Enharmonic- the naming of the same note by a different name

Rating: K

Characters: Kyousuke, Juri

Genre: Hurt/Comfort

Summary: In his tears, clenched fists, and gritted teeth, she saw herself.

Spoilers: Up to Chapter 45 in the manga

Setting: 10 years prior to the start of the manga, when Juri and Hime met the Kishi siblings.

A/N: Characters outside the "quartet" need more love on this site. 'Nuff said.

When she had first seen the oni boy, he mirrored the same doubting expression she had worn when she had heard about that town. She knew exactly how he felt as his fists clenched, his teeth gritted, and his face contorted into an accusatory glare- an accusation against the world, the heavens, and even the gods. She remembered how the tears bubbled out of her eyes, as years of neglect, frustration, and rage manifested themselves in the saline drops.

They were the same, parallel, enharmonic.

In that boy's face she saw the same drive she had- to become better, stronger, louder- just to be able to stand against the crashing waves of the endless sea of hatred, accusations, and violence.

As he continued to hold his bashful sister, the human knew that the little girl meant more than anything to him. She knew in that instant that, in how he tried to protect her from the world's harsh nature, he loved her. Despite is brusque and callous genetics, he still tenderly held her, as if afraid he would break a fragile, precious, and unique treasure.

It was the same way she cared, before her sister died.

As Kyousuke took Hime's hand, Juri knew there was hope for him, that, perhaps, he would find a better life for that girl that he cared so much for.

Maybe, just maybe, he could succeed where she had failed.