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"So Boss, when were you planning on telling us that the guy you ditched us for last night was a billionaire?" Rigsby called as soon as Lisbon entered the bullpen. In return. she sent him her best death glare.

"Shut it, pigface." She sneered at him, immediatly turning her attention to her consultant, she watched as he stumbled into the bullpen.

"Hey Frank! People are walking here!" Jane called after the new rookie in Organized Crimes tripped him up. His tea was almost thrown on Van Pelt's desk. Which caused Lisbon to register Van Pelt's wide eyes, and her hands thrown up in the 'I'm innocent' gesture.

Jane tutted and placed his tea down on his desk. Much to the suprise of...every single person on the third floor of the CBI building. Sighing, he sat down in his chair and switched on his computer. He pulled the desk draw key from his pocket and unlocked the draw.

All of this was happening under the watch of the whole SCU team. Lisbon stared in amazement.

"Er, Jane? Whats gotten into you?" She asked, clearly astonished by the turn of events.

Jane pulled out a disposable camera and dumped it onto his desk. "Eh, I just thought you might want to see some gorgeous photos I took last night."

Lisbon froze. He hadn't? Surely?

Rigsby sniggered, earning a thump in the arm from Cho.

"You son of a bitch!" Lisbon snapped, pacing towards Jane in rappid strides. "What the hell where you playing at?"

Jane smiled. "Sorry Lisbon but it's not what you think." He stood up. "The photo's that made there way into the tabloids were not taken by this camera, I assure you."

"Then what the hell, Jane?" She was beginning to attract the atttention of others, just before her phone rang. "Hang on. Lisbon."

"Hey, honey. Look, I'm about to do something we may regret later..."

"Walter, what do you mean?"

Jane raised his eyebrows in Lisbon's direction. He looked concerned.

"I'm going on Ellen Degeneres to discuss US."

..."You what?"

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