School bells ring, high schoolers rush out in excitement, and the dull feeling of Tuesday afternoon rolls by. I walk on the sidewalk that leads to my house, thinking of a lot of things. One of those things were if my girlfriend, Samantha, remembered our aniversary.

I'm not saying my very organized girlfriend would forget. It's just that exams are coming up and she gets stressed easily from all the studying. Poor girl is always trying to live up to her parents' expectations no matter how good she is.

Samantha is a great daughter, student, and girlfriend. She's responsible, does her chores, and brings home good grades. Straight A student but is all right with a B here and there. She follows our strict dress code but breaks them once in awhile. As a girlfriend, she likes to plan on dates but will ask my opinions beforehand. She's caring and can be sweet when she wants to. We have occasional fights but we get over them after the night ends.

I guess I'm an all right guy. I'm pretty responsible and go by my parents rules. Hey, I'm probably one of the only kids that like their parents and vise versa! My grades are rather average and there's not much for me to break with the dress code. As a boyfriend? Well, I have my say in the relationship just like her but never when it comes to dates. After I took her on a surprise horror film date, she started planning what to do. And I do start some of the fights we have. But, there's a reason for that. A very nagging reason...

"Hey, Korey!" Samantha excliams while running up beside me. Her house isn't near mine, so I'm left to wonder if she did remember.

"Did you forget, Samantha?" I asked, playfully. She pouts at me and crosses her arms. She looks so cute when she does that.

"No. I did not forget, Korey. You're so mean." I chuckle and wrap my arm around her.

"I was just joking. So, what are we doing for our two year aniversary?" She went through her bag and took out a small golden box with little designs all over it. I took it and stared at it for awhle in the light.

"What is this?"

"I think it's one of those puzzle boxes. Yesterday, some guy dropped it in front of me and ran off. I couldn't figure it out so I thought you could have some fun with it." Yeah, leave it to your boyfriend to solve something like this.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do. I brought a movie from the video store that I thought you might like." She put her arm around my waist and started playing with the side of my belt. I knew what she was about to ask. And this is why we would sometimes get into fights. It's just one little question that you wouldn't expect me to turn down.

"Korey, can we have sex?" That's it. She's always brought this up after six months of us dating. She's not a virgin. She had told me this after she first asked the question. The problem with this is that I am a virgin and I don't want to have sex.

"No. The more you keep asking me this, the more frustrating it gets."

"But, it's been two years already. It's okay now."

"I'm sorry, okay? I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of it."

"How long are you going to make me wait?"

"I'll tell you when I'm ready, okay?"

"Sure. See you later."

"See ya." She walked off to her street while I continued my walk while clutching the puzzle box.

I know I sounded like a girl there for a moment but I'm just weird. I know any teenaged boy would jump for joy if a girl asked to have sex with them, but I don't find the idea enjoying. I know Samantha wouldn't tell anyone we had sex but I'm paranoid that everyone will know. Really, I want to have sex after I get married. It sounds gay coming from a guy but, like I said, I'm weird.

What's also quite strange is the fact that we look like complete opposites. Samantha is the pretty girl with curly brown hair, tanned skin, and girly clothes. I on the other hand am the creepy goth kid at school. My hair goes down my neck and will cover my face, it's dark brown but looks black sometimes, my skin is pretty pale, and I wear a lot of plain dark clothing. Sometimes I do wear something lighter like white or grey. So, we're the couple you wouldn't think would be together.

I don't even remember how we started going out. We went to the same school for years but I never really noticed her. Maybe it was because she was dared to go out with me by her friends. I don't remember anymore.

I turn the corner to another street and walk four houses down before coming upon my house. I noticed my parents weren't home and went in to see if they left a note.

On the tv, they taped a note that said they went to the store. Probably to get groceries. I turned on the tv and watched whatever I could find that was on.

During a very long comercial break, I looked down at the box I put on the table. It looked kind of interesting. I never solved a puzzle box, but it's probably not that hard.

I picked it up and turned it over a few times. There was this big silver circle on one side that looked like it might move. I traced my finger around it but it wasn't turning. I pressed it, feeling like an idiot because it wasn't going to do anything if I did that. It proved me wrong when it started moving one of the sides.

"This is one weird puzzle box." Although, it looked kind of fun now. I started moving the sides and whatever else moved for a good while.

Then, I couldn't move any of the other pieces so it looked really distorted. I decided to send Samantha a picture of it to show that I solved it. It might piss her off but I like to do that sometimes.

I pulled out my phone and set the box on the table, trying to catch every angle as I took a photo. I looked through my phone for the pictures and found something quite odd. Around the box where chains that looked like they were aiming at me. I looked up at the box but soon realized there was something very wrong.

My whole living room was dark, had chains everywhere, some weapons here and there, and it smelled kind of strange. I felt a cold chill behind me and turned around. On the wall near the front door, there were these people. They didn't appear very human but they had a slight look to them that made me assume that. They sort of scared me but I didn't know why.

"Who are you?" I asked almost below a whisper. A man with pins in his head stepped forward. He showed no emotion but he chilled me to the bone with the way he stared at me. Staring through me into the very depth of me.

"Demons to some, angels to others. We are the Cenobites. You summoned us and now we've come to torture your soul for all eternity."