Red or Blonde?

Spoilers: Season 3 (all Episodes).

Disclaimer: I don't own Fringe, wish I did but don't we all?

Peter stood in the lab when the doors opened, he looked up only to see it was Olivia. He did however do a double take and found her walking in with not blonde but auburn hair. He immediately grabbed a nearby syringe and waited.

"Hey, did Walter get the results from Kullman's autopsy." She looked at him and noticed the syringe, "its me...I thought about a little change, its hair dye not her."

"Barrett's garden, what did you tell me."

She chuckled and leaned against the counter, "I said I didn't want to be with you and I revoked that six months ago when I kissed you and told you that I lied, I believe my exact words were 'I belong with you and you belong with me so shut up and kiss me' and you did." She smiled, "don't tell me you don't like it."

Peter looked at her, "how do I know its my Olivia?"

"If last night wasn't enough of an indication then I think I'm loosing my touch in that department. I honestly thought that five..." his hand stopped her and she smiled. "Actually I'm going undercover with Broyles as a weapons dealer...that's why I look like I'm geared for a fight. I was coming to tell you that I won't be here the next two days so you're going to have to work with Astrid. She already knows about questioning and although she'd not an expert like I am, I know you know what to ask and how to act."

Peter put the syringe down and shook his head, he looked at her as he chuckled. "You could have just told me right out."

"Oh I wanted to see if you could tell the difference between us and you passed," she moved around the counter and smiled, "so honestly, you never told me...which do you prefer better, me as a blonde or as a red head?"

Peter smiled and leaned down, kissing her. "I've always preferred blondes but you wear it well...much better then she does...that's the truth." He smiled, "how long is it going to stay like this?"

"Few weeks, why...eager to have me back to my blonde state because if you are I might just keep it like this for a few months."

Peter looked at her, she wore pretty much what the other one was wearing when he met her on the other side. Combat boots, cargo pants and a black top, she could defiantly pass as her alternate and had. "So this sense of doesn't work for you."

"I thought so...however after wearing it for a month when I thought I was her...I grew used to it. I didn't have to worry about guys looking at me as if I was says I mean business."

Peter chuckled, "your gun says that too...and having been on the receiving end of the muzzle...I know you mean business with it."

Olivia smiled and leaned up, kissing him. "I'll be back in a few days, try to find a restaurant for us in the mean time...something in New York."

"Hmm, I can do that...nice romantic weekend with no work and all play."

Olivia nodded, "just no Statue of Liberty, I've been there enough times never to want to visit again."

"Understood, just come back." She nodded and turned to leave, Peter caught her arm and pulled her back to him. "I love you." He kissed her and Olivia leaned into him, kissing him passionately before smiling.

"I love you too...see you soon."

Peter watched her walk away and was certain the red hair he could get used to, if it was on HIS Olivia and he had been right...she was sexy with it and a bit more unbuttoned, something he defiantly liked.

A/N: I was trying to find a way for Peter to be 1) shocked, 2) aware of who his Olivia is and 3) open to the idea of her with red hair. I got this and I like it.