I`m baaaaack with a brand new story! I though I`m gonna take a break from Donkey stuff- and by the time this is finish I`ll have new stuff. And since it was Christmas a few days ago - I wrote this up based on my favorite Holiday Special - The Grinch! Enjoy!

"What do you think of this dress , dear?" Martha May Whovier asked inquisitively to her husband-to-be as she absent-mindedly smoothed all wrinkles that creased the dress, as he awaited the answer.

Opposite her, in the overstuffed, and extremely uncomfortable-looking chair , a green lump that was the Grinch sat , looks absolutely bored out of his mind. He then gave a sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his long, hairy fingers. "Lacey," was his only reply. Martha scrunched her nose as if to say that the answer wasn`t the one she was looking for. She hastily flattered the floral lace imprint on the form of her chest.

In the true opinion of the Grinch, it was quite a lovely dress. Poinsettias where the flower that was crocheted into the long flowing layer of lace on top of the silk bottom. She truly looked like a bride, all that was needed was the veil.

The true reason the Grinch did not speak his real answer, was that he wanted to prove a point that he definitely longed to be somewhere else. Like back on his mountain, where he truly belonged. Dress shopping wasn`t his thing and he wanted to stick by his opinion , and get this over with.

"Talkative today, aren't you?' Martha hissed as she did a full turn on the platform to get a better look at herself. Upon finishing her well made turn , the owner of the store bustled in. "Oh darling! That looks FAB-you-lus!" , she cried as she swung to Martha`s side. A stout , stubbly woman , Woodville's Bridal Gown Shoppe`s owner was a strange character. But in the opinion of the Grinch , EVERYONE in Whoville was a character.

The shop owner buzzed around Martha like a bee , getting a closer look for herself, making comments about this and that under her breathe. Her scrabby and lengthy apprentice came following over with long dress draping over his arms . His face could barely seen by the colossal mountain of silk in front of him. He hustled to one of the seats by the Grinch and laid them down. "I brought these from the back," he croaked while sinking in exhaustion into the seat next to the Grinch.

Martha gave a sniff and stated , " I can`t be certain if this is the one, I think trying on another one is best, don`t you dear heart?" The Grinch gave an acnokwlging groan. "Won-der-ful idea!" chanted the shop keeper. She swarmed to the dressed the apperentaince has recently set down and pulled up one with a large bustle in the back. "Come deary, " She grabbed Martha by the hand, ushering her into the black curtained dressing room.

The Grinch gave one long howl of a groan as he flung his head back and sank lower into the dreaded chair. He turned his head to one side, and asked the weary apprentice , " How many dresses did she pick out?" The young lad gave a long sigh and said " Thirty," he answered. The Grinch abruptly gave a longer moan , and sank ever lower in the chair. " And how many dresses did she try on?"

"Counting this one- two." The boy stated and once again the Grinch gave a humongous groan and sank as far as he could go.

He could of been doing MANY things besides this. Like pulling prank calls or inventing things up in his workshop on the mountain's But no, he had to be stuck on such a nice day like this in a bridal shop with horrible seating choices and nothing to occupy himself but looking over and over again at the fashion catalogue and flinging a plastic cup across the room.

He truly loved Martha- with all his now three times larger heart- and that was a fact since he was eight. Often a time on Mt. Crumpit he would find himself secretly dreaming about her. She use to be the only Who in Whoville who wouldn`t flinch at his sight and offer him a cheerful smile. And in the three years it took for him to work up the nerve to ask her to marry him , she was always there to show the same kindness that she gave to him in the third grade.

But now she was putting him through TORUTE. The Grinch might of had multiple reason for dis-liking shopping for clothes. But I think the most likely reason of all was the fact that he wore none.

As he was being dragged into the store that morning he stated right then and there that " You`ll look good in any dress you`ll try on! Why do I have to go? Couldn`t you of brought one of your "gal pals" to shop with you?"

The Grinch snapped out of his state of thought when Martha came floating out of the dressing room to the stand. This dress was quite beautiful for sure- but it was much more old fashioned than the ladder. Martha hummed in question doing one of her routine spins. She finally stated her mind out loud by saying " I think I like the other one better. With the poinsettias and all- it just seem appropriate..."

" When`s the wedding dear heart?" The shop keeper asked soothingly. " The twenty fourth of December," Martha replied promptly. " I know it`s Christmas Eve but that day has significance e to myself and my fiancé." Martha gave a flirtatious wink to the Grinch , and his heart melted as he straighten up in the chair and in return showed her a grin.

'No wonder why everyone fell for her...', the Grinch admitted to himself.

"Oh how romantic!" The shop keeper squealed. " I bet it will be LO-UV-LEE!" At such comment Martha looked dismayed as she confessed" Let`s hope for it, we`ve hardly started the preparations-" She looked at the Grinch as though he might spring into action and say that it would be all taken care of.

"I bet you`ll have it all figured out by the time the wedding bell start chiming. " The shop keeper assured. How about we try on another dress- " She gave a sharp snap of her fingers and the apprentice pulled out another gown out of the hill of fabric and handed to the woman.

The bored apprentice huffed as he crossed his legs and supported his head with one hand" I hate brides who pick out dozens of dresses and can`t pick which one. I`ve been putting up with it for 5 years now and it bugs me every time..." The Grinch didn`t respond as he watched a familiar face walk past the shop, freeze , pull their parents arms forward and into the store.

"Mr. Grinch!" The child cheered. It was Cindy Lou Who - who had just recently turned eleven. She looked quite the same from the Christmas that changed everything despite being older. She still had her hair in an outlandish fashion of braids , buns , and bows, a large puffy dress that was now pink Pokka dotted, and the same child-like innocent smile that could make any heart grow.

The Grinch arose as Cindy flung herself into his arms and gave him a colossal hug and kiss on the check. She then squeaked with excitement "Is Martha picking out a dress?" The Grinch reply with " She is ... sortta. If she can CHOOSE one." Cindy gave a giggle as her mother- Betty Lou Who said, with her eyes somewhat hazed as if she was recalling something " Oh I remember how hard it was for me to pick. Lou and I spent many a hour here, didn`t we honey?"

Lou sniffed " Oh yeah. I can remember sitting in that exact spot being bored for hours at a time..." The Grinch gave a half heart reply to Lou`s comment by joking " Then I guess there`s no hope for me..." Lou smiled and shook his head" I`m afraid not."

Martha peered out of the dressing room " What`s all the... Betty! Lou ! Cindy! " she hoisted up her princess skirt and skidded along the room as the shop keeper zoomed behind her, trying to finish zipping up the dress. " Well how are you?"

"Fair, " Betty replied " We`re getting Cindy ready for school to start, picking up all the supplies." Martha beamed and crouched down to Cindy's level " And what grade are you going into?" Cindy, with some pride in herself answered, " Sixth ". Martha beamed up to her regular height. "My you`re getting older every time I see you! Are you excited about being a bridesmaid?"

Cindy squeaked "Yes! I can`t wait to see what dress you chose for me to wear for the ceremony !" Martha gave a look of distress , as if she had forgotten about that fitting for the bride`s maid dresses. But she reframed from saying anything - for she simply reply to the sweet child " You`re going to love it- I know it for sure." Cindy`s smiled grew larger as he mother looked at her watch. "Heavens! We better get going sweetie - we still have lots to buy and little time!"

Cindy said farewell as she edged backwards towards the grand French doors being pulled by the hand of her mother. When they family was no longer seen from view Martha sighed as she moved her glance form the window to the back of the store , her hand still waved in goodbye. She lowered it realizing that she hadn`t even though of the bridesmaid dresses. It had always been about HER dress- the one that seemed to be the most essential attire for the ceremony . How could she of laid this off for so long? She only had a few months until the big day!

Now there wouldn`t be any more slacking. The couple`s focused would be entirely on the planning of this wedding. And they could start-by trying on another dress.