I am SO sorry. Especially if you thought this was an update! I am an absolutely terrible writer! have no excuse other than I am really lazy! I really am sorry! But because I am so terrible at updating I have decided to put this story on hiatus so I can get over my writers block, write a bunch of chapters and continue uploading this story. Thank you SO much to those who have stuck by me and alerted, favoured or reviewed this story, even if I do only have 3 chapters up so far! If anyone if still interested, especially if you watch/read Pretty Little Liars, I will probably upload some one shots because recently I can't seem to get Aria and Mr. Fitz out of my head! Sorry again!

Oh, and I have adopted a Harry Potter story called 'No Time With You' by And-Go so once I have gotten all of the previous chapters and written some of my own I shall begin uploading that so please check it out! Thanks!