Torchwood Face Book

Summary: Ianto makes the mistake of setting up Face Book page and inviting the others to be his friends. Well, it wasn't a mistake until Jack got in on the fun...


Ianto Jones is now friends with Gwen Cooper-Williams, Toshiko Sato and 2 others.

Gwen Cooper-Williams: Ianto! It's so good to see you on Face Book!

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Ianto Jones: Thanks Gwen! I figured I'd give it a go, since you prattle on and on about it!


Owen Harper wishes that Ianto Jones would come and make him some coffee.

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Ianto Jones to Owen Harper : What? Am I your slave now?

Owen Harper to Ianto Jones : You know it, Tea Boy!

Ianto Jones : What, no dislike button? That's just not fair!

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Ianto Jones is now friends with Andy Davidson

Andy Davidson : So, any more spooky-do's?

Gwen Cooper-Williams : ANDY!


Ianto Jones likes James Bond.


Ianto Jones wishes that his coworkers would learn to clean up after themselves, especially one annoying, crabby doctor.

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Toshiko Sato : Sorry Ianto!

Gwen Cooper-Williams : I'll bring you some of that chocolate you like to make up for it!

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Rhys Williams: try living with her, Ianto...

Gwen Cooper-Williams : RHYS!

Owen Harper: Oi! I'm not that messy!

Ianto Jones: Owen, have you seen your desk? I swear there's something growing underneath!

Toshiko Sato: I think it's moved to his chair.


Ianto Jones wants just one day to himself where he can do something productive. Like sleep.

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Toshiko Sato: Bit hard though in our job.

Ianto Jones : And with Jack for a boss.

Owen Harper: Is he keeping you up all night Tea Boy?

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Ianto Jones: I refuse to answer that.


Gwen Cooper-Williams is now friends with Jack Harkness.

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Ianto Jones: Oh. Dear. God.

Owen Harper: This can't end well... Jack Harkness on Face Book.

Ianto Jones: I anticipate many people reporting and blocking him.

Owen Harper: Starting with you and me.

Jack Harkness: Ianto, I'm shocked! Owen I can understand, because he's a prat but you... :(

Ianto Jones: Puppy eyes only work in the real world, Jack.

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Jack Harkness is now friends with Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato and 78 others.

Ianto Jones : How the hell did you friend THAT many people so fast?


Ianto Jones is now friends with Rhiannon Davies.

Rhiannon Davies : Now you have no excuse for not talking to me!

Ianto Jones : The phone works both ways you know.

Rhiannon Davies : Well, every time I call you never pick up!

Ianto Jones: I'm busy!

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Ianto Jones is extremely happy today. :)

Jack Harkness: Admit it... I am the best boyfriend ever!

Ianto Jones: Actually, I was referring to my getting a day off.

Jack Harkness : *pouts* Iantoooooooo!

Ianto Jones: But you're a close second, Jack.

Rhiannon Davies : BOYFRIEND? OMG!

Ianto Jones : Oh no...

Rhiannon Davies : CALL. ME!

Jack Harkness : oops?

Ianto Jones : *sends patent pending death glare at Jack Harkness*


Ianto Jones to Rhiannon Davies : You will be pleased to know that Jack and I are coming to dinner tonight.

Rhiannon Davies : Yes! I can't wait to meet him! Is he as gorgeous as his picture? He loves like an escort!

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Jack Harkess : I like you!

Ianto Jones : Someone shoot me now...

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Gwen Cooper-Williams : Owen! Be nice! Ianto's just nervous that he's taking Jack to meet the family!

Owen Harper : Don't see why. I mean, it's not like they're actually dating.

Jack Harkness : We are too! I stay over at his place all the time!

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Owen Harper : So having sex automatically constitutes being in a relationship?

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Jack Harkness : Ianto!

Andy Davidson : Sorry, mate, but he's right. Just because you're sleeping together doesn't mean you're a couple.

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Jack Harkness : I'm in trouble aren't I?


Ianto Jones is trying to not kill Jack Harkness.

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Andy Davidson : Dare we even ask?

Ianto Jones : Let's just say that Jack is NOT NOT NOT going to visit my sister again anytime soon.

Jack Harkness : I'm sorry! I didn't know!

Toshiko Sato : Know what?

Ianto Jones : He hit on my brother in-law.

Jack Harkness : He had a cute butt!

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Ianto Jones : But you didn't have to grab it!

Jack Harkness : -_-;; Sorry.


Jack Harkness is now friends with Rhiannon Davies and Johnny Davies.

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Ianto Jones : HELP!


Johnny Davies : So Ianto, when you bringing Jack around next?

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Ianto Jones : NEVER.

Jack Harkness : :(

Jack Harkness : But Ianto!

Ianto Jones : Do you want decaf for a month sir?

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Jack Harkness : Ianto, are you ever going to forgive me? Johnny has...

Ianto Jones : No. Never

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Jack Harkness wants the world to know that Ianto Jones is his sweet, wonderful, loving boyfriend.

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Gwen Cooper-Williams : That is so sweet!

Jack Harkness : Have I told you how sweet, wonderful and loving my boyfriend is?

Ianto Jones : sighs.

Jack Harkness : What?

Toshiko Sato : You have to make it official Jack.

Jack Harkness : ?

Jack Harkness : I thought I just did!

Owen Harper : Not Face Book official.

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Jack Harkness is in a relationship with Ianto Jones.

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Owen Harper : Finally! Maybe now Tea Boy will stop sulking.

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Ianto Jones : I do NOT sulk!


Ianto Jones is annoyed with Jack Harkness.

Rhiannon Davies : Why?

Gwen Cooper-Williams : Was he flirting again?

Jack Harkness : I never!

Ianto Jones : What else?


Ianto Jones is now friends with John Hart.

Jack Harkness : No! NO! NOOO!

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John Hart : What can I say, I'm irresistible!

Jack Harkness : I forbid you from posting on Ianto's wall!

John Hart : Ok. I'll just go have hot man sex with him then.

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Jack Harkness : Ianto!

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Jack Harkness : Okay, okay, I'm sorry I flirted with the waitress.

Ianto Jones : I forgive you.

Jack Harkness : You wouldn't really sleep with John, would you?

Jack Harkness : Um, Ianto?

Jack Harkness : IANTOOOOOOO!


Ianto Jones is happy that Jack Harkness has consented to calling them a couple.

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John Hart : So no hot man sex then, huh?

Ianto Jones : Sorry. I'm a one-man kind of guy.

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Jack Harkness : HA! In your face!

Owen Harper : Oi! You did not just say that, Harkness!

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John Hart : Hey, Andy, looking good!

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Andy Davidson : Thanks... (blushes)

Gwen Cooper-Williams : ANDY! I had no idea!

John Hart : So, wanna hook up sometime?

Ianto Jones : JOHN, you are NOT hooking up with anyone on my wall!


Andy Davidson and John Hart are in a relationship.

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Ianto Jones : Why my wall?

Jack Harkness : Um, John, you do realize that monogamy is still the norm right?

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John Hart : OH NO!

Andy Davidson: :(

John Hart : Oh well! He's cute enough for it to work!

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Gwen Cooper-Williams : ANDY!

Ianto Jones : Why me?


The end?