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Shatterproof: Chapter Four - Healing Eyes

"I've got a question for you," Yuki said, walking out of the bedroom.

"Shoot," Hiro stated, forcing Tohma to stop pacing in front of the door.

"Who was the girl that Hitoshi was talking about?" Yuki asked, leaning against the wall.

Hiro was silent for a moment before taking a deep breath, "She was Shuichi's girlfriend in high school."

"Shindou-kun had a girlfriend?" Tohma asked, blinking in astonishment.

"The brat was straight?" Yuki asked incredulously.

"Well…I think he's always been bi because even though he had a girlfriend, we still messed around a bit," Hiro said, rubbing the back of his head.

"He cheated on her?" the two blondes gaped.

"No, she knew about it," Hiro chuckled, "In fact, she was a huge yaoi fangirl and loved the fact that her boyfriend was into that sort of thing."

"What was her name?" Tohma asked as the three walked out into the living room.

"Minako," Hiro said, a small smile on his lips, "She was probably one of the most kind, funny, gentle, and loving people I knew. Her and Shuichi, that is."

"You knew?" Tohma picked out.

"Yeah…" Hiro said, closing his eyes as sat down.

"Did something happen to her?" Tohma asked, sitting down as well along with Yuki.

"I-It's actually why Shuichi no longer strives to make Hitoshi happy anymore," Hiro explained, leaning his head back against the cushions of the couch.

"Why's that?" Yuki asked, getting a bad feeling about whatever the reason was.

"…Hitoshi and Minako were in a car accident," Hiro said after a long pause, "That's why Shuichi despises his brother."

"Was it his fault?" Tohma questioned.

"Shuichi believes it to be," Hiro sighed, running a hand through his hair, "You see, Hitoshi had somehow stolen Minako from Shuichi at the beginning of our last year of high school. Shuichi, only wanting to make Minako happy, let her leave him even though it killed him. I…I had never seen Shuichi so hurt before. After she left him, his attacks started to become more frequent and severe. I-I don't think he could go more than four hours without an attack then. Nevertheless, Shuichi still went to school each day so not to fall behind. And because he did that, he had to watch his brother and the girl he deeply cared for stay together.

"Once Minako caught wind of what was happening to Shuichi, though, she tried her best to tend to him. She…She loved him," Hiro continued, "But she felt as if she was burdening his health by being with him. So she decided to go out with Hitoshi. In her mind, this was suppose to make him better. And that way, she could still be beside him should he ever needed her. But Hitoshi…Hitoshi honestly wanted Minako for himself. When she started to worry about Shuichi and fuss over him, Hitoshi made sure to make it clear to his brother what his desires were. He knew his brother would do anything to make him happy and exploited it. So Shuichi severed during that last year.

"Then one day, about half way through our last year, Hitoshi was allowed to drive their dad's car," Hiro said, pausing a bit before continuing, "After school that day, he whisked Minako out of school before she could even say goodbye to Shuichi. I swore by the look he gave her as she left was one that pleaded for her to stay. But Shuichi would never say it. So the two got in the car and drove off…"

Hiro silenced after that for a few moments, mouth opening and closing several times before continuing, "That day…It had been raining extremely hard….Hitoshi had been going a little too fast at an intersection when the light turned red. He w-wasn't able to stop in time…They got T-boned by a truck. The force of the crash sent the car spinning into a nearby pole…

"Sh-Shuichi and I were walking home the time it happened. We h-happened to be on the street when it did," Hiro whimpered, burying his face in his hands, "I-it happened so fast. H-Hitoshi had been flung out of the car. Shuichi ran to his side and managed to wake his brother. N-Never before had I seen him so happy to see Shuichi. While Hitoshi got up, Shuichi ran to the car to try and find Minako. Meanwhile, I went to call an ambulance. All I remember after that is Shuichi screaming at his brother to help him get to her…He had never raised his voice to any one before. He had never sounded more desperate or more angry before.

"Hitoshi was wandering around the area, looking completely dazed," Hiro exhaled, "Shuichi managed to pry open the door to the passenger side. He reached in and checked to make sure that if he moved her, she wouldn't be hurt more. But that didn't matter after a few seconds. Somehow, the car's gas tank managed to catch fire. I heard Shuichi's scream as I watched flames come up and surround the cab. I ran to the car. By time I got there, Shuichi was carry a bloody and unconscious Minako in his arms."

Hiro paused again, this time to collect his thoughts, "Both Minako and Hitoshi were hospitalized after the crash. Shuichi never left Minako's side. He never went to see Hitoshi. After three days like this, I went to check up on Shuichi in Minako's room. I asked him why he was ignoring his brother. Shuichi's face just grew angry and dark, a face I had never see on him before. All he told me was that it was his fault. Then he returned to his silence.

"Hitoshi was released a day later, not even put off by the facts that his girlfriend was in the hospital or that his brother wasn't all over him with worry," Hiro sighed, "Minako was in the hospital for another five days before she woke up. But…but she wasn't the same."

"How so?" Tohma asked.

"She had forgotten almost everything," Hiro said sadly, "She knew her mother and sister and, after a few minutes, she remembered her dad. It took her several more minutes to remember her name…she didn't remember Shuichi. But it didn't bug him at all. He told me that she could relearn everything about him. Just as long as she was alive, he was happy. But the toll from the stress of waiting for her to awaken finally hit him. While Minako was unconscious, Shuichi only had minor attacks. They happened about every hour but he could stand those. However, not even fifteen minutes after Minako awoken, Shuichi had one of his worst attacks ever.

"O-One moment h-he was sm-smiling at m-me and telling me th-that he was h-happy," Hiro took a shaky breath, "Th-The next, he w-was lying on th-the ground shrieking in pain. All of the muscles in his body spasm so much that it seriously looked like he was having a terrible seizure. Then…"

Hiro stopped, tears sliding out of his eyes as he tried to fight how the pain in his chest, "H-He st-stopped breathing."

"Wh-What?" the blondes snapped.

Hiro nodded, "Th-Then his heart stopped. He had to be shocked five times before his heart started pumping again. But h-his body's temperature had yet to cool down. The doctors were terrified that his internal organs were frying or something. W-With one the spasms in his left leg, Shuichi somehow came in contact with the wall, fracturing his tibia in two places.

"This attack lasted ten minutes," Hiro said, finally regaining control over his emotions, "He was unconscious for at least two hours. Then, when he finally woke up, Shuichi pleaded with the doctors to let him go back to Minako's side. After several minutes of begging, the doctors conceded. However, there was something that Shuichi needed to know…Minako was paralyzed from the waist down."

"Why did he need to know that?" Yuki asked, fighting the urge to snort.

"Minako's dream was to be a professional ballet dancer. And she was going to be," Hiro explained, "She had already been scouted out by several performing arts universities. Minako was a beautiful dancer. Everyone knew it but no one ever cheered her on like Shuichi. He had done his best when she needed a partner to dance with while practicing, even with his two left feet. So the news that she would never dance again fell hard onto Shuichi's shoulders. Though, that's still not the worst of it."

"What could be worse than all that?" Tohma questioned.

"I wheeled Shuichi into her room where we were welcomed warmly by her family," Hiro said, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "They had always loved Shuichi. In fact, I think that they were always wishing that he and Minako would end up getting married. Anyway, when I rolled Shuichi over to the side of her bed, Minako took one look at Shuichi before she started to scream. Freaking out, Shuichi tried to calm her down only to get slapped hard. Minako started screaming for him to get out. That he was a monster. To leave her alone.

"After the shock wore off, I took one look at Shuichi's face and felt pain well up inside of me," Hiro sighed, "He looked so hurt and heartbroken. Silently, I pushed him out of the room and back to his own. Shuichi never said a word after it. I sat beside his bed for the next hour before the doctors ushered me out. The next day, when I came to visit with his family, we found Minako's parents in his room. They said that they came to apologize to Shuichi when they found him, deep asleep on a soaking wet pillow.

"He had cried himself to sleep," Hiro whimpered, staring up at the ceiling, "Minako's parents asked us to fetch them when he awoke and we agreed. Well, everyone but Hitoshi. He just scoffed and plopped down on the bed and proceeded to smack his brother. We all just stared in disbelief that he could do such a thing. Even more when Shuichi woke up and grabbed Hitoshi hand, squeezing it enough to nearly break the bones in it. He just glared at his brother, eyes promising nothing less than death. Hitoshi tried to joke with him saying how stupid he was for thinking that Minako would remember him like that.

"None of us ever saw it coming. Shuichi punched his brother square in the jaw. The force and shock of it sent Hitoshi stumbling back into the nearest wall," Hiro said, rubbing his own jaw, "Shuichi then hissed out for Hitoshi to leave. That he never wanted to see him again. Thinking that he was joking, Hitoshi tried to walk back over to him before he was hit with a flying dish. The murderous intent never left Shuichi's eyes. Not as long as Hitoshi stood in the room. Grumbling something about stupid brothers, Hitoshi stomped out to get bandaged up."

"So what happened?" Tohma asked, staring intently at Hiro.

"Minako's parents apologized to Shuichi before getting down on their hands and knees beside his bed and pleaded him to never go near their daughter again," Hiro said, sorrow and anger mixed in with his voice.

"What!" the two blondes snapped.

Hiro nodded, "It turned out that Minako had a terrible nightmare while she was unconscious about a man coming to kill her and she was deathly certain that it was Shuichi. Of course, both her parents knew that he wasn't but with how her mind was then, they also knew that they wouldn't be able to convince her otherwise. So, no matter how much they loved Shuichi and wished for them to be together, they got down in front of him and begged him not to go after the one thing he wanted."

"…What did Shindou-kun say to that?" Tohma questioned quietly.

" 'Will that make her happy? If I…If I just disappear from her life?' " Hiro quoted, voice trembling again, "Minako's parents blinked before saying yes. So…Shuichi agreed to never see her again. Shuichi gave up his own happiness to help the one he cared for. But, in all honesty, it killed him inside. When he was finally released from the hospital, Shuichi had retreated from everyone. The only people he responded to was me and his brother just for the sake of beating him up. Now, whenever the two locked eyes, they would break out into a fist fight.

"When we were in school, Shuichi hid behind a cheerful mask. But when we walked home, he would always drag his feet and lean against me," Hiro said, turning to Tohma, "That's when he got the idea of becoming a rock star. He told me that he wanted to feel better. He was tired of being depressed but he didn't know how to become happy. All he knew was that he could sing and he liked it. But what he never realized until then was that when he sang, other people became happy. When he finally noticed it, he tackled me in the hallway, declaring he knew what he had to do. He was going to become a rock star and leave the mopie Shuichi behind.

"At first, I thought he was crazy until he started writing songs," Hiro said, slowly starting to smile, "After going through them with him, I decided that being beside him however I could was what I wanted to do as well. So I dropped my idea of becoming a doctor and followed Shuichi into forming Bad Luck. And well, you guys know the rest now."

"As if the brat wasn't confusing enough," Yuki sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"So what happened to Minako?" Tohma asked.

"She finished high school at home," Hiro explained, "She spends most of her time at the hospital that saved her life, helping with the pediatric wing by keeping the kids company."

"…how do you know that?" Yuki asked, staring intently at Hiro.

"Her parents keep me informed, thinking that I tell Shuichi," Hiro shrugged, "I just tell Shuichi when he asks that she's doing fine. He accepts that and goes on with life."

"Why?" Yuki murmured.

"He's keeping his promise," Hiro shrugged, "Though, I do know that he's always wanted to do a benefit concert at that hospital."

"Then why hasn't he as-" Tohma stopped himself and let out a bittersweet chuckle, "He doesn't want to hurt Minako, right? He's afraid if he shows up that she'll get hurt."

"Exactly," Hiro nodded, "Though, he doesn't know why she helps out at the hospital."

"Hm?" the blondes blinked.

"She remembers the feel of a warm hand holding hers the entire time she was unconscious. She remembers a sweet and kind voice somehow reaching her in the darkness she slept on," Hiro smiled gently, "She doesn't know who he is or their past together, but she hasn't forgotten his kindness. That's why she helps out there. She wants to be just like him, showing those kids that someone cares about them, just like he did for her."

"…She'll never remember him?" Yuki whispered.

"No," Hiro shook his head, "She will never remember anything about Shuichi that would connect them together. Not that it matters anymore."

"Huh?" Yuki blinked.

"Shuichi completely in love with you, Yuki-san," Hiro smirked, "He refuses to let you go, probably in the fear of what happened to Minako. Though, before you go thinking he's using you as an replacement, let me tell you this."

Hiro stood up and stretched, "That kid asleep in your bed loves you more than anything in this world. His happiness has always came from the world's happiness. Now, you are his world. Minako, though she was important to him, was never that big in his mind. He could pick himself up after her. But you…Shuichi could never rebuild himself if you ever left him."

As if on cue, Shuichi's voice gently filtered through the room, "Yu…ki?"

Yuki looked to Hiro on last time before quickly making his way to his lover's side.

"Kind of how you are now with him," Hiro whispered, looking to Tohma, "So when's K-san due to get here?"

Again as if on cue, Yuki's front door exploded into a million pieces as a freaked out American K rushed in, Suguru in one hand and his magnum in the other.

"Right now," Tohma smirked.

"I see that," Hiro chuckled, "But why'd he bring Fujisaki?"

"I believe that he deserves an update on all the news about Shindou-kun," Tohma said, motioning for the two new people to sit down.

"Shindou?" Suguru blinked as K quickly made his way to the couch.

"Um, yeah," Hiro said, a bit nervously, "I don't know if you two are gonna like what you're going to hear though."

"What do you need brat?" Yuki asked as he walked up to Shuichi's side.

Shuichi just smiled up at the blonde weakly, "Y-you weren't here when I woke up."

"So?" Yuki scoffed, sitting next to the pinkette, "Your friend was filling me in on some things."

Shuichi opened his mouth to say something when the sound of K blowing up the door stopped him, "…Looks like K-san is here."

"Great. Another moron in my house," Yuki growled, about to stomp out and throw them all out.

The only thing that stopped Yuki from doing so was the shaking hand that grabbed his arm. Looking back onto the bed, the writer felt his breath get stuck in his throat. Shuichi's grip on his arm wasn't tight, his hand still trembling a bit. His face wore an expression of depression and exhaustion. There was still a layer of sweat that laid atop his tan skin.

"P-please," Shuichi whimpered, amethyst eyes pleading with Yuki, "D-Don't leave me, Yuki."

"I'll just be in the living room, brat," Yuki snorted, trying to maintain his cool attitude.

"T-Too far," Shuichi whimpered again, gently tugging on Yuki's sleeve, "D-Don't go, Eiri."

Yuki froze for a second before conceding. Shuichi never called him anything but Yuki unless it was deathly important to gain his attention. Sliding into the bed next to his frail lover, he instantly felt weak arms wrap around him. Sighing, Yuki placed one arm around Shuichi, earning a weak smile.

"Th-This is pathetic," he heard Shuichi mumble.

"How so? You're always asking me to spend time with you," Yuki pointed out.

"But I have never asked anyone to stay with me after an attack," Shuichi said, lying his head on the blonde's chest, "And now I've done it twice in one day."

"…Why?" Yuki asked after a few seconds.

"I'm afraid," Shuichi answered, eyes shut and no expression on his face.

"Of what?"

"My brother. There is no reason for him to have been here. He shouldn't have known where I lived," Shuichi explained, "And no matter how much I tell myself that father will keep him away, I can't get over the feeling that this isn't over."

"You're crazy," Yuki whispered.

Shuichi chuckled at that, smile reappearing on his lips, "Maybe so. I'd have to be to live this life like I have."

"Why'd you pick me?" Yuki asked, stroking his lover's hair, "After losing someone so dear to you, why'd you pick someone like me?"

"Your eyes," Shuichi answered.

"My eyes," Yuki repeated, "You know, that's a very shallow answer."

Shuichi laughed a little louder at this before explaining, "You may think that you hide your emotions and don't let them show, but your eyes tend to betray you. The night that I met you, your eyes were screaming out that you were the same as I was. Someone with a deep wound on their heart.

"After that night, I couldn't get your eyes out of my mind. True, I was thoroughly pissed about what you said about my lyrics but it was your eyes that made me want to be with you. At first, I thought it was because they looked so much like my did. But that didn't last long," Shuichi said, slowly opening his eyes and smiling up at Yuki, "Whenever I looked into your eyes, I just knew that you'd be the one that would heal me. And in turn, I would be the one to heal you. It didn't take long for that thought to transfer into love."

Yuki was silent for a long time. They just laid there in bed, staring at each other. Neither made a sound. All was silent until Suguru's scream of disbelief entered their ears.

"It seems," Shuichi chuckled weakly, "that my secrets aren't so secret anymore."

"…You are definitely the strangest person I have ever met," Yuki chuckled, placing a gentle kiss upon Shuichi's forehead.

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