This story goes with my Rose/Damon story "A Thin Line" but can be read alone. Rose is bitten by the werewolf (Jules). Damon asks Elena to contact her Mom, thinking Isobel's research in Vampires may have told her a cure for Rose. Elena calls her uncle/father, to get Isobels number. Leaves a message for Isobel.

Isobel shows up. Admits that heard the Originals were coming after Elena and returned – in case Elena needed her. Stayed out of sight so the Originals wouldn't know she was there. Pointedly ignores Alaric. Makes a wolfsbane potion to cure Rose.

Sorry if Isobel seems a bit OOC. I figure she'd act a bit different now that she's 'turned her emotions back on'.

"You can't avoid me forever," Ric noted, having followed Isobel out of the Boarding House into the deepening twilight.

Isobel refused to turn and look at him.

"I remember what you said that night. I've been drinking vervain infused water for years. You can't compel me to forget."

Isobel spun around. "You remember?"


"Then why did you let me walk away?"

"It's what you wanted. I'm not going to try and force you to stay. But I still love you, Isobel. You tried to turn off your emotions and be Katherine - but you aren't her. What you told me that night proved it. So does your coming back, to be here if Elena needed you."

"Ric… I haven't turned my emotions off again since that night. Part of me wants to come back… But I know I can't," Isobel said, sadness in her voice and eyes.

"Why not? Your daughter needs you. So do I… I've tried to forget you. To move on with Jenna. But I can't. I love you."


His face softened. "Because you have to ask," he said softly, the same words and tone he'd used the first time she ever asked him that. "Because you're still my Isobel, if you just let yourself be. Stefan and Elena are making it work, and so can we. If you want to…"

"I want to, but… I've done things… Things the Isobel you knew would never have dreamed of in her worst nightmares. If you knew what I'd done… you wouldn't love me anymore."

"Yes, I would. Just like Elena loves Stefan, even knowing what he's done. And Rose loves Damon, even knowing what he's done. He killed her friend, and she still loves him – even if neither of them will admit it."

Isobel couldn't help but smile a little at that. Even in the few minutes she'd seen them together, she'd realized Damon had fallen for Rose. She was glad, since it would make things easier for Elena. "I should tell you everything, and make you hate me… but I'm too weak. Too selfish. I want to come home – with you."

Ric moved closer, and then pulled her to him. After a long kiss, she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Welcome home, Love," he whispered.

Hope you liked it. Let me know if you'd like me to continue… And if I do, it's not gonna be all sappy fluff. More angst would be in store for them – but a little fluff.