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Just found out that there will be two new episodes on Jan. 10th! Sweetness!

After Gillian shut off his light, both leaned into each other. Grabbing each other around the waist, they pulled in for another tight hug. They stayed connected for quite some time. Gillian had her head resting against Cal's chest while her arms hung low around the waist band of his jeans. Cal gently rubbed her back with his hands in a slow rotating motion. For a second or two, he thought that she had fallen asleep. It wasn't until she shivered that he stopped his hands and quietly said, "We should get goin', Luv."

Gillian stepped out of the hug and stubbornly said, "No, I want to stay here and look at the stars." She looked up in the night sky smiling from ear to ear. Then she looked back at Cal. He noticed that she resembled a kid in a toy store right before Christmas. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her. When he got close enough, she whispered in his ear, "Let's be stargazers!" Not letting go of his hand, she grabbed the bottle and her glass and led the way to a clearing of the ground. She set the bottle and glass down before sweeping her skirt under her arm and sitting down herself.

Cal, still hooked to Gillian by hands, sat down next to her. He was grinning when he said, "You are so drunk right now. You're gonna feel it in the mornin' and it won't be pretty, Luv."

She took a sip of her drink and then passed the glass to Cal. "Tomorrow is tomorrow, it can wait. Right now we are gazing into the dark Heavens in search of stars." She leaned back until she was stretched out onto the concrete. When she saw that Cal wasn't lying next to her, she hit him on the shoulder and said rather loudly, "Lie down and gaze at the damn stars or I won't replace your bottle of scotch!"

Almost immediately he reclined back with his eyes looking at the sky. They were so close to each other that their shoulders and legs were touching. After a couple seconds he was surprised to find something twinkling in the sky. Just as he saw it one second, it disappeared the next. "You know Galileo, I think I just saw a star. I've never seen any stars while in the city."

She looked over to him with the same twinkling in her eyes as he saw in the star. "It's because you are a stargazer." She returned to her observation of the dark sky.

Again many minutes passed between them with no sound or movement. Every once in a while he would see something twinkling in the night sky. When he did, he looked over to her and then back up. Soon he heard Gillian's breathing become slow and melodic. He turned to her expecting her to be asleep, instead she was staring right back at him. She gently squeezed his hand and looked back to the Heavens. Just as he thought that she went back to stargazing, she quietly said, "I love you."

A ghost of a smile crossed his face. He squeezed her hand back and whispered, "I know." She snuggled closer to him and finally closed her eyes. Making sure that their hands wouldn't separate, he closed his eyes as well.