The room was dark, though not frighteningly so. The room held a different kind of light, a light that was not like any other kind. It was a light of love, and of pure bliss, a light of companionship, of commitment, of promise, of all they'd both ever wanted.

Today had been a perfect day. Perfect in only a way two people truly in love could understand. Perfect in a way that was so unique to those who had felt it, so precious, and so innocent.

Harry had finally told Ginny the simplest, the purest and the most perfect little words, I love you. After that, things had only been perfect. They had spent the rest of the day together. The afternoon was spent lazing around outside, and then the evening they had ate dinner with the family, though it was quite quickly, and then they had been outside until Ginny's parents had told them to come in and get to bed. Though neither had plans of that.

Currently, the young couple stood in a dark and only slightly cramped hallway closet.

Though it was purely darkness, both Harry and Ginny had their eyes peacefully closed in pure happiness, pure love, and pure peace. They had their hands clasped together, and their foreheads lightly pressed against each other.

No words were needed for that moment. No words that could only partially explain the deep feelings they felt, that could never do justice for the intense feeling, nothing was needed. Though, three little words, three huge words, were what came to Ginny's mind.

"I love you," Ginny murmured, and she just knew that Harry had a small smile crossing his face as the words were slipped from between her gentle lips.

"I love you, too, Gin." Harry murmured. "Very, very much."

"Lumos," Ginny murmured in the darkness, and Harry realized she must have had her wand on him, ad as he felt the light play across his face the temptation to open his eyes was strong, and he gave in so as to see his angel.

The way the light lit up her gorgeous, creamy, freckly skin and the gentle, precious curls that lay across her shoulders, and he knew lay down her back, and the way her soft, pink lips glossed in the light, gave Harry the impression of a goddess. She was a beautiful angel, a goddess, a princess. She was something more than just a woman, Harry knew.

"You're absolutely perfect," Harry murmured, and he took her chin in his hand, and he let his eyes slid shut again, as the same peaceful feeling warmed him through.

"I love you," Ginny could only respond with the words that ran through her mind, and she felt like a broken, love struck record, as her mind repeated itself over and over again. It was fogged over of every other thought process, of every other everything. All that mattered to her was Harry, and she was all that mattered to him.

"I love you, too." Harry said back.

Life was perfect, that's all Harry knew. His life was finally free, free to love this gorgeous red head for the rest of forever, free for him to marry her, to have children with her, to be with her, forever and always. Life had never looked so good before, and for once in his life, Harry wasn't afraid of what was ahead. He wasn't scared for his life, for his loved ones, for the rest of the Wizarding World, he cared for nothing but her. Nothing else mattered but her, and of this Harry was sure.

A/N- little fluffy moment! This was written for my sisters Christmas story, and I tried a different style, but I'm proud of it! So, thank you to everyone who read, and if you review, thank you in advance!