What The? Chapter 12…AHAHA!

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Nita: Kit, do you have any threes?

Kit: Go fish. Ronan, do you have any eights?

Ronan: Bloody hell, I'm bored. This is about the twelve thousandth time we played this stupid game.

Kit: I'll take that as a no.

Ronan: Seriously, I mean, I'm all for never going outside and all, but isn't this getting a little ridiculous? I mean, you guys are almost as pale as me. This can't go on. I won't be unique anymore!

Darryl: Guys, I found Apples to Apples! I love this game! Helen Keller is visionary, dude.

Ronan: See? Even friggin' Darryl is catching up to my carefully crafted complexion!

Darryl: I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about that. Now do you want me to deal you in?

Carmela: Well, I guess he has a point. It IS a beautiful autumn day outside. Maybe we could make a huge pile of leaves and—


Carmela: Whoa, what's up with the demon queen over there?

Kit: It's… a touchy subject. One you should probably remember.

Carmela: Hmmm… a quiz, eh?

Kit : It's the reason we've been here in Limbo so long…

Carmela: Uhh.. obsessed fanfic authors?

Kit: I mean the other limbo. The canon limbo.

Carmela: The canon limbo? Sounds like a fun dance. One, two, three, cha cha chaaa…

Kit: You're the fangirl extraordinaire, don't play dumb.

Carmela: You're no fun. You mean the real Author Lady?

Kit: Yes. And the word autumn? Autumn 2008? Anything ringing a bell?

Nita: Uggh.. that word. The lies…

Carmela: Not really…

Kit: I was supposed to be on Mars by now! Hell, I was supposed to be on Mars last spring.

Dairine: Uhh, newsflash: we're wizards. Mars is pretty freaking easy to get to.

Kit: But there was going to be a grand adventure!

Roshaun: Take it from me: Mars is like the natural history museum of planets. Nothing exciting ever happens there except in bad movies. Other planets laugh at Mars, Wellakhit included.

Kit: I was promised. I should be in the midst of a harem of hot Martian princesses right now.

Nita: Excuse me?

Kit: I mean, helping out a lost civilization?

Nita: Uh huh…

Dairine: Meh, I blame Twilight.

Kit: That doesn't make sense. Twilight is NOT set on Mars. Though it'd be better if it were…

Dairine: It does so make sense: Edward Cullen ruins everything. HE is to blame. They even got a movie before us.

Edward Cullen: Did I hear my name?

Kit: Shut up, Edward Cullen. I don't want to talk to you right now.

Edward Cullen: But I'm hot. And a vampire.

Kit: 'Mela, get me mom's emergency holy water.

Edward Cullen: That doesn't— Oh. What do we have here?

Nita: Uh, hi. I'm Nita.

Edward Cullen: You are my life now.

Nita: Uh, thanks? I guess? Hmmm…you're a little creepy, yes, but I guess it's nice to be APPRECIATED once in a while.

Kit: Cullen. Get the hell out of my fanfiction limbo. Now.

Edward Cullen: Watch and learn, boy. You're promising. Your Latin genes see to that. But you don't have The Touch.

Carmela: Oooh! I wanna play!

Ronan: Carmela?!

Edward Cullen: Bust out the shackles, I'm now your prisoner.

Carmela: Ooh, do it again!

Edward Cullen: Very well. Look after my heart---I've left it with you.

Dairine: Idiots.

Edward Cullen: Ah. Is that jealousy I detect? No need to worry. There is plenty Edward Cullen to go around.

Dairine: That's really not necessary. In fact, it'll probably get you kicked in the--

Edward Cullen: But before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars- points of light and reason... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty.

Dairine: Damn. I-I… Damn.

Roshaun: Screw the oath. I will murder you. It will be painful and it will be torturous. Don't think your little disease will help you because my powers have ways of breaking you. You. Will. Pay.

Dairine: Seriously, the world just got over ninjas versus pirates. Please don't start aliens versus vampires. The internet might implode.

Carmela: Now, now. Down, boy. There are other ways to deter dreamy pretty boys. I should know. Now, Eddie. What would your love interest have to say about your little indiscretions. I could tell her about the… message boards.

Edward Cullen: I seem I have met my match. Alright. Until next time, worthy opponent. I wish you luck in all you do.

Carmela: Yes, I know. I'm awesome. Ahem. Well, I think we all learned a lesson today.

Roshaun: That we must mercilessly slander other series until Young Wizards is the only one left and the publisher will stop stalling on publishing A Wizard of Mars?

Carmela: Well, yeah, there's that, but it's not quite what I was talking about.

Ronan: That we need to be more vampirey and make-outey? 'Cause I'm down with that.

Carmela: Shaddup. Ugh, I give up.

Kit: Dude, Mars. It's gonna be awesome.

Nita: Just keep on waiting. Someday you'll be rewarded.

Kit: Does that mean.. uhh, what I think it does?

Nita: You have a long way to go to achieving Cullenosity.

Kit: B—But—

Nita: That's a good thing.

Kit: Really?

Nita: Yeah, we're different series. And WE go to Mars. Well, some day, at least.

Roshaun: Touching, really. But how long am I going to be forgotten about? Really. I've got at least another three years as a space-vagabond. Suckage.

Dairine: At least you could have, like, a Doctor Who style spin-off.

Roshaun: …You know what, I wouldn't put that past the Author Lady. Thank you for hope, Dairine. And for an extensive education in old BBC sci-fi.

Dairine: Anytime.

Ronan: I vill suck your blood, Carmeeeela. Ahahaha!

Carmela: Please, just… just stop. I'd say stop while you're ahead, but that never seems to happen, does it?


Carmela: Look what you did. Dairi TOLD you not to start a new feud. Can't you listen? This won't end well…

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