Note: Happy Holidays! ;)

I cut off a piece of steak and took a bite while looking out at the night sky. The view was enchanting, the meal was delicious. There was just one thing I was missing, Edward's attention.

As Edward order room service for the both of us, I changed from my day wear to a tank top and a pair of shorts.

I walked out to the living room just as dinner had arrived. Edward tipped the server and set the table, placing both of our meals on either end, along with sliverware and drinks. He had yet to change, however he now had the three top buttons of his dress shirt undone, showing off a bit of chest hair. He looked hot.

Not to mention, watching him set the table heighten my attraction for him.

Edward was handsome and had manners, they were such great qualities to have. Not that looks were everything but they sure did help.

I ordered a steak, baked potato and some veggies. Edward ordered a chicken Caesar salad. I guess he wasn't a big eater. I felt a bit embarrassed when I realized how much I had to eat compared to him but I couldn't help it. I always had a big appetite. I just hoped Edward seeing how much I ate didn't turn him off.

When I was with James I could never eat what I wanted. He was a health freak and made me eat strictly salads or plain chicken and raw veggies. I hated it. I would have to sneak fatty foods when he wasn't around.

If I ate junk food around him he would give me a look and complain that the food would go straight to my stomach or thighs. I hated that James was so judgmental about my weight and what I ate but I loved him so I put up with his ways and I tried to eat healthier for him. I even went to the gym five days week, even though I was already a healthy weight but I was worried he would be disappointed in me if I didn't.

It was stupid to let him have so much control over me. I know this now. I think he actually got off on the power he had over me, the prick.

When I found out the asshole was cheating on me, I went on a binge and eat whatever the hell I wanted. I ended up gaining twenty pound but I eventually worked it off.

I dug into my meal as Edward took a small bite of his salad. We barely said two words when his phone started to ring. I thought maybe Edward would ignore the call or turn his phone off but instead he answered it right in the middle of our supposedly romantic dinner for two.

I guess Edward didn't get the hint.

I sat my fork down and waited patiently for Edward to finish his call. I waited and waited. After ten minutes passed with no end in sight I decided to just go ahead and finish my meal.

So there I was eating my juicy steak, watching the view of the stars and building tops as Edward's barley touched food sat on the other end of the table getting cold, as he talked on his phone setting up his schedule and finding out what was going on with his company.

I thought we would have this romantic dinner with the great view and a conversation to go along with it and maybe finish it off with dessert in bed.

By the time Edward finished his call I was all done with my plate. I stayed at the table though to be polite while he went back to his meal.

"Sorry about that, you're finished already." Edward said amazed that my plate was cleared off.

I lightly blushed as Edward eyed my plate. Even though a decent amount of time had passed I felt like a pig in that moment.

"You don't have to wait for me if you're done eating." He said, taking a forkful into his mouth, licking the corner of his lips, as some dressing escaped.

I was in a trance, wanting to have his lips so badly back on mine again.

"I don't mind." I said dreamily, feeling a little tingling between my thighs.

"Do you want to watch a movie after dinner?" I asked, trying to hide my growing desire.

Edward looked down at his expensive watch.

"It's 10:30 already. We should turn in soon. We have a big day tomorrow." Edward announced, taking a couple more bites of his salad before placing his fork down signaling he was down eating.

I frowned at the news, watching as Edward got up from the table and moved to the sofa to take something out of his suitcase.

"Oh, I thought maybe we could hang out for a bit, get to know each other a little better." I said, as Edward pulled out a pair of blue boxers.

Fuck me, please!

"Bella…" Edward trailed off, when he turned towards me and saw my expression, which could only be read as "I'm so into you."

For a moment his tough exterior broke and he stared into my eyes. It was almost as if we were on the same page and then he shook his head and headed into my room, undoing his shirt as he went. I quickly trailed behind both nervous and excited about what he was thinking and where he was going.

I stopped in the middle of my room as Edward entered the bathroom. The door was ajar and I could hear clothing rustling. I sat on the edge of my huge bed as Edward began to speak again; clearly knowing I was in the room.

"Bella, I just want to remind you this is not a vacation, this is business. You will be able to have a day or two off to do as you please but for now you need to focus on the task at hand, understand?" Edward asked in a stern voice.

I let out a sigh in defeat and agreed.

Then Edward did the cruelest thing ever, he came out of the bathroom wearing only the blue boxer he was holding earlier. I gasped loudly. I'm sure he could have heard it. He was holding his work clothes balled up underneath in his hand, his built chest with a bit of chest hair was exposed to me. I was speechless. I knew he was beautiful, but DAMN.

Let me touch you please!

I want to lick all over his chest.

I bite my lip to keep my dirty thoughts away from my mouth.

Edward looked amused but didn't say anything.

He knew the effects he had on me, if he didn't before, he knew now.

Two can play that game.

"Well if that's all. I should go to bed." I said, getting off the bed and taking my shirt off in front of Edward followed by my shorts, showing off my Victoria's secret lacy undergarments.

Edward looked like he saw a ghost. His face was pale white, his eyes were huge and his mouth was agape.

I slowly walked toward him. Edward was frozen in his spot. I lightly pushed on his chest and he stumbled back as I said good night and shut the door behind me.

Lord knows I wanted to push Edward towards me than away but I knew he wouldn't go for sex with me, at least not so early on. It wasn't Edward's style.

I'm too amped up for bed.

Maybe porn is on?