Whooo! Guess whose back! After writer's block and a loss of interest in my other story sudden inspiration came from another author over on Portkey. Because I just can't shake this plot bunny from my head - and because the orginal plot idea has been so far left unfinshed - I've decided to take my own shot at it. There may be some overlap within the first few chapters but I tried to put my own stamp on them so they would not be carbon copies. Anyway enough of my rambleing on with the story!

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Hermione sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She felt a headache coming on. She reached to put the kettle on, a cup of herbal tea always helped to clear her head, as she listened patiently to the latest predicament that her step-sister had gotten her self into.

As the sorry story that Fleur told deepened, Hermione ran a hand through her hair, her paint stained fingertips adding random spots of colour to her honey brown hair. Normally she loved her job restoring damaged or fading art work yet a particularly difficult customer (a rich London businessman with a set of incredibly damaged paintings) left her feeling tired and drained.

She hadn't even changed out of her work clothes, something that she usually did as soon as she got home, when Fleur had apparated into the middle of her flat looking more than a little worse for wear. Hermione immediately knew that something major had happened, her step sister lived for appearances yet she was standing before her without a touch of make up and her usually neatly styled hair looking wild and untamed.

Fleur sniffed, accepting the cup of tea that was offered to her, all the while making sure that her step sister was listening closely to every carefully chosen word. It was no secret that the two step sisters didn't get on and their life style clashed severely. Fleur preferred to live her life in the fast lane, with the rich and famous, global jet setters and the big city slickers while Hermione chose the small town life, preferring to spend her time tucked away in the local library or working on her restorations of old dead guys.

She fought to stop herself from rolling her eyes when she spotted Hermione's paint stained fingers and boring attire. She never fully understood her step sister's desire to work for a living. What was the point when she could get a rich, handsome wizard to pay for her every whim in return for keeping his bed warm?

As her carefully crafted story flowed smoothly from her tongue, Fleur could see that the younger woman was eating up every word just as she had planned. Personally, after her mother had married Hermione's father, Fleur hadn't tried hard to find a common ground with her step sister - and even now she only made contact with her step sister when absolutely necessary - yet if she was a mistress of anything then it was finding other people's weaknesses and exploiting them. Hermione's, her generous heart.

Now was the time to exploit that weakness. She sighed inwardly when she thought about how she had winded up here. She had thought for sure that she had trapped her boyfriend into marriage when she'd gotten herself pregnant but alas, sometimes that man was too smart for his own good. Now look where she was; single, broke, and pregnant, crying (or pretending to anyway) on her step sisters couch at the thought of not being able to afford the fancy life style of which she had become accustomed.

"Oh Fleur, you poor things. I just can't believe-" Hermione paused, her fist clenching angrily around the cup in front of her. "You know what I can believe but it's so cruel that men could be so heartless. He must be a real low life, imagine leaving you with no means of supporting your child - his own flesh and blood - urgh it just makes my blood boil. Why won't you tell me who he is? I'd like to show him the business end of my wand-"

"No `ermione, zat's `ardly necessary." Fleur interrupted, taking another sip of the dreadful herbal tea that she had been provided with. "Look I jus' need you to take care of `er as if she were your own." She quickly arranged her features into a well practiced affectionate smile. "And thank you for ze money. I know you were 'oping to buy zat studio apartment so you could paint more at 'ome. I'll pay you back everyzing as soon as I find a stable job."

Hermione waved away her step sisters claims. "Nonsense, don't worry about the money Fleur, just take care of yourself. I promise that I will look after Lilly as my own, I'll provide her with everything that I can and protect her with my life."

Fleur smiled, her plan had succeed and with that she stood, giving one last dramatic hug to Hermione and stepped silently through the door, leaving Hermione with the sleeping baby. Watching sadly as Fleur disappeared in the heavy rain Hermione clutching the little girl tight to her chest and kissed her pale, perfect face. Smiling when she heard the once sleeping baby coo at her attentions, she settled back down at her kitchen table and switched on her laptop.

Quickly she ran a search for all the sites that her friends and co-workers mentioned when they were expecting, sighing when she saw the long list of childcare items that a baby needs. Yet she remembered her promise to Fleur and began clicking away, determined to give this baby the best life possible on her budget. Looking down at the now wide awake child Hermione couldn't help but smile again, she had only had Lilly five minutes yet she was already in love with her. Especially those deep emerald green eyes.

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