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Alex lay back on the pillows of her hospital bed, exhausted. From across the room, the first plaintive cries of her newborn daughter could be heard and she squeezed Gene's hand, tears filling her eyes. The midwife turned, the tiny, mewling bundle stirring feelings in both its parents that neither knew existed.

"Jessie..." Alex couldn't stop the name from escaping her lips, a desperate longing for her daughter making her chest ache. As the perfect form of her little girl was placed in her arms, she sighed in contentment, and the child fell silent, staring up at her mother with a pair of huge, blue eyes.

"Hey baby..." the words were almost soundless, as Alex reached out a tiny finger to her baby girl, feeling the strong grip on her finger and smiling, turning to look at an equally speechless Gene. He was stood, mouth open, a single tear bisecting his cheek. Gently, he too reached out a finger, offering it to his daughter – he could hardly grasp the concept, daughter... – and as she gripped it in her tiny fist, he smiled a proud smile.

"She... er... she looks like you, Bolly." He muttered, his voice gruff with emotion.

"Except the nose. She's got your nose." Alex appraised, and Gene smiled. The little girl rolled her head to one side, falling asleep, tucking one perfect thumb into her mouth. Gene leant down and placed a feather light kiss on her head, stroking Alex's hair and resting his head on her hair.

"Love you Bolly. I'm so proud of yer." He murmured, not wanting to wake his newborn daughter.

"Love you too, Gene." Alex turned her head, pressing her lips to his for the briefest of moments before returning her gaze to Jessie, taking in every detail of her perfect face and storing it in her brain.


The race to hospital had been manic. Gene has carried Alex to the car, setting her down on the front seat and screeching towards the hospital at least three times the speed limit. His hand remained firmly in Alex's, and each time she suffered a contraction she gripped it, almost crushing his bones as she clung to him desperately, muttering curse after curse with each new wave of pain.

He wanted to comfort her, but he knew that the sooner he got her to hospital, the sooner he could hold her in his arms and soothe away the pain, the sooner he could reassure her. "GENE!" she begged, her voice thick with pain and desperation.

"Hang on, Bolly... please..." He squeezed her hand back then, the muscles complaining as they shifted.

"Gene... she's gonna be born in the Quattro if you don't bloody... SHIT!" She screamed again, doubling over around her distended belly, and Gene took the hint and speeded up, screeching to a halt outside the hospital as another contraction hit.

"GENE! Hurry UP..." She begged, before taking in her surroundings. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. It was a rare moment of peace between contractions.

"I love you, Gene." She whispered, and he smiled.

"Love you too, Bollykecks... now, inside with yer, before you give birth in me car."


Three year old Jessie Hunt sat on her mother's lap in Luigi's, smiling radiantly. Her blonde hair was tied up in pigtails, and she was dressed in denim dungarees and a red blouse.

"Mummy! Where's Daddy?" She demanded, staring up at her mother through deep hazel eyes and smiling angelically. "Want Daddy NOW."

"Jessie... Daddy will be here..." Alex was halfway through the sentence when the little girl squeaked excitedly.

"DADDY!" She shouted and Gene rushed to her immediately, lifting her off Alex's lap and spinning her round, resting her on his hip.

"How's my princess?" he asked, and Alex smiled. The old Gene Hunt, the one she had first met, would never have said anything like that. She would have laughed, had anyone suggested it to her.

"I'm happy, Daddy! Mummy let me feel her tummy and I felt Muffin kick!" She squeaked, and Gene smiled, leaning down to kiss Alex gently.

"And how is Muffin?" He asked teasingly, Alex's hand going to her stomach automatically, a smile creeping over her face.

"Baby is very well, Gene. Kicking. Little rascal." She explained, and Gene smiled, setting Jessie down.

"Go and play with Uncle Luigi," he encouraged, and she ran off, giggling, in her own private world. Gene sat beside Alex, stretching his arm out so that she could snuggle into his shoulder. She turned her lips to his, stroking his cheek with one hand, never wanting to break away but knowing she must. He pulled back first, however, producing a bunch of flowers from nowhere.

"Happy anniversary, Alex. I love you." He whispered, watching her eyes fill with tears.

"I love you too, Gene. I will never, never stop loving you. You, Jessie and Baby... my family." Alex replied, snuggling her head back into his shoulder.

She knew then that the single word engraved on her wedding ring would always be true.