Authors Note This is a short fic for the book The Vision. This is how I think Thor would have reacted to some of the events in the story. It would help to read the book first but isn't completely necessary. Enjoy

Thor Thompson looked around irritably. Tourists and locals alike were coming out of their hotels or restaurants to start the day. Soon Key West would be bustling with activity. People came and went all the time. And he, along with Adam and all the others, would be lost in the swarms of faces.

Thor sighed as he began to walk. He didn't like being played for a fool. But if Adam Harrison's 'son' was a big joke, just how many people were in on it? He knew he wasn't crazy. He was as sane as any other normal person. Thor shook his head to clear it. He had seen the other man sitting at that table with Adam. He knew what he saw, what he heard. The staff in the dining room would have no reason to lie or take part in some sick practical joke. But that was the only logical explanation.

"I'm not seeing things." Thor muttered to himself. As soon as the words left his mouth he stopped in his tracks. A woman window shopping behind him nearly collided with him on the sidewalk. Thor mumbled a quick apology as the woman moved around him. He was too lost in his own thoughts to care about the glare the woman shot him.

Was this what Genevieve felt like? Surrounded by people, and yet, alone. Okay, Thor admitted to himself, so she hadn't claimed to see ghosts right away. But weren't talking, moving corpses just as bad? Everyone still thought she had gone crazy. Even Thor himself considered her a danger to the other divers.

Thor groaned. He was not seeing a ghost. And he was not about to let anyone think he was. But he'd questioned Adam in front of everyone, including Gen. And he had questioned the waitress, the hotel desk clerk, and the host. Although nobody said it, he had seen that look in their eyes. The same look everybody gave Genevieve. A look of alarm, pity, uncertainty, and maybe even a little fear.

Thor suddenly realized that he had been standing in the middle of the sidewalk for several moments. Shaking his head he began walking again. But his thoughts soon trailed back to Gen and her 'ghost' corpse. As well as all the strange occurrences that seemed to happen to her, or maybe because of her. Thor felt more confused than ever.

Could something really be happening? Did Gen really see a body that nobody else had? And if so, who was causing it? And why? Thor didn't believe in ghosts. But sometimes the living could be just as mysterious and unexplainable.