Tora-chan: Hey! I decided to rewrite How to Annoy the Espada, and here it is. I'll turn the disclaimers over to Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: ... I don't want to be here...

Tora-chan: Shut it and disclaim kitty, or i'm taking your yarn away.

Grimmjow: Not the yarn! Tite Kubo and all Bleach fans should be happy that this crazed lunatic does not own Bleach. I'd be wearing a dress in a second.

Tora-chan: Less than a second. Most fans would like to see you in a dress Grimmy...

Grimmjow: Please review. Please? Reviews make her happy, and less likely to put me in a dress.

Tora-chan: Enjoy! Ideas of how to torture the Espada are welcome.

Gin was bored. Really bored. Life in Las Noches was becoming dull and extremely boring. Gin was running out of victims. The Espada already knew not to trust him, and had warned their fraccion. So, Gin had decided to do some research and find out what annoyed each of the Espada, and use it against them. Gin pulled out a journal to record his findings. His smile increased as he wrote Day One: Starrk.

Tora-chan: Just a prologue, more coming. Please review! Let me know if you want Grimmy in a dress.

Grimmjow: God no! Please? Have some humanity!

Tora-chan: Grimmjow, you're a hollow. You have no trace of humanity.

Grimmjow: So? I am NOT wearing a dress!

Tora-chan: We'll see...