Ohai, new readers and returning vets!

This story started out as a one shot for FGB, and I'm now continuing it. Below is not the one shot.

This story was inspired by the Immortal Beloved letters that were written by Beethoven to a mystery woman. The letters were found after his death. There is a link on my profile to the letters if you're interested.


Time exists for humans along a single one-way thread. It is measurable, it is constant, it flows in a specific current.

But when time is beyond that measure, when it ceases to be minutes and hours, when days melt into each other and years seem minute, it's who is with you that seems to matter.

My boots crunched against the rusty desert sand, the sound seemed loud in the quiet around me. The midday sun cast shadows in the brush, and somewhere far off, a jack rabbit ran for cover.

If I had a heart, if it beat, it would be exploding with sweet adrenaline, a ticking bomb, waiting for the eventual explosion.

A warm breeze picked up and stirred a small dirt devil in the far distance, and wavy lines rose from the baking horizon.

This fight had been a long time coming, one I had been waiting for.

After all, they had something of mine.

And I wanted it back.

Thanks for reading. This will probably update every couple of weeks.