Birth of an Assassin: Heir to the Namikaze


The Awakening

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"Tailed Beast Speak"

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The Creed

Stay your blade from innocents

See but be unseen

Never compromise the Assassins

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.


6 Years After Kyuubi's Attack

Hokage's Office

Within the office of the Hokage, the Sandaime Hiruzen Sarutobi was just finishing up his paperwork. While it wasn't his favorite task, today he stomached it down so that he could get it done early. There was much work to do and some hard news to give, it was definitely not a good day for anyone. Sighing, Hiruzen took a glance towards the picture frames hanging from the wall, a silent reminder of those leaders that have already past on after their service to the Leaf as both leaders and shinobi.

His eyes locked onto the fourth one, the picture of the Yondaime; The Yellow Flash. It had been six years since that day, the day they lost so much and gained so little. The man in the picture wasn't smiling though, his straight face showed the true demeanor of his clan; calm and calculated. The robes he wore were unique to the Namikaze, white robes with a curved hood that kept his face in a shadow and the large leather belt with the sign of the Namikaze in the middle, it denoted his status as a high ranked warrior in their clan.

'Not warrior, assassin.' Hiruzen corrected himself mentally, a mistake he often found himself and other shinobi making about the Namikaze; they were all but died out now though, there was just one left in Konoha in fact.

It was his birthday today, Hiruzen wondered if what he was about to do would be a gift..or a curse for the boy of six years. He would be separating him from his caretaker to live in the secluded Namikaze compound, all alone. It wasn't his decision though, it was the Fourth's. Sarutobi had no idea what Minato had cooked up for his son at such a young age, but the man was a hero and had rescued the village; following through with his request was the least he could do.

A knock came on his office's door and he sighed again, knowing just who it was. Looking himself over a bit and straightening out his robes, Hiruzen placed his hands together on the table and prepared for the meeting.

"Come in please!" The Hokage's strong voice reached the hallway and the door creaked open to reveal Kakashi Hatake, Jonin of Konoha.

"You asked to see me Hokage-sama?" Hiruzen nodded and indicated with his hand a free seat to take in front of the desk; the Jonin shrugged and sat down, waiting for a response.

"I have summoned you here today to speak about Naruto Namikaze, the boy under your care. How is he?" Kakashi was taken by surprise by how professional the Hokage's voice was when speaking of Naruto, he was quite fond of the boy and usually spoke softer.

"He is doing alright, I left him at home today before I came to speak with you. Hehe..he'll probably be in my scroll drawer by the time I get back." The man smiled and scratched the back of his head; Naruto's lust for knowledge was insatiable and he was always getting into places he shouldn't.

Hiruzen did his best not to smile but found he couldn't, allowing a curve to affect his lips. The boy was still so innocent at a young age, even with his clan's past which he knew little about.

"I see..Kakashi, I have some bad news for you." Kakashi looked at the man, surprise and confusion etched in his features.

"What would that be Hokage?" He kept his laid back attitude as he asked, hoping it wouldn't have anything to do with Naruto.

"I am afraid I have to ask you to give up Naruto. It is time that you two become separated." Kakashi's eye widened and he began to stutter in a retort.

"Bu-but why Hokage? Have I not done a good job as a guardian of him? Has someone else volunteered? I don't want to burden anyone, I just want to take care of my sensei's kid!" Hiruzen shook his head, it wasn't Kakashi's fault they were doing this.

"No Kakashi, you have done nothing wrong. It was Minato's last wish for his son to be taken to the compound to live at age six, I do not know why though. I'm sure you understand why I am keeping with his wishes and granting this request, don't you?" Kakashi wanted to say yes but he couldn't, not with the outcome of it. Naruto would be alone in a new place without any knowledge of what to do.

"I can't Hokage-sama, I just can't give him up like that. Sensei suggested that to you back when his clan was still alive, there is no one at that compound to take care of him. He is not ready to live by himself, he can barely fix rice and ramen! How can you explain this as something other than a death wish?" Kakashi hated to raise his voice against the Hokage, but his logic wasn't making any sense.

"I thought the same as you Kakashi, why would Minato want this for his son? Then I noticed something interesting, why would he want the boy transferred to the compound at six years if his clan was alive? Wouldn't they be willing to care for him? If Minato had this all planned out, then I can only guess he has a plan for right now too. You will follow this order Kakashi, do you understand?" Kakashi looked away from the man's hard stare, it was an impossible choice.

He had gotten close to Naruto, it had taken awhile but the boy had grown on him. He wasn't too hyper and he was well behaved, much like Kakashi was in his youth. Apparently it was common for Namikaze children to have strict discipline as the assassins had their own way of doing things, maybe some of it rubbed off to Naruto. Either way, Kakashi did not want to give Naruto up to just leave him alone for who knew how long.

"Can I visit him?" He asked quietly but felt dejected when he saw the shake of the Hokage's head.

"No, Minato asked for him to be left alone during this time. I'm sorry Kakashi, I did not wish for this day to come. I know how hard this must be for you.." Kakashi stood up and prepared to leave.

'You have no idea, Hokage-sama.'

"I will get him packed, he will be there by late evening. Am I dismissed, Hokage-sama?" There was some venom from the man when Hiruzen's title was announced, an unfortunate but expected reaction from the Jonin.

"Yes, good luck Kakashi." Hiruzen waited until the door shut before he leaned back into his chair and swung around to view the village.

It was so peaceful now, the Third Shinobi War had ended many years ago and the people were happy. It broke his heart to bring such terrible news to Kakashi at a time like this, but he again had to trust in Minato's wisdom. It was one of the reasons he had chosen the man for his successor and yet another reason he wished Minato was in charge instead of him.

'Dammit..I am too old for this.' He wiped his eyes a bit before the encroaching tears could fall.

"I'm sorry Naruto." He whispered before dismissing himself to his personal quarters, he was done being the Hokage for today; that decision was the hardest one he had made all day.



Kakashi Hatake's Apartment

"Wow..this is interesting.." Naruto was sitting on his bed, reading through one of Kakashi's jutsu scrolls.

With his guardian out speaking to the Hokage, it gave Naruto the perfect chance to go exploring in the apartment. He had lived there for many years, for as long as he could remember he had always considered Kakashi his older brother. The silver haired man was always there when he needed him, always sticking up for him when someone would yell at him; it meant a lot to Naruto to have Kakashi as his guardian.

It wasn't always like that though, and as Naruto had the thought go through his mind, he frowned and put the scroll down. Back when Naruto was really small, around the age of three, Kakashi was still in the ANBU forcing him to stay out late from home and go away on missions. The Third tried to keep tabs on Naruto for his safety but apart from Kakashi, few were willing to help Naruto.

It got to the point where the townspeople got enough confidence to break into Kakashi's apartment and beat Naruto while he was inside. Luckily, Kakashi was on his way home from a mission when this happened and was horrified to find out just what happened. He stormed into his apartment and forced the villagers out, finding a bloodied Naruto in the center of their hatred. Appalled, Kakashi took Naruto to the hospital with the Third and renounced his place in the ANBU, asking to become a regular Jonin. The Third was more than happy to accommodate the service to Kakashi as he too felt it would be the safest choice for the boy.

Ever since then, Kakashi rarely let Naruto out of his sight. Naruto didn't mind much though, the Third always told him about how his dad used to teach Kakashi and thought of him as his best student. It made Naruto feel closer to his father by being near Kakashi, even if it was just a farce. Since he was not yet allowed to enter the Ninja Academy, Naruto's thirst for shinobi knowledge spilled over into his home life. Kakashi gave him basic scrolls but just like his father, he easily surpassed that level of knowledge in the first week or so.

It was then Kakashi's mission to keep Naruto from learning too much, lest he start becoming a ninja too early. With his great potential, Naruto could go very far; at the same time though, he was very fragile at his young age so the Third decided it was best to keep his learning in check.

Naruto heard the door open and close and ran to the living room to go see Kakashi. When he arrived, he saw a strange sight. The man was looking down, as if he was dejected about something. Naruto didn't want to make things worse so he waited to be acknowledged by the man. Kakashi walked over to Naruto and felt a slight pang in his heart and felt his throat go heavy as he tried to speak.

"Naruto.." Kakashi placed a hand on his shoulder and tried his best to articulate words, he was having a lot of trouble. "Go to your room and pack everything you need into a scroll, we are going somewhere." Naruto didn't understand the order but shrugged off his shoulder to go accomplish it.

Meanwhile, Kakashi stood at the door, his face in his palm as he tried to calm his racing thoughts. He felt horrible every step he took as he knew it was just taking him closer to leaving Naruto. It wasn't right to do what they were doing, what Naruto think of all this?

'Sensei..what are you thinking? He's just a boy..why couldn't you have waited?'

"I'm all packed Kakashi nii-san. Where are we going?" Kakashi looked over to the hallway to Naruto's room and saw the boy standing there, his pants pocket now slightly bulging with the scroll.

'That's right, he has only been there once. With what happened on that trip though, I suppose his mind made him forget it, it was too much for him to handle at such a young age.' Shrugging the thought off, Kakashi waved Naruto over to the door so they could get moving.

"It is a place you haven't been before Naruto, outside the village. You will be there for a while, it'll help you become a strong ninja. Come on." Naruto was nervous about being in a place outside the village for a long time, but he figured that with Kakashi there he could become a strong shinobi even quicker.

"Okay Kakashi, if you're with me then I'm fine!" Naruto's smile did it for Kakashi and he had to turn away, it was too much.

"Yeah.." He said quietly, unable to even convince himself. "Let's go Naruto." He leaped out of the doorway and into the village, feeling Naruto's presence close behind.

They kept to the rooftops to not arouse attention. As it was common knowledge Naruto was the son of Minato, a majority of the villagers either respected or feared him; there was only a small faction willing to go to such lengths as kill him. Even with that small chance though, Kakashi still would not take any chances with the blonde jinchuuriki and taught him ways of stealth to keep himself hidden; nothing notable, but a far higher level than a normal child should know.

"Is it really outside of the village Kakashi nii-san?" Kakashi looked over his shoulder to find Naruto struggling to catch up, he was only six after all.

"Yes Naruto, the people who owned it preferred the privacy and security of the surrounding wilderness rather than be sequestered inside the village. It passed on the village's security for autonomy and the wilderness' camouflage." The Namikaze were a private people, their special profession encouraged a certain level of autonomy that the Third had respected allowing them to have their own compound outside of the walls.

Only a select few knew of its actual location while the majority of the village thought that it didn't exist at all. Sure they knew of the Namikaze, but where they lived and just exactly what they did was somewhat of a mystery. To be sure though, everyone knew the Namikaze family was unique, just a single glance towards one and you could identify them. Their unique clothing consisting of white robes with hoods and masks that concealed their faces led them to look quite mysterious, almost monk-like; what they did though was anything but holy.

Naruto had been kept from his clan for two reasons, the distrust by the council of what the Namikaze would use him for and because the clan itself wasn't a big fan of Minato. As anyone could imagine, the Namikaze being outside the village left a certain wedge to form between the normal Konoha shinobi and the Namikaze assassins.

While certain deals had been passed where occasional assassins would be given ninja ranks in the village, for the most part the clan remained in their compound. The seclusion was a memento from the creation of Konoha, where both the Uchiha and Senju threatened to unite against them if they did not join the village. Minato was different though, he willingly entered the Ninja Academy as the first assassin to ever do so.

This caused him to be viewed with distrust within his family and awe and fear from Konoha's populace. The man was persistent though, he was sure he could make the Namikaze proud while giving them a great name amongst Konoha's population through his own deeds. That attitude lead Jiraiya of the Sannin to take him on as a member of his genin team, teaching and guiding Minato until he reached the ripe level of chunin.

At that time, Minato approached the point where he could either fully immerse himself with the clan's assassin arts or leave them for the village. He made the surprising choice to stay with the clan forgetting about Jiraiya and his talk of peace and destiny and instead memorizing and following The Creed. While he was looked on with honor again by his clan, the suspicion of the assassins grew again as the village realized just how little they knew about the Namikaze.

During the Third Shinobi War, the assassins made many contracts and killed many people. Most were from the other villages while even some Fire officials were taken down for the good of peace. Minato was one of the few to openly heed Konoha's call to arms and joined the fight on the front, killing many Iwa shinobi and earning the moniker 'Konoha's White Flash' because of the white robes he wore with his Hiraishin technique.

Very few know what changed about Minato from this point, even Kakashi who was his student at the time didn't know much about him. He was a good man, if not quiet and aloof. Minato would always tell Kakashi about The Creed and how it would change the world one day. Jonin or not though, Kakashi was just a kid back then and didn't know what to think of it.

At the war's end, Minato married Kushina who he had met in the academy and fell in love with. The clan didn't approve of her, encouraging him to marry a fellow Namikaze rather than the Nine Tails jinchuuriki; he loved Kushina though, there was little anyone could say about it.

Then that fateful night came when Minato was already the Fourth Hokage and they were at peace, the Nine Tails was released and both him and Kushina were killed. Kakashi and the others who were considered too young were herded away from the village, leaving him in the dark until the dreadful aftermath of the attack.

It wasn't too long after the funeral that Kakashi learned of the existence of Naruto, just a baby at the time. After his teacher died and his teammates were long since gone, Kakashi had requested to be appointed to ANBU and the Third accepted knowing his pain. A few years later Naruto was big enough to be moved in with someone, yet no one would take the job. His clan had rejected him and the majority of the people barely knew he existed, so in honor of his sensei Kakashi took the boy in.

Since then it had been quite alright for both of them, except for the occasional incident. With his new orders though, he would be separating from Naruto, possibly forever. Realizing he had been thinking for too long, Kakashi realized he was in deep forest with Naruto keeping close to him in fear. Shaking his thoughts away, the Jonin lead Naruto out a few more miles until they reached a particularly heavy plant overgrowth with ivy and other plant life clinging to old wood.

'This is it..I hope the inside isn't in as much disrepair as the outside.'

"Come on Naruto, this is it." Kakashi brushed away the plants on the heavy gate and pushed with all his might.

The small blonde boy held onto his pant leg tightly, afraid to let go. If any of his clansmen were to see him now they would be sure to sneer in disgust to his fear. For the heir to the Namikaze heritage, Naruto didn't look like much now. Kakashi could only hope that after his time in the compound was complete, he would be better for it. It was the least Minato could do to pay the village, and Kakashi back for this sacrifice they were making.

"Kakashi nii-san, I'm scared." Naruto was looking around the compound and saw the tall walls and the well maintained buildings inside and felt afraid of the new place.

It was all so new to him, a new place and no reason for being there. For some reason though, it felt like at the same time he had been here once before quite a long time ago. There was little ivy inside and everything looked clean, a few buildings for living quarters and then one larger place that served as the main building of the clan home. There was a pond and small garden, long since dead though from the little to no maintenance done.

"You will be staying here for a while Naruto, you have to be strong. I will see you again..someday. Until then, train and don't slack off." Kakashi shrugged off the boy's grip and left the compound quickly without a single glance back, he closed the large gate behind him so that the boy couldn't run off.

"Kakashi nii-san, open the gate! I don't like it here..." Kakashi heard his voice trail off as he whimpered, quiet and alone in a strange place.

"Dammit..why the hell did you do this sensei?" He received no response but the boy's frantic cries and knew he could not remain any longer lest he try and rejoin him just to stop him from crying.

"Kakashi!" Naruto pounded on the doors until he felt the warm feeling of blood dripping down his arms from his splintered and ripped flesh.

He looked at his hands, they were a mess with dirt and wood mixed with the red blood coming from countless cuts. With nothing else to wipe them on, Naruto got his black t-shirt soaked with blood and dirtied with mud as he sniffled away his tears. What was he supposed to do now?

"Naruto." A faint voice made him do a 180 towards the compound interior, searching for a person or signs of life. He could find none, just the barren wasteland of a compound Kakashi had left him in. The feeling of betrayal and hurt was etched in his heart, why would Kakashi do that so suddenly? Had he done something wrong?

"Naruto, come here." There it was again, but this time it was accompanied by a light breeze that sent Naruto looking towards the main building of the secluded hideaway.

Wiping his eyes, Naruto took a few tentative steps towards the building and felt the wind slowly die down as he approached. The stairs didn't crack or shift as he walked up them, making the boy realize that the compound was sturdier on the inside than it was out. The doors were much lighter than the gate and Naruto found them even easier to open with the wind at his back.

"Closer Naruto, you are almost there." No longer afraid of the voice, Naruto actively searched it out as a companion to join him in the frightening place.

It seemed to whisper from every corner of the building's lobby where he stood now, a lavish inside where multiple relics and other mementos hung from the ceiling. One interesting thing Naruto noticed was the immense amount of rusted bird cages hanging from the high ceiling, there were easily over two dozen and the size was big enough for a hawk!

The whisper came again and Naruto ran through the room over towards the staircase where a door was built into it. He opened it to find a dark pathway that would surely take him to the structure's basement and he hesitated at its mouth. Without warning he again felt the wind pushing him in and allowed himself the false sense of security as long as he felt the breeze hit his back. Naruto descended into the dark depths with nothing but the clothes on his back and no light to guide his way.

Once he reached the end of the stairs, he found that instead of wood the new room was now made of a rare stone or marble. It was also illuminated but how Naruto did not know, it seemed as if the light came from every direction as if the sun could shine in the room. He walked forward to find that the location was in the rough shape of a circle with columns running around the center of the room and with a smaller walking path that ran around the circumference. In the center Naruto saw a large coffin of with a seal of some sort, what made him curious was that it was glowing.

'What is that? Is this someone's..tomb?'

"You finally arrived, huh Naruto?" The voice was loud now, it felt so close that Naruto thought the person was standing right next to him.

With a deliberately slow movement, he slowly looked to his left to see if there was a person there but found nothing. Turning to the right, he finally saw the source of the voice. It was a specter in the shape of a person, it had the ghostly blue color of chakra and the person themselves were wearing some kind of white robe.

Its face was almost unreadable but Naruto could obviously tell they were smiling with the faint curled lips. The smile didn't help the fact that Naruto was standing next to a ghost.

He quickly backed away into a corner to find the man looking quite disappointed at that. The ghost slowly approached and knelt to the cowering boy's level, close enough to touch but far enough to give Naruto space.

"Do you not..recognize me?" It asked, obviously with sadness in its once powerful and warm tone. Naruto shook his head, unable to speak.

"How could that be? I thought for sure the Third would allow you to keep the name Namikaze.." Naruto's eyes widened at the name and he knew now just where he was, the Namikaze Compound.

"Th-That's my name.." Naruto said to the ghost who didn't appeared surprised at all, in fact he laughed.

"Haha! Well of course it is, you are my son after all!" Naruto's eyes widened again, this ghost, this man was Minato Namikaze, his deceased father?

"'re my..father?" Minato nodded, reaching out to touch his son only for his hand to go through Naruto's shoulder.

"Are you a ghost?" Minato looked at him funny with a quirk of his head and chuckled.

" I'm not a ghost. This is an imprint of my conscious that I left behind in a seal so that one day I could help teach you and so I could see you again. I know this whole thing might seem sudden Naruto, but there are many things I have to teach you and many more things you will need to know. This world is in danger Naruto, and you could be the only person out there that can stop it. To do that though, you have to become what people will fear and despise, you have to embrace the Namikaze name in all things." Naruto slowly stood up, reaching barely the waist of his father's 'imprint'; the man was imposing yet at the same time welcoming with his warm smile.

"What is that..father?" Naruto was getting used to using the term, not yet comfortable with the situation of meeting his father. Minato didn't seem to notice as he stood near his son and gave his answer.

"You will become an assassin Naruto. Just like your grandfather, just like his grandfather, just like me."


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