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Summary: What would you do if you had a crush on a guy, but the whole school including him thought you had a crush on this other guy what would you do? School is out and summer is in and I, Sakura Haruno am going to summer camp. But uh oh, those boys I was talking about before are going to the same summer camp as me. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!

Sakura's P.O.V.

"YAHOO!" I yelled with the rest of her class as the final bell of school rang

"SCHOOL'S OUT AND SUMMER'S IN!" We all shouted with all their oxygen they had.

"So Temari, what are you going to do for the summer?" I ask Temari

"I have no idea, right now I just want to sit back and relax" replies Temari

"What are you doing for the summer?" asks a curious Temari

"I saw my mom talking to my dad about something, think that concerns me!" I softly shouted

"Tenten, Got any summer plans?" I ask Tenten, hoping she does.

"Yes I do, trying to come up with summer plans!" Tenten replies

"Hopefully, this will be a great summer!" I say, staring at Naruto. Then I walk away.

Naruto, I just can't help but smile when I hear or say his name. Hopefully, someday, we will be together. I thought.

"Sakura, Sakura. Earth to Sakura! Can you hear me?" a voice states, then I discover it's Ino!

"Ino, do you have any summer plans?" I ask one of my best friends

"Hopefully my parents signed me up for something that waste at least two of my summer weeks" she replies back to me

"Hopefully, summer won't be a bummer!" Ino softly shouts. I hope Ino is right!

Naruto's P.O.V.

"Hey guys! Who's ready for the best summer of their lives?" I shout to my friends

"Totally!" shouts Kiba

"Why are we friends with those two again?" Neji asked Sasuke

"Beats me" states a curious Sasuke

"When I get home the first thing I'm going to do is have a big bowl of ramen!" I say to my friends

"Do you do anything else other than eat ramen?" Shino asked

"Nope!" I said with a big smile on my face

*Insert Naruto's Crazy frog ringtone*

"It's Iruka-sensei, I have to go bye." I said as a ran over to my car and drove away

"I just can't believe that idiot got his driver's license!" Neji states

"SEE YOU LATER GUYS AND I AM NOT AN IDIOT!" I yell to my friends. I still didn't pull off yet!

*At Sakura's house after school*

Sakura's P.O.V.

"Hi mom, I'm home from school I brought some of my friends with me!" I yell to my mom

"Hi honey and hi to your friends to. What are their names?" my mom says to me

"Yamanaka Ino and Sabaku no Temari, they're just here to talk about some stuff with me." I stated back to my mom

"Can I talk to you Sakura?" my mom asked me. Then I sent my friends to my room

"I signed you up for summer camp!" my mom had a giant smile on her face

"THANK YOU MOM! Wait… who's also in the summer camp?" I asked my mom

"I didn't get the e-mail yet but don't worry your friends are in it too!" yelled mom

"I was talking to your friends' moms and they told me that they signed Ino, Tenten, and all your friends for Summer Camp!"

I was so happy but I was wondering, did Iruka-sensei sign Naruto up for this summer camp too? How about Sasuke? Did Itachi sign him up too?

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