5 Times Someone Saved Party Poison and One Time They Couldn't

A/N: This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while so I just decided to post it. I fell in love with the story/universe that My Chemical Romance created through the album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" and their music videos for "Na Na Na" and "SING" and just had to add in my thoughts.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance. Just their CD.



They're all still new at it, at being Killjoys. Still reeling from the sudden loss of the life they'd grown accustomed to, still hurting because the change is so sudden and disastrous it kills something inside all of them in one fell swoop.

And anger and hatred for Better Life Industries isn't always enough and now they're completely surrounded, out in the middle of nowhere.

Kobra is fighting off a Draculoid who's got him pinned to the ground when he sees it.

Fun Ghoul is to his left, brawling with a pair of Dracs and too far away to do anything. And Jet Star is being hounded by another enemy, grappling with him (it, really) for control over the ray gun that lies scattered only feet away.

Kobra sees what is happening and he fights harder, faster.

Because Party Poison is only human, and he needs to breathe. And the Draculoid sitting on his chest, squeezing his throat with white gloved fingers is not.

Not anymore at least.

Party is starting to go slack now, Kobra can see it out of the corner of his eyes as he throws a punch at the masked head in front of him.

The Draculoid snarls in outraged pain but it doesn't move.

Kobra can't find his voice. His brother is being killed near him, being strangled to death, and Kobra can't find his damn voice.

Jet Star can see Kobra Kid struggling against the Draculoid on top of him. He can see Party Poison slowing down, his arms dropping to his side as the lack of air pacifies him cruelly.

Jet Star finally gains purchase on the ray gun, shooting at his own attacker before taking out the two attacking Fun Ghoul.

Kobra's former attacker lunges at him and falls back to the barren, desert earth, brought down by a point blank shot.

Kobra is too busy trying to rouse his brother to notice or care. He can't really hear the fired shots above the blood thundering in his ears because Party isn't fucking breathing and not responding even when he shakes him really hard and slips the yellow half-mask off the red-head.

"Party, come on dammit!"

He can feel his other two team members around him now, standing by in solemn and shocked silence.

And then…

Party Posion's chest rises and falls, rises and falls.

And Kobra Kid feels an overwhelming sense of relief as he helps his older brother sit up, Party's rasping, chocking cough music to his ears.

Sighs of relief and chuckles go around the group and once he's regained his breath the red-headed Killjoy looks at them all and grins,

"It's going to take more than one little Draculoid to stop me."

They all laugh and help their unofficial leader off the ground, walking back to the Trans AM in a tighter circle than before.

And later that night, when Kobra Kid lays a slightly shaking hand on Jet Star's shoulder, thanking him for saving his brother, the frizzy haired man can only pray that Party Poison's words are never proven wrong.

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