Firstly, thank you to those who have read and reviewed. I'm here to reply some of the reviews I've gotten.

About the skirt thing? I forgot. I have failed, I forgot about Kurt's skirt-wearing, and I apologize. I've fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out :D

And in response to the anonymous reviewers who didn't leave email adds for me to reply to, the frequent use of the f-word is because Kurt was totally pissed off. I believe that he is someone who will voice his opinion and he will stand up for his beliefs. As such, when he is angry, he, just like many of us in reality, uses profanity in his head. The f-word to me is one of the strongest swears, and in reality I don't use it often. I do believe that Kurt would, in a fit of rage if nowhere else, and that is simply my belief, so there's no reason to flame me on this note (if you choose to do so, however, my feet are freezing at night and I'd appreciate the help in warming them up ;D).

About the misogyny, it wasn't intentional and, as stated above, they were statements made in a fit of rage in the privacy of one's mind. Regardless of whether or not misogyny is uncharacteristic of Kurt, it was thought. My explanation is that everyone says things they don't really mean when they're angry, if not out loud then in their minds. And I wasn't insulting girls who like chivalry. Logically, I think that even girls who like chivalry would get tired of it all the time, and even if they don't get tired of it, I do believe that the act of making boyfriends pay for everything, all the time, is quite frankly mean and unequal. I believe, and I feel Kurt believes, in equality, and, as such, making Blaine pay for everything all the time isn't something he would do. If you are the sort of person who makes your boyfriend pay for everything -and I emphasize in case you haven't grasped it- ALL THE TIME, not just SOMETIMES, then you are mean (and can go ahead and flame because my sister's feet freeze at night too ;D).

I'm not showing heteronormativity on this. In fact, I'm trying to show the opposite of that. Kurt is offended that he's being compared to a girl just because Blaine tops and is trying to right that wrong. Unless I understand the term incorrectly, in which case, please correct me because I actually had to look that one up. ('Heteronormativity' isn't a term I use in daily conversation, or had even heard of before I got the review.)

That's it. And please, please leave an email address for me to reply your review instead of having to do, well, this. I'm just like anyone here, trying to improve, and when I receive criticism like I have for this one, I like to present my defense or my reasons for doing so and have the critic tell me whether my explanation makes sense or if it's just me being illogical and defensive and biased.


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