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Chapter One: A Shift in Fate

Godric's Hollow

"Adava Kadavra!" A Sinister Voice shouted in rage.

"NO!" Another, feminine voice shouted in desperation.

Throughout the entire thing a small one year old girl screamed her lungs off in fear as ominous green lights flashed through the unassuming two story house as it light inexplicitly on fire. And moments later a giant of a man showed up on motorbike dropping from the sky his face a picture of shock as he charged into the ruins of the home.

Unknown Lab

An aged man chuckled sickly as he looked into a tube filled with some kind of unknown liquid where a male one year old child floated "Now, awaken child," The man wheezed out smiling as the child opened his eyes revealing a jade green right eye and a golden left eye with a slitted iris "Hmm it seems that unknown DNA may have mutated you slightly," the elderly man wheezed out looking at a computer screen and cheeked the data "Hmmm, nothing damaging yet, this will require supervision," The man coughed "I will need a name for you to be referred by won't I?" The man asked slightly humorously "Ryu," He decided after a moment "Japanese for Dragon, the DNA I inserted into you, the man claimed it was Draconic, hmm, life never ceases to amaze me, I'm sure you will do the same, especially once you fully realize your potential as the ultimate solider."

Ryu merely blinked curiously at the man before his eyes started drifting close again.

#4 Privet Drive

When Petunia and Vernon Dursley woke up to little Dudley Dursley's screaming they both climbed out of bed and began their daily morning routine Vernon chuckled as he heard Dudley wail for some kind of sugary food and Petunia reassure him that he will get it, opening the door to get the paper he froze at the sight of a one year old baby girl with dark red hair, hazel eyes and a lighting bolt shaped scar on her forehead swaddled in a soft pink blanket, looking around quickly and thankfully saw no one around and quickly snatched the girl into the house before no one saw them "PETUNIA!" He roared as he entered the kitchen shocking both the mother and son as he placed the basket on the table showing his wife the young girl that was on their doorstep.

Petunia gasped in shock at two things, the girl's uncanny resemblance to her sister, that they never mentioned due to said sister's and her husband's 'strangeness', and second the handwriting on the letter attached to the blanket, the spindly handwriting that spelled out her name.

Five Years Later, Lab

Ryu, now six years old, looking like a seven year old in height and build with dullness in his heterochromatic eyes that would only be seen in people who wish for death, stood in front of the old man who created him. For the last six years Ryu had been trained in various lethal martial arts practicing it on hardened murders in life or death situations, he was trained in all sorts of small arms from pistols to resized rifles to fit his smaller frame, learning Torture and Integration, absolute loyalty and how to be emotionless.

The man looked at the small boy he had been training to be the best soldier, he had been running tests on the boy's unusual DNA due to the Splicing he did when the child was still a fetus, it made him stronger, faster, more agile and gave him extremely sharp vision along with a natural night vision "You my boy are my ultimate creation," The man wheezed as the silent alarm buzzed on his belt, he knew his time was here "I had hoped to sell you off as the best soldier and assassin ever created and retire, but I suppose I only have one final order you MUST obey, live, become my final testament."

Ryu looked up at the man oddly not saying anything, he wasn't allowed to speak unless he was told to, and accepted the knife the man handed him, it was to big for his hand to hold single handedly, it was about fifteen inches from base to tip with a brass knuckle like guard along the handle designed for punching while it had a sharp tip at the base meant for piercing skulls. As Ryu inspected the knife he felt a small prick at the base of his skull before sliding unconscious, the last thing he heard before blackness consumed him "I order you to choose your own path Ryu," The man wheezed "Chose it using your instincts."

Five SAS soldiers busted into the room just as Ryu fell to the ground, turning the man faced the soldiers "Kill me," He commanded "If you try and capture me I will resist to the point of forcing you to kill me, but do me one thing, a last request if you will, take this boy, and teach him how to be a boy."

The soldier in the middle of the group stared at him for a minute before nodding and raised up his pistol and fired a single shot hitting the man between his eyes "Gather any research notes and destroy them," The man ordered "All we found here was a crazy old man who assaulted us and an unconscious young boy living with him."

The squad nodded and set about following his orders as the captain went over to the small boy and inspected him frowning as he saw the odd mismatched eyes and how tightly the boy gripped the knife, the man sighed and picked the boy up and carried him to the extraction point.

London, Britain

Ryu sat in a military straight position and stared directly ahead as the people in front of him talked amongst each other, he had woken up during the helicopter extraction from the old man's hidden away lab as it exploded, the man holding him looked down as he woke up and held his finger to his lips to hush him and whispered softly that he was to answer, if asked, that the old man was his grandfather who was slowly descending into madness and attacked the soldiers as they were investigating a possible cloning lab, the soldier had also told him that the story was that his golden eye was a birth defect.

He had just told the story that the soldiers came up with explaining that his 'Grandfather' had disciplined him whenever he showed emotion or did something wrong. One of the many things the man taught to him, how to lie convincingly, and it was a half truth as well, along with the man teaching him how to be a soldier due to his 'Grandfather's' previous military service. The captain that was protecting him had made the offer to take him into his home until his 'relatives' were found.

The captain was unmarried with no girlfriend or living relatives and currently lived in the base Barracks. Turning to him one of the governmental types looked him over as he approached, Ryu could tell that the man was not only unnerved by his blank stare, but by his golden eye as well "Tell me Ryu," The man said with false assuredness "We have a family with a couple boy near your age that is willing to take you in as well as Captain Hisanaga, now the family will be more available to help you with your, problems, unlike the good captain and-"

"I would like to live with Captain Hisanaga sir," Ryu stated his voice flat and unyielding "I feel that a normal family would be continually unnerved by my personality and especially with my abnormality, the captain however would be used to my personality from his line of work and would be able to aid me more, as well as not being affected by my said abnormalities." The governmental type frowned as the psychologist behind him scribbled furiously on his notepad "And on the fact of me being alone for periods of time I have been fully independent for two years now due to my grandfather's insanity."

The governmental man nodded slowly as he narrowed his eyes at the young boy before relenting "Very well then," he sighed knowing forcing the issue would only cause a violent reaction "I will inform the good captain of your decision."

"Hello Ryu," The psychologist greeted smiling as he approached "My name is Doctor Daniels, I will be working with you about your experiences in the world and to help smooth your translation to life as a boy rather then that of living with your grandfather, now before you leave I will have to ask you a couple of questions, first did your grandfather touch you in any ways that made you feel uncomfortable."

Internally Ryu sighed as he prepared himself for an extensive question and answer period.

Privet Drive, one week later

A young girl with hazel colored eyes and dark red shoulder length hair with her bangs covering a lightning bolt shape scar, her name was Jade Potter and she was now six years old. She was currently sitting on a swing in the playground staring listlessly at the other children playing together. She lived with her auntie Petunia and Uncle Vernon because her parents had died when she was a toddler, she was never abused or anything like that at home, but she was avoided, well, as well as you can avoid in a house, and neglected in the favor of her cousin Dudley. She was also teased due to the strange things that happened around her, she was often called a witch and other things while people continued to ignore her.

Blinking she spotted a small moving truck pull in the house next to hers that was recently sold and ran over to her yard to watch them unload, aside form the movers two people left the pickup following them, a young boy with the oddest eyes she had ever seen and the person she assumed to be the boy's dad, a tall stern looking man with short buzzed brown hair and dark brown eyes that seemed hard.

Ryu looked up at the house that his recently adopted father had bought for them, a simple two story house, looking around he watched Sean help his friends that ran a moving business on the side of their military career, he sharp eyes spotted a young girl peeking around the bushes watching them unload their simple possessions, in short order he saw a large man with a thick mustache come out of the house with a boy that was obviously his son and a woman that seem way to thin to be his wife, although their combined 'snootiness' made him feel a bit queasy, he noticed that even though the girl obviously lived their she didn't join the others in walking up the driveway "Hello there, you must be our new neighbors!" The father said "Allow us to greet you to our neighborhood, my name is Vernon Dursley, this is my lovely wife Petunia and our son Dudley, we also have our niece living with us, Jade Potter, her parents died in a terrible car accident."

Sean could immediately smell a lie from the death of the parents but let it slide "Nice to meet you," He replied politely "I'm Sean Hisanaga and this is my adopted son Ryu."

Ryu nodded his head politely as they turned to him and froze at the sight of his eye "What a… handsome boy you are…" Petunia said nervously, polite enough not to say something out loud.

Unfortunately as they allowed Dudley free reign of the house he had no such manners "What a freak!" He shouted teasingly hoping to get a rise as he laughed.

Sean narrowed his eyes as he watched Ryu for any possible violent reaction, he had a spar with the boy back at base and quick grew to respect the boy's ability and didn't need a murder charge on him after just receiving a clean bill of mental and physical health. "And I care for your opinion why fatass?" Ryu replied making Sean cough as he hid a chuckle and the two Dursley's gasp in response.

"Are you just going to stand their as he insults our son?" Vernon demanded of Sean who began to snigger.

Sean only smirked "Well your son could stand to loose a few pounds," He commented "And he did call Ryu a freak."

"His mother better be stricter with him." Petunia huffed staring down her nose at them.

Sean continued to smirk "Whoever said I was married," He replied "Besides he'd learn them anyways due to the fact as a soldier I swear like sailor."

The two elder Dursley's huffed and dragged the still stunned Dudley away and slammed the house door shut as Sean laughed waving cheerily as he saw Petunia peek through the blinds "I'm going into the backyard." Ryu stated as he began walking around the house.

"I'm sorry about Dudley." A soft voice whispered shyly, turning Ryu saw the girl that was hiding behind the bushes standing on the other side of the fence "M-my name's Jade."

Ryu blinked as he recalled what the Dursley's said about a niece living with them "Don't be," Ryu said "I get it a lot, my name is Ryu."

Jade blushed a bit "U-umm, would it be okay if I came over?" She asked hopefully "I-I would invite you over, but…"

Ryu thought for a minute, the psychologist had suggested he make an attempt at making friends with the kids in the neighborhood "We better ask Sean first," He said gesturing for her to follow, but he'll probably be fine with it."

Jade blushed again as she nodded and ran around to the other side of the fence joining him as he went looking for his father.

Five Years later Ryu and Jade's age: 11

Ryu sighed as his eyes snapped open with the dawn, even after being out of that man's training routine he still got up with the dawn, not that he minded much as he used the time to train alongside his father. He had changed dramatically in the last five years; physically he was more muscular have his body perfectly balances for speedy hard hitting punches and perfect agility. He had also been keeping up with his knife skill having kept the knife from the man and training in its use. Personality wise he had changed dramatically, while he was quiet and smiled rarely in public, he had become more normal for a boy his age liking to play with Jade when ever he could.

While he retain all of his skill in martial arts and learned how to restrain himself from the serious 'kill' blows, he also learned how to make sarcastic and biting remarks defend Jade whenever someone tried to pick on her or cut into a person with his tongue when they tried to tease him.

Yawning slightly he descended down the stairs "Morning Dad, Jade." He greeted tiredly. Jade had moved in with Ryu and Sean about two years after they moved in when Dr. Daniels had come in for an at home visit to see how he was adjusting when Jade burst into the house in tears with her aunt Marge's dog at her heels, Ryu had quickly killed the dog when it leapt at Jade. Sean had stormed over to the house with the good doctor right on his heels the murderous glint in his eye scaring even Ryu as he roared at the Dursley's, unfortunately for them Marge had made some choice remarks about Jade and Ryu's oddness sending both of the adults over the edge as Dr. Daniels surprised everyone by laying the old bitch out in a single blow, the wiry black haired blue eyed doctor it turned out was a black belt in Karate.

The Dursley's quickly agreed to allow Jade to move in with Sean and Ryu and wouldn't press charges as Sean was a well respected captain in the British SAS and Daniels was a well known Psychologist.

"Good Morning!" Jade chirped happily smiling at Ryu, Jade had changed dramatically as well, being a bit more outgoing and loosing her shyness, as well as being more happy now that she lived with people that actually cared about her. Physically she had filled out a bit larger than those her age creating many who once teased her now tried to woo her only for her to completely ignore them, she had also put on a bit more muscle having doing training with Ryu and Sean, although she was more compact and much more flexible then them along with growing her hair out to her mid back and placing it into a single braid.

Sean personally hadn't changed much since taking the two kids in and certainly enjoyed being a father to them, and even with the odd occurrences surrounding the pair, Jade's was able to talk to snakes, sometimes things moved completely on their own when Ryu was in an emotional turmoil. He looked over the pair as Ryu joined Jade at the breakfast table and started loading his plate up. A tap on the window caught all three of the house resident's attention as they all turned to the window and blinked in surprise at a pair of barn owls sitting there staring at them.

"Owls?" Ryu asked in confusion as he peered at them "They're carrying something."

Sean blinked in confusion and moved over to the window and opened it allowing the owls to swoop in, each landing in front of on of the children and held out their legs for them to take the letters attached to them "That's odd," Sean muttered as he sat down while th kids took off the letters "Owls are nocturnal, what are they doing out during the day, acting as carriers no less."

Jade gulped and looked down at her letter

Jade Potter

#2 Privet Drive

Second Room on the Left

Ryu's was very similar

Ryu Hisanaga

#2 Privet Drive

First Room on the Left

"The fuck?" Was his intelligent response as he looked out the window "Who in the hell do they know what room we sleep in."

Sean looked at the letter Ryu handed him and noticed the emblem in the right hand corner "That is odd," He agreed "Never seen a coat of arms like that before."

Jade shrugged and popped the seal opening the letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Professor McGonagall the current Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you have been accepted to our school for the coming term, enclosed is a list of required items and books, if you have any questions please respond using the owl that delivered the letter.


Minerva McGonagall

The three blinked owlishly at the letter as Ryu's was the exact same before turning to the owls sitting there blinking at them "Should we respond?" Asked Jade looking back at the letter and looked at the list of items to get "Seems to elaborate to be a prank."

"Agreed," Ryu stated "Should we ask to meet with the McGonagall? Because if this is true about witches and wizards it could explain mine and Jade's abilities."

"True," Sean agreed before grabbing a notepad and a pen and jotted down a quick reply "To Whom It May Concern," He muttered as he wrote "We have received your letter from the owls and wish to meet with you, please reply within the period of a week or we shall continue searching for a school elsewhere."

Ryu and Jade both signed it for authenticity and rolled it up and tied it to one of the owls legs and the pair left "Well we have a week to see if this is a prank or not," Sean said scratching his scalp "So, what should we do for the rest of the day?"

Hour Later

The family panted as they entered the house from their morning jog, Ryu and Sean were wearing weights and Jade simply didn't have their endurance, and the moved to the den to sit down when a sharp knock on the door caught their attention. Shrugging Sean went to the door as the children continued to the den, they could here Sean open the door and some voices, the door closed again as more footsteps than just Sean's and Sean entered with a slightly surprised look on his face as a stern looking women wearing robes and a pointed hat on her head followed him in followed by a giant of a man wearing some kind of skin coat and had a shaggy beard covering his face.

"Hello, I am Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts," The lady said "And with me is Rubius Hagrid, our groundskeeper and key holder of Hogwarts, Your note said you have questions for us Miss. Potter, Mr. Hisanaga, I am here to answer them."


Character Profiles

Sean Hisanaga

Age: 32

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225lbs

Gender: Male

Build: Muscular

Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown/Military Crew Cut

Eye Color: Brown

Wizarding Status: Muggle

Bio/Personality: Born Half British Half Japanese Sean had a case of 'where do I fit in' for the majority of his life, despite this he had proven to be an intelligent individual who had a promising career in almost any avenue he chose, and he chose to go into the British Army and easily excelled becoming accepted into the British SAS teams and quickly rose to the rank of captain. Calm and collected he was a Natural leader who wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty when necessary and was willing to go through any lengths to protect his squad and anyone he saw to be innocent.

Ryu Hisanaga

Age: 11

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 125lbs

Gender: Male

Build: Lean and slightly muscular

Hair Color/Style: Brown/short

Eye Color: Green (right) Golden with a slitted iris (Left)

Wizarding Status: Potential Wizard

Governmental Status (What the Government knows about him): Classified, eyes only.

Ministry of Magic Status (What they know about him): Absolutely Nothing

Bio/Personality: Often seen with a 'soldiery' demeanor while being quiet and reserved he is seen rarely smiling in public no matter the reason. The only time he smiles regularly is with his father San and around Jade. This is mostly due to his early childhood training under the person only known as The Man who created Ryu using various DNA samples of known powerful warriors and a sample of what one of his suppliers claimed to be of a Dragon, this had resulted in Ryu being naturally faster, stronger and more agile than that of a train soldier, proven when he had spared with his adoptive father and quickly had him on the ground managing to stop himself from delivering a 'lethal' blow. While he is quick to anger Ryu rarely resorts to physical violence rather relying on his sharp tongue and cutting remarks to cut his opponents down to size, he is, however, not afraid to fight when Jade has been threatened.

Jade Potter

Age: 11

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 110lbs

Gender: Female

Build: Light Dancers build

Hair Color/Style: Dark Red/ Mid Back in a braid

Eye Color: Jade Green

Wizarding Status: Potential Witch

Ministry of Magic Status (What they know about her): The Girl Who Lived

Bio/Personality: Often Considered Ryu's opposite in terms of personality with her being more outgoing and much more publicly emotional unafraid to smile and laugh. The only known person to have survived a killing curse, and from Voldemort at that too, although she herself is unaware of how celebrated she is in the Wizarding world, the only thing she knows about her parents was that they died in a car crash that had also resulted in her scarring.