EEEEEE! I'm soooo happy! This is my First Blog Ever! since leaving Total Drama. I've been super dee busy re-watching season one, two, and three of Total Drama. And thinking about what it would be like if I were in all of them *sighs dreamily ooh Cody*

Guys, I've I had the time of my life on season three! My Live Long Dream of becoming *Sierra-Cody* has finally come true! 333 Eeee!

But there were some bad things to happen too... I lost my beautiful, long hair and had many injuries 8(. Who knew Chris was such a JERKFACE?

But I'm doing better now! My mom even got me this wig (I.E. It is way better than Heather's last season XP) for me to until my hair grows back. Cody even visited me at my house! Which made it all worth while! My sugar-toothed Codykins was sooo dee duper nice, he even brought me lilys, my absolute fav! (And guys as answers to your questions; Axe deodorant and yes he does, he sings the Drama Brother's number one hit, "When I Cry" *squeals* while lathering his hot little body up! He is the bestest singer ever!) Other than that... Guten Tag! *Giggles*

But guys I'm having problems 8(( I just don't know which contestant I should update first? Soooo much has been going on in the Total Drama Universe, it's hard to pick. So I decided that my folllowers can help me decide by telling me who you want to hear about first and I'll update date it quicker than I can weavefifty baskets! (And pretty that's quick ;-D) Oooh, I think I hear my phone ringing, it's probably my Cody! Eeeee! G2G I'll bbl and ttyl 2 U GUYS L8R!

A/N: So there it was Sierra's first blog update *sweat bead* since TDWT. Send a review on how you liked it or not and whoever you want Sierra to stalk and provide all the recets deets on your favorite Total Drama character, couple or watevs and she will update super dee dupah fast ;-)