By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: /co/, /co/, /co/. You sure know how to make a guy happy.

Disclaimer: This story is made in honor of Mr. Dinkleberg.

Timmy Turner's Dad: DINKLEBERG...!

Timmy Turner's Dad was a normal, nice guy. he was tall. He was handsome. And he had black hair. And the intelligence of a peanut running on treadmills.

Yep, just a normal average guy.

His neighbor, however, was much better. His neighbor was Mr. Sheldon Dinkleberg, who was the nicest guy on the entire block, friendly to everyone, even to Vicky. he had much more success at life than Timmy's Dad.

And that was no good.

"DINKLEBERG..." Timmy's Dad hissed as he glared at Dinkelberg, who turned around and waved at him.

"Hey Turner! I'm going to invite everyone to my house for some cake and bacon!" Dinkleberg shouted over as he headed back into his house, "You're free to come if you like!"

Timmy Turner's Mom rushed out of the house as she stood next to Dad. "Did someone say cae and bacon?"

"Not now, honey," Timmy's Dad stated boldly to Timmy's Mom as he pushed her out of the way, "I must go and defeat the evil that is Dinkleberg..."

Timmy's mom stared blankly at Dad. "But wouldn't that be unhealthy?" She then hugged him, trying to sooth him down. "Why don't we just go over and-"

Timmy's Dad pushed Timmy's Mom out of the way as he ran right through the fences, heading into Dinkleberg's house. Timmy's Mom blinked as she rubbed her big butt, farting so loud the entire neighborhood shook as if an earthquake shook. Mr. Crocker for no friggin' reason was walking down the street when he saw Timmy's Mom rubbing her butt, seeing her fart right in front of his eyes.

"Hmmm... Turner's mother is breaking wind more powerful than any hurricane I've ever heard of before..." Mr. Crocker thought to himself as he snapped his fingers, realizing immediately, "This must be the work of his-" He started doing his trademark funny poses. "FAIRY GOD PARENTS."

Timmy's Mom turned around, confused. Mr. Crocker quickly hid in the bushes.