Chapter fifteenteen of this series. Now do you understand why I get them as close in number as possible? I have stories that are 2ch, 4ch, 15ch, 2ch, 18ch, and 15ch. I'm going to die because of my OCD, and because I have hell remembering which chapter number is for which story. Don't hate me for the last chapter, I have a plan...ok as I have been told so many times lying is bad so I admit I don't like it any more T.T fail for me. I think I am going to end it here and after you can imagine the rest ;) Short I know but oh well. Stupid, I know but hey, it was the end of the movie and I started to not like it, at least I finished.

Avery didn't know what was happening but her arms felt cold. Everything smelt like a hospital. And there was this awful taste in her mouth. The only thing that had bee the same as it had been for too long to remember was the music was playing. Only it was sharper and louder. Then she blinked. The light was too bright. Suddenly the music stopped and the light disappeared. "No. It's not fair. I thought I was up." Then she felt something on her arm and looked at it. It was a hand. Not just any hand, but Snake Eyes' hand. "It's you." A smile came across her lips and she looked at him happily.

He nodded and then leaned down and kissed her softly. She realized that his mask wasn't on and that he had something wooden in his hand. "I heard you. This whole time I heard you playing. I had wanted to leave but when I heard the music I just couldn't leave. And then I started to try to find the music. And and I found you." She grabbed his hand. "You didn't leave me."

He signed a single sentence to her before she closed her eyes and fell asleep. I would never leave you.