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Titania's viewing room:

Somewhere outside of time

The Mists of Avalon hung heavy in the small part of reality that Titania had claimed for her own. She looked down into the world of mortals, a troubled expression on her face as she saw what was happening. She'd not checked on this one as often as she should have, now that she thought about it. She'd assumed since things worked out the way they had at the time, that her child, and then grandchild would be adequately seen to. It was only after the incident with Fox and Alexander that she'd decided to check again. In that time, far too much had changed. Her daughter dead, her grandson in danger from a madman, and she could not interfere.

At least the little one was handling it well. With that in mind, she let it play out a little longer. Hoping that the boy would live up to his heritage, and while he did, it was not the way she would have desired. She watched as he stood there in that forest of nightmares. He stood strong and proud, spirits around him hidden from all but their own sight as the curse traveled toward him. She could not allow this.

Pulling on the full extent of her power, and even tapping into that left to her by Oberon from his actions on Avalon with the gargoyles, she wove her spell.

"My blood stands proud and pure

A mortals curse he must endure

A mad creature doth seek his end

And this outcome doth offend

Stop this time and this night


With that time stopped in all the realms for everyone save Titania, and the newly summoned Puck, still in his mortal form as Owen Burnett. The blonde, stiff wooded man looked strangely around the mist filled realm they were in. Then he looked toward Titania, a confused look on his face.

"You summoned me, my queen? I don't understand, Lord Oberon has banished me from Avalon, and denied me the use of my powers save when I'm teaching, or protecting Alexander." Owen walked slowly toward the queen of his former, and still partial race.

"Time has stopped for the moment, for all save us. I require a service Puck, and it is not something I can interfere in." With that, she reached out her hand and took the Phoenix Gate from the mists of Avalon. "Before my eventual meeting of Halcyon Renard, I met a couple who wished to have a child. Their desire moved me so much, that I gave them two. One of their own, and one of mine... and the mother's. The result was little Lilly Evans."

As Titania spoke, the world around them changed, showing the events she spoke of. She stopped as it showed the baby Lilly nestled in a cradle. A soft smile sat on Titania's face as she looked at her daughter, then Titania sighed as she continued and the scene changed to her heading off to school.

"Eventually, she was found to have magic, but it was not Fae magic that she inherited, though that probably is why she was able to access the long dormant blood of the mortal witch from her mother's ancestry."

The scene showed Lilly at a hidden magic school in a castle, "At school she would meet a young wizard named James Potter, her eventual husband," The scene flipped to a wedding, "However, it was a time of war for their Wizarding World." The scene changed again, showing the battles of wizards and witches against others in black robes and white masks.

"A dark wizard named Tom Riddle, a self styled Lord Voldemort, sought to destroy all non-magical humans, and fought against the light and the forces of one, Albus Dumbledore. Though his motives were just, Dumbledore's actions left much to be desired, when it comes to my family. Instead of dealing with the problem the way he should have, he let the problem escalate to a point where dealing with Riddle became all but impossible. Then just before my grandson would be born, this happened."

The scene showed Dumbledore sitting at a table just as a mortal seer went into a trance, delivering a prophecy that spoke of death for the dark lord at the hands of a child to be born at the end of July. Then the actions he took to protect the child. Then it showed their betrayal.

"As you can see, they were betrayed." She showed as Voldemort came for them, "Then something amazing happened, and my daughter invoked an old spell to protect her child and defeated Voldemort, though she couldn't kill him."

Her she became very upset, "And Dumbledore sent him to live with my child's sister, and her family, who abused, mistreated, and neglected little Harry. This alone is enough to make me want to change things, but it is what happens later that has brought you to me. You see, Harry would eventually have to face his destiny, would eventually have to fight Voldemort himself, several times over his years in school."

It showed as Harry went to school, and fought Voldemort over the Philosopher's Stone. His second year against the Basilisk's and Riddle's Memory. His third year with the dementors, and freeing his godfather. Fourth year and the tournament, and Voldemort reborn. Fifth year, with the order, and with the actions of the Ministry against him. The pointless battle for the prophecy, and Sirius's death. Then Sixth year, his lessons with and the manipulations of Dumbledore coming to a head. The truth of Riddle's immortality, and culminating in Dumbledore's death at his servant's hands. Then the actions after Harry's birthday, searching for the Horcruxes, the break in at Gringotts, the return to Hogwarts, and then, finally culminating in the moment when she stopped time.

"What do you want me to do, my queen? I am forbidden from using my powers..." Owen said.

"Save when training or protecting Alexander, but I will give you this." And she handed him the Phoenix Gate, "And this," She produced a vial of her own blood, "And lastly, this," She handed him a sample of stone skin. "With that, I give you permission to use MY magic, three times, in order to save my grandson from the fate that Dumbledore wove for him."

Owen nodded, and became Puck, his long white hair replacing the short blond and his trickster garb taking the place of his suit. He looked back over all that she showed him. "I can change the past with this, but I can not raise him or be his protector. I would have to find another to fill that role, one who could teach him of sorcery, and science, as well as how to fight." Puck looked at what he held and smiled, "Now that is a plan worthy of The Trickster, however, you would have to ensure that once I'm done I remember none of this my queen. You have shown me not only the past, but future as well... yes, this can be done..."

"Thank you, Puck, and for your reward, I shall entreat Oberon on your behalf to return your power to you and lift your banishment." Titania smiled.

"You are most kind, my queen." Puck smiled, "Now the spell to allow me your magic, so I may do your will and I shall be gone."

"Of course, Puck..." Titania grinned,

"Three times from now my magic is thine,

Let your spells be cast by will of mine.

Three times from now thy aid is needed,

So I send you Puck to whence you've heeded.

Three times alone and thus no more,

Then back you fly to your human chore."

As Titania wove her spell, Puck felt her magic infusing him for three spells and three alone. He nodded, and grasped the gold and blue shield that was the Phoenix Gate, an artifact he'd thought lost by Goliath in the streams of time, and as he did, he spoke the incantation to take him first to the one he'd chosen to protect and teach Harry at a point where he could be sure of her acceptance.


With that, and a burst of flame, Puck vanished and time stopped for Titania, the power of the Phoenix Gate no longer holding this place outside of time until after Puck's Job was done....

HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ...

Manhattan Docks: Summer 1995

A lone tear rolled down Demona's face as she watched her daughter fly away with Goliath and the others. And for just this moment, she thought that perhaps her vengeance wasn't worth the price of her daughter. Perhaps she could find a middle ground.

"Regrets... Demona?" The voice of Puck floated near her ear.

A growl erupted from her throat as she spun around trying to swipe at the trickster's face only for her to miss as Puck floated backward away from the angry Gargoyle.

"PUCK! What do you want? Wish to play another trick on me now! Well I won't allow it! Not after what I've just lost!" Demona growled again as she prepared to spring.

"Actually, Demona, I'm here because I need something, and if you help me, I'll give you a reward." He grinned, "But you have to decide, what matters more? Your hatred, or your love?"

He didn't give her a chance to answer as he continued, "You see, Queen Titania has a grandchild; a halfling by the name of Harry Potter. However, a lot of trouble has been dropped on Harry's head, and the queen wishes things to be changed. Even as we speak, the Queen is at a point in the future, watching as Harry faces death."

"I will use this," He held up the Phoenix Gate "To take us to another point in the past, where I will change my spell on you, and you will become Harry's new mother, as well as the adopted daughter of Queen Titania of Avalon. Then you shall have to live a double life so to speak. While you raise Harry, the other you, the original you of the time shall continue as you once did and you are forbidden to change things. Now, you can raise Harry however you see fit, except for three things. He will need to be raised in the human world. You can not teach him magic until after his eleventh birthday, and you can not stop him from attending Hogwarts." Puck smiled.

"And why would I desire to even CONSIDER raising a human spawn." Demona snarled.

Puck grinned, "You may not want to change, and after all you've seen, I can see why... but if you truly LOVE your daughter, you have to be sure to rid yourself of your HATE. Not your caution, I would never ask you to trust ALL humans, but if you can not change after raising Harry, then nothing can change you. But if you DO change, then perhaps you can win back your daughter... I will even vouch for you when the time comes, three weeks from now."

Demona paced around, raking her claws over the metal of the ship as she snarled, "Three weeks from today, but several years from when you'll take me, no doubt."

"True, but that can't be helped I'm afraid... you're immortal however. If there's one thing you do have, it's patience." Puck grinned, "Now, as I said, with those three caveats, you can raise Harry as you see fit and teach him whatever you wish for him to know, but remember, he isn't going to grow up to be a bystander. He's going to grow up into a battle, that's why you're the one we wish to raise and teach him. You will make him a warrior."

Demona snarled. She didn't like this, and it was eating at her. She wanted to know her daughter, to be able to spend time with her and train her. To talk to her and teach her, laugh with her. But she couldn't! Not the way things are. Puck was right, she'd have to let go of her hate and she wasn't ready for that yet, but maybe..."

"I'll do it, Puck, but I don't like this." Demona snarled.

"Then for your first gift," Puck grinned.

"Human by day, and gargoyle at night,

A trick Puck played he now sets right.

No longer will this change bring thee pain,

Instead a new gift doth thy gain.

To make amends and give love voice,

Thy form and change shall become thy choice."

Swirling fae lights flashed around her as Demona felt the change take root and then with a flex of will became her human form at night, then smoothly returned to her gargoyle nature. She smiled, the pain of the change was gone.

"Now the choice of the change is yours, but this too comes with a price. If you're in your gargoyle form at sunrise, you will become stone. All this does is give you the option, since you will need to be seen as human at night sometimes." Puck grinned, "Now, we've to go watch something, and pick up your son future son, then I've two last spells to cast."

He took out the Phoenix Gate and grinned, ""DEFLAGRATE MVRI TEMPI ET INVERVALIA"

With a burst of fire, the two of them found themselves hidden as they watched an unremarkable suburban street. Puck smiled and kept her back, "Now sit and watch, Demona, this is where things get interesting, but not where they've begun."

As they did, Puck told her the story of Harry Potter, Lilly Evans Potter, and of course, Voldemort, though he was very careful to leave out any future details or things she shouldn't know yet. Just as Puck ended the story, there was a loud POP and they watched as an old man in violent colored robes with a long white beard and a large pointed hat appeared. He took out something, then with a few clicks, took all the lights from the street. He walked down the street toward a cat who quickly became a witch.

They watched the scene as the two spoke and the witch told him what kind of people Harry's relatives were. They listened as he told her about what happened, and the protection of the house. Then they saw a giant of a man fly onto the street on a motorcycle, landing it just in front of the two magical people.

They watched as they left Harry on the doorstep, and then vanished. Then Puck led her out of the shadows and toward the infant, a smile on his face as they reached him. "Now pick him up, Demona. Say hello to your new son. We've to get out of here for me to cast my next spell."

Demona growled a bit, but then reached down, and picked up the little boy, before letting him see her face. She couldn't help herself as she smiled at the boy's laugh. He reached up and tried to grab her hair.

"Say hello to Harry, Demona." Puck grinned, "Now, let's get out of here." With that, puck snapped his fingers sending them off to another part of England.

Demona blinked, "Where are we?"

"Kent County in England, at your new home. Now, I've two spells to cast, but first, you wait inside with Harry." He gestured to the house with the for sale sign out front, "I'll be inside when you get there." After a quick incantation and a flash of fire from the Phoenix Gate, Puck was gone.

Demona growled as she carried Harry inside, just in time to see a bright flash of fire and Puck reappear as the house was magically furnished. "There's no place to leap from here, how can I glide if I can't reach the wind?"

Puck sighed, "I'm afraid you'll have to manage, I can ensure you a nice home, and access to your funds, and that you won't find yourself, Dominique, but you can't be found by the London Clan. Remember, you're going to be living MOSTLY as a human for a change. Now, I did some time hopping, and set this little house up for you, and my spell will make sure it seems you moved in yesterday. I'll let you come up with your own cover story, but you will be Dominique Destine, and he will be your Son, Harry Potter-Destine. This," Puck pulled a small black dog from behind his back, "Will be Grim, your pet. Every boy needs a dog, and he'll be able to protect Harry when you can't, once he's a bit older and you've trained him."

"Now, for the first spell the blood adoptions and creating your family." Puck quickly took the stone skin that Titania had given him, and tucked it into the collar of the puppy. Then he took an athame, and coated it with the blood Titania had given him. "Your hand, Demona?"

The gargoyle growled, but quickly offered her hand, and puck cut her palm, letting the blood flow into her wound as hers mixed on the blade with that of Titania. He then nodded at Harry, and she let him carefully cut Harry's arm and mix her and Titania's blood with his. "Alright, now for the spell."

"Family is a treasure and a joy,

That in time was once denied this boy,

Ancient blood and immortal stone,

Come together and prove fate wrong,

Demona become now a child of Avalon,

Harry become a Gargoyle's son,

One more in this new family born,

A guardian for the chosen one,

My spell is woven the stage is set,

This family is ready and you've seen nothing yet."

Puck grinned as the spell and the power of the Phoenix Gate intertwined, drawing not only on the Harry they'd abducted, but the one who was still in Titania's frozen time, changing reality completely as it accessed some of the physical aspects of his former future to craft his gargoyle form, and mixing his blood with Demona's even as Demona's was mixed with the same blood that flowed in his birth Mother's veins.

Though no physical changes came to Demona, the child in her arms could not be said the same. First, his hair grew a bit and a lock of red grew over his scarred brow, and his eyes glowed green for a moment. Then he began to truly change.

First his skin darkened to a deep crimson red, then was covered in tiny scales. His eyes kept their brilliant green hue, but were slit like a serpent. His brow ridges, claws, joint burs and his torso were all a gleaming gold, then dragon-like wings burst from his back, the scaled skeletal structure in red, and the leathery membrane golden. Finally a tail with a bladed tip came from his spine. Demona grinned as she looked at him. His brow ridge was a brilliant gold and made it look like a crown, mimicking her own tiara. Then he slowly shifted back to the young human boy he started as, only with a red lock of hair over his scar.

Demona smiled, then looked over at the puppy as it completed its own gargoyle transformation. It was as black as before but with a slightly more muscular form on its puppy like frame. Instead of fur it had the tough hide of a gargoyle and it's crown was adorned with two long swept back horns and long pointed ears. Its maw was replaced with a small beak.

"Grim indeed." Demona smiled, then sighed as she changed into her human form. "What's left Puck?"

Puck grinned, "Well this has actually only taken two spells, so now for the major one... a spell to hide you, but not completely. You still need to be able to be found by certain parties, but not till AFTER it's time for Harry to go to school, and once I cast this final spell, the phoenix gate will transport me back to my time, and itself back to it's former place, and I'll forget all about this till you come to see the Clan back at the Eyrie Building. Remember, you're forbidden from interfering with ANYTHING that has happened, and you can't come back to the clan until the summer after Harry's third year at Hogwarts."

"I remember the deal Puck, I'll keep my word." Demona sighed and looked down at the child. "At least this human will be raised to be honorable, as apposed to what those blasted humans usually do."

"Alright Demona, I'll see you in three weeks." Puck grinned, "Or thirteen years. Depending." With that, Puck began his last spell.

"The job's almost done, the last spell to cast,

So hide this family from the future in the past,

In the human realm make them real,

In the magical world let this spell conceal,

Let this family be and send Puck back,

They've much to do and may love they never lack."

With that, the phoenix gate flashed fire around the trickster and he vanished from the home leaving Demona alone with Harry and the puppy. The red headed woman looked down at her new son and again, couldn't help but smile even though he was a human at the moment. He was now of her blood just like Angela.

"I can't wait for you to meet your sister, little one, maybe by that time she'll be able to forgive me... even if it will only be three weeks for her." She carried him up the stairs, glad it was at least a two story house. Then she laughed once she found the nursery. It was covered in Gargoyle wallpaper with a stuffed Gargoyle in the crib and a mural of her, Angela, and several generic gargoyles over it. "Thank you Puck." She placed Harry in the crib, "Now you sleep. We've a busy day tomorrow..."

... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ...

Destine Family Home, Kent, England,

November 1982:

Demona smiled as she looked over the things Puck had arranged for her the next morning. He'd used the Phoenix Gate and arranged everything ahead of time, including her identity as Dominique Destine. He'd even altered a few things so that when she took up her proper place as head of Nightstone Unlimited again after Harry turned thirteen, she'd be able to simply merge the two. She had her own accounts, and plenty of money. Though it wasn't what she was used to, it was still enough so that she didn't have to work, and she could still invest in things to gain more.

There was also information on the wizarding world. Though she wouldn't be able to use that right away, it was good to be prepared. There were several laws and discriminatory practices that she'd be forced to contend with, but none that she couldn't manipulate if necessary. She might even be able to arrange several allies if things were the way they seemed. Perhaps after she took Nightstone back from her past/future self she could branch into the magical world. She'd have to find a way to adequately mix science and mortal sorcery. The two didn't seem to work well together as it stood. A problem, but not an insurmountable one.

She'd have to arrange something with the Goblins, in order to move back and forth between the worlds and keep the money constant. Perhaps they had a 'muggle' front. With that, she made a few calls, and used the primitive computer to arrange to buy stock in several companies she knew would do well, even a few in fast rising Xanatos Enterprises. And, while it was petty, she even started to eventual takeover of a local company called Grunnings. It was where Harry's uncle worked and she wanted to punish him for what his family WOULD have done to her son.

She also started plans to ensure that Dumbledore's manipulations would be pointless. Harry was going to be a leader, and a warrior, not a pawn for some human mage who thought they knew better than an immortal gargoyle mother. Speaking of, she'd have to make sure to gain allies quickly once she became a part of the Wizarding world.

So much to do, and so relatively little time considering. Still, it was a few years yet before Harry could start to learn about his abilities and be trained. She had a couple years to prepare before she started teaching. With a smirk, Demona closed the computer down and went to feed her waking child.

"Yes, little one, we will take the world by storm..." Demona grinned, then sneered, "Even if we will have to deal with the filthy humans."

... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ...

Headmaster's Office Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

November, 1982

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore was confused. The blood protections and defensive wards that he'd placed around Harry thanks to his mother's sacrifice had activated and were working properly, but the tracking charms weren't. What's more, his agent that he'd placed at Privet Drive reported that she hadn't noticed anything different about the way the Dursley's had gone about their morning.

That didn't make sense. They should have received his letter, but the charm he'd placed on it hadn't activated either to let him know about that. This bore investigation. That said, he looked over to his familiar.

"What do you think, old friend?" Dumbledore asked the phoenix.

Fawkes gave a soft questioning trill, and then bobbed his head back and forth.

"So you don't know either, and that worries me even more." He stood and wrapped his cloak around him before throwing a pinch of floo powder into his fire, and stuck his head in. "Arebella? Might I come through, there's something curious going on."

"Of course, Headmaster," Arebella Figg answered, stepping back. A minute later the aged wizard stepped through the green flames. "What's wrong?"

"I'm worried that only a few of the protections I placed on Harry have activated. They all should have done so the moment he entered the Dursley home, and what's more, the notification charm on the letter for Petunia didn't register. It's as if, no, I can't even conceive of what is causing this. The blood protections are there, which could only be present if Lilly's sister had Harry, but if that's the case the rest of the charms and wards should activate to."

"I know that Petunia is still home, but Vernon left for work right on time as usual. I didn't notice anything before that, nor did I see the basket this morning, and I woke up well before them." She seemed to think, "But my Kneazles did notice something strange last night, though I don't know what. They seemed to perk up, rushed toward the window facing the Dursley home, then just settled back down again. I assumed it was merely you and the others dropping Harry off."

"Possibly, but I would think they'd know me by now... hmm... curious. I'll go out disillusioned, to check the wards. If it's just a simple issue then no reason to worry anyone." He quickly cast his spell, becoming invisible to everyone, "If you'd be so kind as to check the mail Arebella?"

"Of course, Headmaster." The squib smiled as she provided the distraction for Dumbledore to slip out and make his way invisibly toward number four, Privet Drive.

Once there, the aging headmaster quickly began to check the wards on the home only to come up short. He ran several more diagnostic spells, but NONE of them were active. Not on this home at least. He walked toward the home and cast a few more diagnostic spells once he had reached the front step and blinked. The note was still here, fallen into the bush and never touched. That explained part of the issue, but not how no wards were active here, and why they were active somewhere else.

With a growing sense of dread, Dumbledore cast several notice me not charms on the home and himself before dropping his disillusionment and knocking on the door. He smiled kindly as Petunia answered.

"Ah, hello Petunia... I..." Was as far as he got before the door was slammed in his face. "Hmm..."

He cast a quick opening charm and strode into the house, "Petunia, I realize this is not the most pleasant of situations, but there is a problem. Where is Harry, why didn't you read the note I left with him?"

"What are you talking about? I don't want anything to do with you, my sister or her freak son... I don't want them anywhere NEAR my precious Duddykins." The horse faced woman raged, "Get out!"

"Didn't you find Harry this morning?" Dumbledore was very puzzled now, and with Petunia acting this way, he sighed and resorted to the best way to get the information he needed, and looked her in the eyes, diving into her mind.

He was back out a moment later and very confused. She'd not found Harry at all, she had no knowledge of the Potter's deaths, or that he'd left their son here. But that didn't explain why the blood protection had activated. He quickly obliviated her of this meeting and left the house, summoning the letter to himself as he dropped the other charms on the home and vanished with a pop back to Arebella's living room.

"Did you find your answer's Headmaster?" Arebella asked, worried at the look on the wizard's face and the lack of sparkle in his blue eyes.

"No, not at all. Only more questions." Dumbledore said "I have to return to Hogwarts. I have to find out what could have caused this." He looked to her floo, "Do you mind, Arebella?"

"Of course not, Headmaster." The Kneazle breeder smiled, "And, while I'm sorry that this is troubling you, I honestly can't be sad that little Harry hasn't ended up with those... horrible people."

"Alas, I can't say I disagree, but it really is for his best protection." Dumbledore sighed and threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace, then vanished back to his office.

Once there, the headmaster sat down and started to make calls. By nightfall, he'd have arranged for nearly the entire remaining order to come to Hogwarts. The search for Harry Potter had begun.

... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ... HP ... GC ...

Titania's Viewing Room:

Somewhere outside of time

Titania smiled as her world outside of time returned to its natural state as the rest of the world was changed around her. She watched as the scene in front of her vanished as that possible future ceased to exist. She stepped back into the real world. It wasn't time yet, but she'd be at the Eyrie Building when Demona brought Harry to meet the family. Fox needed to be aware that she had a new sister as well. Now though, she had to keep her promise to Puck, and see about making Oberon reconsider the trickster's banishment.