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Here's what Freddie's new friends look like

Jake- like Adam Lambert except with green eyes and he's not you know…gay…no offense to Adam Lambert who is freakin awesome!

Zack- like the character Zack from that movie Sky High. You know the one that melts. If you haven't seen it, it's actually pretty not-completely-puke-worthy for a Disney movie. (what a ringing endorsement, right?)

Logan- looks like Logan from Big Time Rush and has the same personality

Chapter 3: iForgot My Birthday


It's been six months. Six months since I broke His heart. And I haven't dated anyone since. Afterwards, me and Carls headed to LA to try starting music careers. Surprisingly, we've both been extremely successful. We tour together, hear fans screaming our names, release albums, do photo shoots. Pretty much everything we were asked to. Carly loves it. I pretend to. It's not easy when all of your songs are about a certain boy who you are still in love with who thinks you're a stupid slut. Especially when it's true. Right now we are at our loft in Hollywood. On the west side, the whole wall is a window. The first floor is almost completely identical to Spencer's loft back in Seattle. Right now I am in my room. It's a bright teal color. The carpet is jet black and fuzzy. I am at my black wooden desk writing a song. I always write songs here. I have kind of a country style…which is surprising considering what my personality's like, but whenever something starts off cool and punkish, it ends up all girly and sweet. Oh well. Apparently people like it. The song I'm writing now is called Sparks Fly (AN- The song is Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift.) Well, I wasn't really just writing it today…I've been working on it since the breakup…but I just can't get the chorus right. I give the paper a blank stare…my eyes keep going back to the chorus when I look over the whole song.

Drop everything now.

Meet me in the pouring rain.

Kiss me on the sidewalk,

Take away the pain

Cause I see sparks fly

Whenever you smile

Get me with those brown eyes baby

That's it…it's the eye color…let's see…what sounds good…blue? No. grey…Close, but no cigar…I guess I'll use green…it has a certain ring to it…


I jump, startled at the sudden interruption. I turn, ready to jump whoever just scared me…Oh…Carly…

"What, Carls?"

She was all dressed up in a grey, strapless mini dress…the skirt puffed out, almost tutu like…I think it was made of that itchy tule stuff, or whatever it's called. And her hair was up in a messy bun.

"Apparently, we're touring with whoever wins band slam!"

"Does that have anything to do with why you're so dressed up?"

Please say no. Please say no. Please say no….

"Nope, but that means we fly out to Chicago next month to meet the winning band!"

I sighed in relief. Thank god. If I had to stuff myself into another mini dress, I don't know what I'd do.


That's when Carly started scaring me. She had an evil smirk on her face as she got ready to speak again.

"You know you still have to get dressed up, right?"


I couldn't think of any reason why I'd have to get dressed up…let's see…what say is it, well yesterday was April 16th…so today's the 17th…crap! It's my birthday!

"Why didn't you remind me that it's my birthday?"

"You forgot?"

"Pretty much…"

"Well, you still have to get dressed up…and I will help you whether you like it or not!"

What a nice way to treat the birthday girl…and it's the big 1-8. I'm officially eighteen…and I forgot that until now…awesome…Carly started scouring my closet for a dress, and I must have tried on at least twenty before she let me pick one and be done with it. It was a one shoulder purple dress that had black lace over it and a flowy bottom that varied in length. I loved it! Well other than the fact that it was a dress, I hate the color purple (for personal reasons), and I hate lace, and I hate things that make me feel like I'm going to a beauty pageant. So in a nut shell, I pretty much hate it, but whatever. (an- go here to see dress: .?productId=10934120&cp=3371579.3364605.3369419) I pulled on some black strapy heels and with that, Carls dragged me off to some night club. I wonder who we're going to have to tour with…huh…


"C'mon guys! From the top, again!"

Zack rolled his eyes and whined in annoyance, almost looking like a certain demon for a second.

"But we've practiced like 24/7 for the past three weeks! You didn't even let me go to work!"

I raised my eyebrows , giving him my best 'really?' look.

"Since when do you care about work? It's not like you ever actually work during spring break anyway! If we want to have ANY shot at winning this thing, we have to practice because 'practice makes you very good, when you work hard the way should'!"

Zack, Logan, and even Jake looked at me weird after that one.

"Dude," Jake started, "I know you're normally a cool guy and shit, but you need to chill! You're turning into you're crazy-ass mother!"

I sighed, knowing he was right.

"I know, but I just think we might have a shot at winning this thing…I guess I got a little too caught up in it."

I'd never admit it to one of the guys, but the reason I want to win so bad is that maybe I'd get to tour with her…that'd probably backfire, big time.

That's probably not going to happen though, considering that we don't have much experience and our band name…

well, who would vote for a band called 'Sticky Bullshit'?

I guess it's better than the 'Fuzzy Unicorns'.

I blame Zack for that one.

That gig at the pizza place was a disaster…yet another place I am permanently banned from because of Zack.

"You are right about the practice thing though…" Logan offered, probably trying to make me feel like less of an ass.

"Just one more time and then break." I said, picking up my jet black electric guitar and lifting the strap over my head so I could put it on. The guys got into position.

"Which song this time, Fred-o?" Zach asked.

"It's coming down." I replied. And with that, we went right back into our routine until it was almost impossible to practice any more that day.

It was a few weeks later when things finally started to look pretty good for us…kind of…

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