Magnus Bane stepped out of his apartment on a warm June evening and crossed the street that he knew would take him to the Institute. Magnus was fortunately unaware that someone was watching him. This particular someone would turn his life upside down.

Her eyes watched as the tall, lean warlock crossed the street. She smiled, he looked the same as she remembered although more sparkly. They had both been emotionally and physically hurt by the events that had taken place in their past. They had both said things they didn't mean. They were both too stubborn to be the first to apologise. She wanted to take the first step. He was too important to her too lose. It had been three hundred years since they had last seen the other. Serenta would swallow her pride and say sorry; to the person she cared about most.

It was relatively easy Serenta discovered, to break into her brother's apartment. Just a quick flash of green sparks and the lock clicked open. Serenta smirked; sometimes being a witch was just so much fun. She made her way into his kitchen and helped herself to some coffee that was in the pot. Serenta sat down on one of the kitchen stools and waited.

Magnus was having a good night. The Lightwoods had invited him over for dinner, and they all spent a happy couple of hours talking and laughing over Isabelle's failed cooking attempt. After kissing Alec goodnight and promising him a date tomorrow night, Magnus began to make his way home. When he reached his building he stopped, the door was slightly ajar. Cautiously he made his way up the stairs and opened his front door.

He wasn't prepared for what he saw. A woman sitting in his kitchen, she was facing away from him so he couldn't see her face. Her golden brown hair fell way past her shoulders.

"I know your there" she said "I heard you come in." Her accent was British, from London if he wasn't mistaken. She spun round on her stool, her green cat-like eyes lighting up when she saw him. It was Serenta. His twin sister.

"Do you have anything to say to me? No? Well I'll do the talking then. I owe you an apology. A long overdue apology. I guess it took me awhile to stop being such a cow and admit that I only lashed out at you because I was angry at Dailn and exhausted from what happened. I'm so sorry Magnus. I wish I could take it all back but I can't. I missed you so much, and I hope that you can forgive me for being so horrible. If not now the sometime in the future. You're too important to me." She said all of this without pausing for breath. She'd always been like that Magnus thought affectionately and before she could say anything else he swept her up in one bone-crushing hug, cutting of her air supply.

"Aww Senny, I missed you too. We are both extremely stubborn. I owe you an apology too. Let's just forget it happened and start over." Magnus said smiling into her hair.

"Fine by me, now let go you big moron, I can't breathe and you know I'm not a very huggable person. Your taste in coffee sucks by the way." She told him as he released her.

"Whatever, little sister"

"Hey two and a half minutes younger and I can still kick your arse in a fight, so be careful."

Magnus chuckled "Hey, you dyed your hair brown."

"Blacks too morbid, and besides I got bored of it. And while we are on the subject of hair, might I ask why your hair looks like a sparkly porcupine has made a nest on your head."

As Magnus threw himself into an argument with his twin sister, he couldn't help but smile. "Just like old times he thought" and then "Oh Crap, how am I going to explain this to Alec and the others, they don't know she exists. There was also the matter of their psychotic half-brother Dailn who they had murdered because he tried to take over the world. "The others are not going to like this" Magnus was not looking forward to that conversation.

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