Go ahead and shoot me now, another new story, this one I'm not sure if I'll keep but I wanted to write this and I'm having oh so much fun thinking of this in my mind and had to type a bit of it out, if you don't like it fine. Also if you think I should continue let me know and uh I might. No, in the end of this she didn't die, she just passed out. Unless you think I shouldn't continue then she died. Let me know what you think, also I have a 66 chapter Se/Oc (complete) story posted and the sequel is also up, 6 chapters so far and a Se/Oc lemon, and a one shot if you are interested.

An orange haired girl with multi-colored eyes, the right being a sapphire blue while the left was a jade green, was sitting in the back of the jeep, the warheads rested on her lap because none of the others wanted to risk it. Her hands tapped a beat out on her thighs that only she could hear. And a set or ear buds, with the right ear broken, dangled by her left ear. "Hey, Duke. When are we stopping for a break?"

The man that she had called out to was sitting in the passengers seat having a conversation with his friend Ripcord about how they were not transferring to the air-force. "Avery, V," He changed to his nickname for the short girl. "We are not stopping we have to meet up with the reckon team." Avery couldn't see him roll his eyes but she had guessed as much. The two were close they had known each other since she had been orphaned at a young age and his mother took pity on her and took her in. "And I don't care to hear your excuse for why you want to stop."

Avery ignored him and told him why anyway. "I have to pee. Bad. So san we stop for like two minutes." A guy in the back gave a laugh because he understood why she had started to tap out the beats to the songs she listened to.

"Hey man." The army guy said. "It's been an hour since she had started to tap out those odd beats on her legs, I think she really has to go." This brought a laugh from his buddies out but Avery didn't care as long as she was allowed to go to the bathroom.

Just as Duke was about to reply Rip cord cut in. "Hey speaking of the reckon team, weren't we supposed to meet up at forty clicks?" When duke answered him with a positive he continued. "Well, we just passed kilometer forty-one." Both Duke and Avery realized that this meant trouble.

"Eyes out, eyes out." Duke said in a bit of a worried tone into the communicator on his scarf like thing. A man right next to Avery told Duke that it was clear and Aver looked over his shoulder. For some reason this just felt wrong to her and she remembered the time she and passed a crash where the woman hadn't been wearing a seat belt. Thinking of the poor girls mangled body Avery belted her self in. Not a moment later a chopper of theirs went down and landed right on the car in front of theirs.

Duke and ripcord started to yell and Avery couldn't understand most of what they were saying. All she knew was that they were under attack and she was the one with the bugs. The eat-through-any-to-every-material bugs. Suddenly she no longer wanted the case and handed it to the guy across from her. "Hold this for a moment." She ordered. Just as she was about to unbuckle the other chopper crashed.

Duke started to yell for the units to fan out. As a smaller jeep went to the left it got blown up by the mysterious terrorists. More missiles were launched at the thing but it just shot them down and shot at the unit that had fired the missiles. Shots were still being fired at it yet nothing seemed to have any type of effect against its strong metal outside. "Duke." Avery said as it came in close to the car that they were in then it shot, two of the army guys had jumped out the back just in time as the blue shit it shot hit them.

"Hold on!" Ripcord yelled as they flipped through the air. He didn't need to tell avery twice as she held the belt that kept her in place in a death grip. For a moment Avery blacked out and when she came to Duke was pulling Ripcord out. Rip was complaining about his leg. "Duke." When he looked at her fear was in his eyes. "Just give me the knife and go." He did she quickly cut the belt off of her and scrambled out of the car, but not before grabbing the warheads from the dead guy across from her. As soon as she was out the jeep blew up. She was too close and was thrown threw the air and her grip on the warheads faltered.

When Avery hit the ground she was sure she was going to die. Yet some how she managed to wake up from a black oblivion she hadn't realized she had been in and shakily stand. Dukes voice was not far from her and she walked toward it. "Pointing your weapons at me don't quite make you my friends, now does it?" Avery entered the clearing and stumbled a few step forward. Her hearing gave and she could not longer hear what was being said but she saw ripcord step out from behind a tree. She wanted to yell out to rip cord to be careful because a shadow was moving, but it was too late, the man clad in black already had a sword to Ripcords throat.

"Duke." Avery called out pathetically. He turned an immediately ran to her side. Duke was saying something and she could finally hear him.

"Avery, oh god Avery." Was all her could say over and over again. Avery didn't understand why but she knew that she was shot in the shoulder and possibly in the stomach because she was bleeding in both places.

"I think I got shot again." She fell into him and he held her up. Ripcord pushed the sword away from his neck, the dark clad man allowed him to, and ran to her side too. "I want a steak dinner. I think I deserve a steak dinner. And I still have to pee." Avery just said what ever came to her fear clouded mind. "I'm afraid Duke. Duke, I – your going black." Then her head fell forward and she knew no more.