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Author's Note: Here is the third and final part of my daddy!Puck future!fic. Please enjoy!

Playing the Part

Puck and Finn stayed in town the rest of the week, paying visits to family and visiting old friends. Well, Finn visited old friends. Nobody felt like hanging out with Puck. "Honey, why don't you and Finn go out and do something on New Year's?" Mrs. Puckerman suggested to her son. "I'll watch Beth for the night."

"What would we do?" Puck asked pessimistically.

"What's gotten into you, Noah?" his mom asked. "You used to be so happy."

"I was," he shrugged. "I mean, I am. It's just some things people have been saying lately are really bothering me."

Mrs. Puckerman hugged her son and said, "Whatever it is, don't let it get to you. You and Beth are making it through just fine. I'm so proud of you for going to college, and Beth is growing into a beautiful girl. You're doing good."

Puck nodded. He really was doing well, all things considered. But others were doing better, and that's what got to him. "There's something else," his mom said.

"He's gay," his sister Sarah called as she passed them in the hallway.

Mrs. Puckerman turned to face him quickly. "Honey, are you?"

Puck glared daggers at his sister. "No," he said flatly, but then he broke. "I don't know."

"Is it Finn?" she asked knowingly.

"We kissed once, okay," he said gruffly. There was no way he was going to act all girly in front of his mother.

Sarah poked her head around the corner and said, "That's hot. You know, now that I think about it, you three make a cute family."

"Honey, if you and Finn…you know…like each other," Mrs. Puckerman chose her words carefully. "Don't fight it. You deserve happiness, Noah."

"I'm not gay, especially with Finn!" he called angrily and stormed up to his old room.

Beth walked into the room. "You guys are right. Daddy loves Finn," she said simply. "And Finn loves daddy. They're just being stupid."

The girls grandmother laughed, "Oh, Beth, sweetheart, don't you worry about them."

"It's complicated when dad's love other dad's," Sarah explained to her niece.

"People don't like it," Mrs. Puckerman shook her head.

"Oh," Beth said sadly. "So I'll only ever have just one daddy?"

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart," Mrs. Puckerman said. "What do you say we make some popcorn and watch a movie?"

"Okay," Beth smiled.

On New Year's Eve, Puck joined Finn, Blaine, and Kurt along with others from high school, like Sam, Mike, Tina, Artie, and much to Puck's distaste, Quinn. She was married to Sam now, but there was still a spot in Puck's heart for the girl. She was Beth's mother, after all. He sat, brooding, in the corner of the Hummel-Hudson house's basement. "Hey," Quinn said softly, sitting next to Puck.

"Hi," he said.

"Where's Beth?" she asked softly.

"She's staying over at my mom's tonight," he explained.

Quinn just nodded and they sat in awkward silence for a moment. "How is she doing?" she asked.

"She's good," he nodded.

Biting her lip, Quinn nodded and walked away. Puck rolled his eyes at her attempt to care about their daughter. Finn took her place mere moments later. "Dude, stop moping around," Finn said roughly.

"Kurt and his goddamn boyfriend are so fucking perfect. It pisses me off," Puck growled.

Confused, Finn asked, "How are they perfect? Because they're in a relationship? Because they finally get a shot at having a family? I'd think you of all people would be happy for them."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Puck asked defensively, standing and walking into the bathroom.

If he and Finn were going to fight, they'd do it away from the rest of the group. "You and Beth are so close, and you're always so happy when you're with her. You like having a family," Finn explained as he followed Puck. "I'd think you'd want the same for others."

"Yeah, well I'm not as happy as you think," he shot.

Finn sighed and asked, "Why aren't you happy?"

"Hmm, let's see…what do those fags have that I don't?" Puck prompted sarcastically, shutting the bathroom door.

"Is it because they're dating? Because they'll have a relationship and a family?"


Finn took a breath. "I thought it was obvious but apparently not," he said. "You have me."

Puck turned to Finn and glared at him. "I can't be gay."

"Why not? Kurt and Blaine are, and everyone knows, and they're happy. Nothing bad is happening to them. What makes you think it would be any different for us?" Finn challenged.

"I don't want Beth to be picked on like Rachel was," Puck said. "I want the best for Beth, and if that means I stay in the closet until the day I die, so be it."

"Things are different now!" Finn exclaimed, frustrated.

"You're saying you want to be her second father? You want to have a family with me and Beth? With pathetic, poor, in-debt-up-to-his-ears Noah Puckerman and his daughter who deserves better than this? What the hell kind of life do you want for yourself, Hudson?" Puck asked.

"We've been friends since we were little kids," Finn pointed out. "I know you better than anyone else. I'm used to having Beth around and she likes me. We'd make a good family."

"A fucked up family," Puck rolled his eyes.

"I don't care what kind of family you want to call it," Finn argued. "All I know is I want you and Beth in my life."

Puck let out a dry laugh and said, "You're going soft on me, dude."

"Why don't you get it!" Finn asked angrily.

"Get what?" Puck asked with a smirk. "That you're a fag that fell in love with his best friend?"

Finn closed his eyes, trying to repress the anger growing in him because of Puck's words. "Yes," he sighed.

Puck's expression went blank at his friend's blunt response. "Are you fucking serious, dude?" he asked.

Finn just nodded, watching Puck nervously. "You really want to be Beth's second father?" Puck asked, his voice dangerously quiet.

"I've been playing the part for a while now, haven't I?" Finn asked.

Puck couldn't argue with that. Finn had been watching her several nights out of the week when Puck was in class, and she would climb into his lap and hug him goodnight the same way she did to her biological father. And on top of all that, she had asked Puck once or twice if Finn could be her other daddy; it was obvious that she loved Finn. "Are you asking me out, Hudson?" Puck asked with a cocky smirk.

Finn looked up nervously and nodded slightly. "Yeah, I guess I am," he shrugged.

Puck gave him a wary eye before saying, "Fine, we can try it out. But if it fucks things up we're going back to being friends."

"Deal," Finn nodded.

All the tension filling the room erupted in that moment. Puck and Finn moved towards each other in the same instant, connecting their lips. Years of feelings and emotion poured into the kiss, leaving both men breathless as they pulled away from each other. Finn's eyes were closed as he looked down and breathed heavily. Puck's eyes were wide from what he'd just done. "What?" Finn asked, seeing Puck's reaction.

"Dude, that was…" Puck trailed off.

They kissed again before he even had a chance to finish his sentence. Finn's hands settled on both sides of Puck's face, holding him close, and Puck pulled Finn forward by the hips, pressing their bodies together. Finn ran his hands through the short hairs on Puck's head, smiling at the fact that Puck still had a mohawk. Puck's hands held Finn dangerously tight, his fingers pressing into his hips.

Puck's fingers made their way underneath the hem of Finn's shirt and caressed the skin there, needing more contact. Finn tugged at Puck's shirt and Puck stepped back, letting the other man remove his shirt entirely. Puck reached forward and did the same. "Stop me if we go too fast," Finn whispered.

"Shut up, I can handle it, dude," Puck whispered, kissing Finn again.

The kiss was heated just rough enough. Puck's hands moved up and down Finn's sides, and the taller man laughed from the tickling sensations. "You're ticklish? Really?" Puck teased. "Wow, you are a girl."

Finn didn't reply, he just smiled into the kiss and propped Puck up on the counter in the bathroom. Puck's legs spread and Finn stood between them, pressing up against the other man. Their erections rubbed against each other's through denim, sending electric shocks through them at each touch. The feelings were more amazing than they'd experienced before.

Puck fumbled with Finn's belt, opening his pants and sliding them down Finn's legs along with his boxers. The feeling of calloused flesh on his dick made Finn shiver. "You like that?" Puck smirked.

Finn nodded, breathing heavily. He kissed down Puck's neck, rewarding him. He left trails of kisses and small bites down his neck as Puck stroked up and down. Finn brought his lips back up to meet Puck's for another kiss. He reached out to unbutton Puck's jeans and soon the other boy was freed from constraint as well. Finn gasped when his dick rubbed up against Puck's.

They ground against each other, their lips bumping together and their breaths heavy. It didn't take long for either of them to reach their peak; Finn came first with a gasp and a soft "oh" muttered in Puck's ear. He stroked Puck a few more times before he came as well. Puck buried his face in Finn's shoulder, still propped up on the counter in front of Finn. They remained there for a few minutes, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

Their eyes met and neither felt ashamed. "That's the most action I've gotten in years," Puck laughed, standing from the counter and pulling his jeans up.

Finn had to laugh at this. Puck the 'sex shark' was no more, apparently. Finn grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the mess off of his torso before fastening his own jeans and belt. Puck cleaned himself off as well before picking his shirt up off the floor. "So, we're together then?" Finn clarified.

Puck pulled his shirt on and said, "Yeah, I guess we are."

Finn pulled on his shirt. There was a frantic knock on the bathroom door. "Yeah?" Finn asked.

"It's almost midnight! Get out here!" Kurt called from the other side of the door.

Puck headed for the door, but stopped Finn before he opened it. "Fix yourself up, dude," Puck smirked, nodding towards the mirror. "You're a mess."

Finn wanted to argue, but he knew it was true. The collar of his shirt was messed up and his hair was sticking out at odd angles. Puck left before Finn was finished. He took this moment to smile at himself in the mirror. Things were beginning to look up.

He stepped out into the room to find his friends gathered around the television. The clock in the bottom of the screen was ticking away, with less than five minutes until midnight. He spotted an open seat on the couch next to Puck and took it. Blaine flashed him a knowing glance and a wink. Finn couldn't help but return Blaine's gesture with his lopsided smile.

Puck handed Finn a beer that he'd grabbed for him when he left the bathroom. Finn took it gratefully and took a drink. Three minutes to go.

Kurt approached Blaine, who was seated on the chaise, and perched himself on the brunette's lap. He smiled at Finn, who realized under Kurt's scrutinizing glance that he was sitting very close to Puck. The heat emanating from him was electrifying. Two minutes to go.

"Are you a little happier now?" Finn asked Puck softly.

"Yes, but don't expect me to pour out my feelings all the time now that I'm admitting I'm gay," Puck said defensively.

"Promise. If you're happy, I won't bug you," Finn confessed.

Puck rolled his eyes at Finn's sappiness, but couldn't help but appreciate the thought. One minute to go. People were beginning to count down. Puck took another drink of his beer and Finn followed suit. Thirty seconds. "You ready to tell some people?" Finn asked.

Puck turned to Finn with his eyebrow raised. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Well…" Finn trailed off. "When the clock strikes midnight, I can do two things."

Twenty seconds. "I can kiss you," Finn continued. "Or I can't."

Fifteen seconds. "If I say no, will you hate me?" Puck asked with a frown.

Ten seconds. "I'd understand," Finn shrugged, but Puck could see disappointment in his eyes.

Five seconds. Finn looked down at his feet.

Four seconds. Puck took a big drink of beer.

Three seconds. Puck noticed Blaine and Kurt glancing in their direction.

Two seconds. Finn took a sip of his beer.

One second. "Finn," Puck said under the shouting of the countdown.

Midnight. Puck leaned in and planted a kiss on Finn's lips for the entire room to see. Finn kissed back, and he could hear a few sets of hands clapping. Soon more joined in the applause. Puck pulled out of the kiss to see everyone in the room watching the two of them. Finn's cheeks flushed. Puck gathered his tough boy, badass image and said, "Yeah, that's right. We're together. If you have a problem with that, you can go fuck yourself."

Finn laughed at Puck, as did a few others. Nobody seemed to have a problem with it, though. "Finally!" Kurt called with a smile, breaking the silence.

They went their own ways after the clock struck midnight. Puck found himself in the addition Burt had built for Finn, curled up in the taller boy's arms. He'd never admit it in daylight, but Puck was a bit of a cuddler. It was an acquired habit; he spent many a night with a frightened toddler in his bed, scared from a storm or a bad dream.

The next morning before they left Finn's house, they told Burt and Carole. Neither seemed surprised. Kurt and Blaine couldn't stop beaming. Puck didn't want to admit it, but Finn was right; people really didn't care if he was gay. When Puck picked up Beth from his mothers, he apologized for his outburst and told them the truth. "I knew it," Sarah smiled triumphantly.

Mrs. Puckerman just smiled; Puck could tell she didn't know what to think. "Does this mean Finn is my daddy too!" Beth asked happily from the doorway.

"We'll see," Puck said, smiling at her.

Finn smiled as well, and they loaded up into Finn's Toyota. The drive back was filled with Beth singing along to the radio, but neither man minded. She had a great singing voice that made them both smile.

When they got back to their apartment in Cleveland, they put Beth to bed and sat down in the living room. They flipped on the TV and chose one of the five channels still showing A Christmas Story in the spirit of the holidays. "You realize you've taken away all of my badassery," Puck said, sounding slightly disappointed.

"Yeah, well, you were a badass long enough," Finn said. "Now you're my boyfriend and Beth's dad and you're going to be an accountant and that's it. You don't need to worry about anything else."

"My god, you really are the woman in this relationship," Puck teased.

Finn just wrapped his arm around Puck's shoulders and turned to the TV. Things were turning out better than Puck had expected, but then again, when did things ever go as expected?