall, dark skinned girl wound her way through the crowd and waved brightly at them.

"Girls! I haven't seen you in years!" Mitchie frowned but Caitlyn caught on quickly.

"Oh my gosh! Is that really you? It's been so long!"

"You associate with riff raff like that?" Tess asked scornfully. Mitchie suddenly understood and nodded.
"Of course we do. None of our friends are rich!" Tess looked positively ill at the thought and turned away without another word. The nameless two girls still followed her, looking less than thrilled. Mitchie and Caitlyn immediately burst out laughing.


"Lola." The girl introduced herself. "Lola May." She held out her hand and Mitchie shook it.

"Well thanks Lola, I think you saved us from a very boring few minutes of conversation."

"Are you kidding me? Once Tess finds somebody who will listen she never lets them go again!"

"Than thank you even more."

"This is your first year right?"

"Yeah, we've never attended camp before, we couldn't afford it."

Caitlyn, who had been looking around the camp with interest suddenly broke off their conversation.

"Come on, there's somebody heading up onto the stage."

The three girls managed to push their way to the front of the crowd before most of the campers had even realised that the crazily red haired woman had appeared. They had the best view from here, the front row. They were in the centre of the stage and could see without being too close to any of the various speakers scattered around. The girls had a better chance of heading to dinner with their hearing intact, they realised as soon as the woman began to speak.

"Hello Camp Rockers! How are we all this year? I can see a lot of you that I recognise as well as a few new campers… anyway, on with the introductions. My name is Dee La Duke; I won't ask you your names because I have absolutely no chance of remembering all two hundred of you from a second of noise. I should know, I tried it last year… okay, so I won't go through long discussions. If you don't know your way around, make sure to ask, don't be afraid. There's nobody here who will bite off your head, nobody at all. That's all I need to say except for I hope you have a fantastic summer. Learn loads, have fun and don't go hungry!" The short woman then bounced off of the stage while Caitlyn and Mitchie were still processing her words. This was obviously the type of woman who was very hard to upset, the sort of person that always saw a bright side to everything.

Lola had heard many of Dee's speeches before and told her new friends not to worry about not understanding as a man strode onto stage.

"Wassup my rockers? I'm Brown Cesario, the camp owner. Like Dee, I don't want to waste your time with long introductions and speeches, just wish you a happy summer and introduce the first act of the year." Brown grinned around at the mass of teenagers. "I'm not quite sure how we managed to keep this a secret for so long but this year Camp Rock will be home to some celebrity instructors." There was immediately a murmuring amongst the crowd. Lola leaned towards Mitchie and Caitlyn.

"It'll be Connect 3. They're his nephews." At this news Caitlyn paled considerably and Mitchie looked more than a little stunned.

"C-Connect 3?" She stuttered.

"Yeah," Lola looked excited. "You would not believe how long it's been since they came here! They haven't been to camp since the year they were signed but they came for years before that. It was odd without them here; they were always the heart and soul of this place." Caitlyn was just repeatedly shaking her head, not hearing any of Lola's words. Mitchie looked slightly panicked.

"Lola do you know somewhere we can go that will be quiet?" Lola frowned and before she could answer Brown spoke again.

"As most of you are rightly suggesting, our celebrity guests are none other than my nephews, Connect 3!" There was a collective scream as the three boys jogged onto stage, already prepared to perform. Jason was carrying his guitar, Shane was holding a microphone and Nate was holding both.

"Lola we need to leave now!" Mitchie spat, wrapping her arm around Caitlyn's trembling shoulders. Caitlyn was blinking faster and faster and shaking uncontrollably.

"What's wrong?" Lola asked, not taking her eyes off of the boys as they slotted their microphones into stands and plugged in the guitars.

"Hey guys! How are you all?" Shane asked the crowd in general. He was answered by shouts and screams and laughed. Mitchie barely noticed, too busy worrying about her friend, whose eyes were glued onto the youngest member of the band.

"He can't be here, I won't let him ruin my summer and this is all just a bad dream!" Caitlyn was repeating under her breath.

"Lola!" Mitchie practically yelled. Lola spun around.

"Why do you want to leave? This is Connect 3!" She said, grinning broadly.

"Never mind!" Mitchie said, stepping backwards and guiding Caitlyn along with her, hoping that the boys wouldn't notice them.

Unfortunately for Mitchie, the boys only noticed them when they began pulling away from the stage. They weren't accustomed to girls running away; usually the girls would be attacking them on stage.

Shane called out to them jokingly, the first one to notice them.

"Where do you think you're going? Do you really hate us that much?" It was obviously a joke, everyone laughed, but Caitlyn snapped at his words and turned to look at him sad eyes. When she spoke, it was in a surprisingly steady voice for a girl so close to a break down.

"Not all of you, just…" She took a deep breath but couldn't say his name. "Just the youngest one."

Shane raised an eyebrow, not able to hear over the roaring of the crowd. He assumed that she had given a witty answer and ran over with his microphone. Nate and Jason ignored him as they tuned up, used to his crazy questions.

"Can you repeat that? I don't think many people heard."

Caitlyn felt two hundred pairs of eyes, several jealous ones, fix on her from all directions and gulped.

"I don't mind you Shane, or Jase. I never had a problem with you guys." Jason looked up at his nickname and frowned. Only one girl had ever called him Jase.

"So are you saying that you hate Nate?" Shane asked her, trying to figure out why this girl seemed so familiar. Nate laughed at this and looked up, only to freeze and allow the guitar in his hand to clatter to the floor.

"That's right. He's the only one I don't like. I hate him." Caitlyn began to tremble much more violently and Mitchie pulled her gently backwards, making sure to keep her head down.

"Do I know you two?" Shane asked of Mitchie. Mitchie just shook her head, not in answer but sadly and carried on dragging her friend backwards. Shane bit his lip as he tried to remember where he had seen them before. He reached out and grabbed Caitlyn's wrist. "What's your name?"

"Caitlyn." Nate said before she could even register the question. Caitlyn gasped and looked up to find him staring at her. Shane and Jason also gasped.

"Gellar? Little Caitlyn Gellar?" Shane asked her, leaning away from the microphone so that his voice would not be amplified around the camp. "And Mitchie…?" He snapped his head up to the brunette with wide eyes but found that both girls were running as fast as they could into the crowd.

"Caity!" Nate leapt from the stage. "Caity wait!" He began to push through the crowd and as soon as they realised what he wanted they parted and he rushed up the narrow aisle. Shane followed closely behind him and Jason came last, his guitar still slung over his shoulder. The campers let them through easily, mystified by their strange behaviour.

But despite the fact they ran as fast as they possibly could, by the time the three brothers made it to the edge of the crowd the girls had disappeared.

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