"I'll have you know, I haven't had a good fistfight in a long time" Peter said happily, following Caspian out of the How's doorway.

"What are you two doing now?" Susan asked, looking down from her perch on the ledge above the doorway, where she was sitting.

"Going to have a good old-fashioned fist fight to see who's better" Peter said bluntly with a grin.

"Have fun with that" Susan said, returning to her original position.

"My lady, it would be a great honor if you would accompany us" Caspian said, secretly wishing that Susan would come and watch.

For a minute, the queen stayed completely silent. Then-

"Catch" Susan dropped her book, and it was a good thing he was looking up, otherwise it would have hit him squarely in the face. He caught it, then watched as Susan lept gracefully from the ledge before taking the book from him and walking ahead.

"You sure know how to sweet talk them" Peter said jokingly, clapping Caspian on the back.

Once they were in the meadow, Peter and Caspian removed their armor and weapons, stripping down to their undershirts and breeches. Susan looked up from her book every now and then, but otherwise stayed occupied in the Narnian text.

"What shall we go to then, three points?" Peter asked innocently.

"Too easy" Caspian said with a quick look at Susan. "Ten"

"Your funeral" Peter grinned.

After an hour, both boys were worn out and they were tied at only two points.

"How about we make it three then?" Peter gasped.

"Good idea" Caspian replied, equally out of breath. Both boys were good fighters, evenly matched.

Peter yanked off his sweaty shirt, and Caspian followed suit, their muscular chests gleaming in the sunlight.

From her spot in the grass, Susan inhaled. The sight of two well-built shirtless men fighting in front of her was overwhelming, and it was hard to take her eyes off of Capian's muscular form in particular.

After another fifteen minutes, Caspian had Peter pinned down.

"Well fought" Caspian said to Peter, helping him up.

"Agreed" Peter said, standing and running a hand through his sweaty hair.

"Do I get to fight winner?" Susan said, coming up and removing her quiver and bow as well as her leather jerkin.

"I would not want to hurt her majesty" Caspian said, flushing.

"Oh come on Caspian, it will be an easy win" Peter said, grinning.

Susan smiled, then began to intie a the sash on her skirt. Slipping it off to reveal a pair of breeches underneath, Susan tossed the fabric of her skirt behind her. Peter supressed a chuckle.

"Ready then?" Susan said, coming forwards as she tied her hair back.

"Uh...Yes" Caspian replied. They got into their ready stances, then raised their fists. Caspian wondered if he should take her seriously or not.

Peter called start, and Caspian suddenly found himself under an assault of well-placed blows. He was down in seconds. Caspian flushed bright crimson and pulled himself up, ignoring Peter's laughter from behind him.

Once again, Peter called start. Caspian started forwards with a left hook, then feint to the leg, but Susan twirled past him and punched his back, forcing him to double over, the wind knocked out of him. He sropped, meaning to trip her with a low kick, but she lept over it, cartwheeling over his back and pushing to the ground for another point.

Edmund chose this moment to walk up, and Caspian wondered if there was any chance his pride could remain intact. Probably not.

"What's going on?" Edmund asked.

"Caspian is getting beat up by our sister" Peter replied, chuckling again. Edmund snickered, and sat down for a prime view of the show.

"One more?" Susan said, grinning. Caspian nodded, getting to his feet.

Peter yelled start, and Caspian backed away as Susan made her attack. She tried again, but he mimcked her earlier moves by turning by and hitting her back. He felt guilty as she grunted in pain and surprise, but it was forgotten as he had to duck as her fist swung by his face.

Susan backpedaled, then as Caspian went on the offense, she ducked his first swing, then shoved with all her might into his torso, flipping the prince over her back and onto the hard ground, knocking the wind out of him for the second time.

"I win" She said, pulling Caspian up as he fought to regain his breath.

"Shows me" Caspian said, smiling.

"You get a prize for beating my brother though"

"I do?" Caspian asked, looking hopefully at Susan, who smiled shyly. She walked forwards and kissed his cheek with a smile, then headed back to the How.

Caspian watched her go, then turned to her brothers, who were cracking up.

"What is so funny?" Caspian asked.

Neither of the kings replied, just collapsed in fits of laughter.

That evening after dinner, Caspian approached Susan.

"Your majesty, I would be honored if we had a rematch of our earlier fight" He said. Susan looked up, somewhat interested.

"How about doing a challenge of events?" Susan asked. Caspian took a quick glance around.

"A what?"

"A challenge of events. We had these often in the golden age. Two people challenge each other, and they have to go through a series of events"

Caspian's eyes lit up, and Susan couldn't help but smile.

"Meet me in the main hall in a few minutes, we'll call an official challenge"