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If you had put Harry in the same position he was in now a year ago, he would have smiled that grin that drove women crazy, thrown you that wink that made the ladies weak at the knees and said, 'The perks of being saviour of the world.' There would have been no doubt in anyone's mind what activates had just occurred. And what is the position I hear you ask? Well at this particular moment in time Harry was lay in bed, next to a beautiful woman, half naked, wide awake and could do nothing about the fact that ever since he had climbed into this bed was half already raring to go, so to speak.

The engagement party at Hermione's parents' house had been fun Harry had to admit. All the neighbours seemed nice enough and asked polite questions about Harry's work, the wedding and most importantly how he and Hermione had met. Luckily Ginny had been hovering in the background of that conversation and had soon jumped to the rescue with her 'favourite love story'. At first Harry had been sceptical about Hermione's warning that Ginny's story was a touch on the romantic side and not to mention long winded but Harry was amazed by her creativity at such short notice. Knowing Ginny as well as he did though Harry wouldn't have been surprised if she hadn't had that story cooked up months ago.

John had teased them both furiously about how he had found them upstairs but luckily whilst Hermione's father wasn't in earshot. Harry was sure that if he ever found about Harry touching his little girl, he would probably have a heart attack. Merlin knows what he would do if he found out about the dreams! After dinner Harry had noticed a pool table in the Granger's game room (John called it Uncle Dan's man cave) and had impishly challenged Hermione to a game. She didn't know it at the time but Harry was a pretty good snooker player, out of the mini tournament he had the boys he was always on top.

Hermione had looked uneasy and muttered something about not being good at the infernal game and Harry had grinned, offering to teach her some of his moves and reassuring her that the game wasn't particularly hard to get to grips with. He hadn't realised how much temptation helping Hermione learn how to play pool was. Watching her bend over as she lined up her shot, having to almost lie on top of her to correct her positioning and handling of the cue was almost torture. It especially didn't help when Hermione would sometimes shuffle her feet nervously, causing her backside to press teasingly against his crotch.

On those occasions it took all of his self-control not to simply shove her skirt up past her hips, pull down her underwear and take her...to sink into the softness between her legs, feel it surrounding him, hot and tight and slick. Instead, he had to make do with grunting under his breath and used his height difference to pulled her tighter against him, so tightly that there was no way that she didn't feel his reaction to her closeness. In all honesty if Dan Granger had walked in at that very second Harry wouldn't have taken any notice. He wanted to make her understand her effect on him.

After that torturous (but in a good way) lesson Harry had allowed her to break and then could only watch in horror as she proceeded to pot every ball in quick succession. After losing four games in a row (he had barely had a shot in all four games too!) he had watched as Hermione had simply smiled up at him impishly.

'Where did you learn to play like that?' Harry had asked.

'Oh that? I've played pool almost all my life Harry.' She had replied. 'Daddy used to use it as a way of teaching me geometry.'

The rest of the party was just a blur and soon Hermione was leading a still stunned Harry to her old room. They had changed quickly, Harry choosing to sleep in just his boxers whilst Hermione had her old sleep shorts and shirt, and had climbed into bed.

It was now hours later and Harry still couldn't get to sleep. He had tried almost everything but nothing seemed to be working. He was just running through potions ingredients again when a low groan reached his ears. At first he ignored it thinking it was in his imagination but then- there it was again. He glanced over at Hermione, sleeping on her back next to him, one arm thrown over her stomach, the other above her head, as she shifted in her sleep. He watched as she groaned again and Harry knew that sort of groan, it was unmistakably Hermione when she was aroused.

Suddenly he was wide awake; every part of him was now wide awake. He glanced over at her, his eyes lingering on her heaving chest that was only slightly covered by the sheet and smirked, knowing exactly what was bothering her. He leaned over her, placing gentle kisses on her neck in the way that he knew she loved and whispered softly.

'Hermione, Hermione are you awake?'

She groaned, shifting and unconsciously allowing Harry more access to her neck. 'Harry…' She mumbled, or at least he thought she did.

'Come on love, I know your awake.' Harry muttered, rubbing the soft skin of her stomach with his hand. He smiled against her skin as he felt her slowly approach consciousness and bit down teasingly on a particularly sensitive cord of her neck, making her gasp and snap open her eyes.

'Harry? What's the matter?' She asked, looking up at his sparkling eyes only inches away from her face. 'Did I steal all the covers or something?'

Harry grinned. 'Not quite but you were keeping me awake though.'

Hermione frowned, confused.

'It seems that someone was having a certain dream about me just now?' Harry chuckled as Hermione blushed furiously and avoided his eyes.

'I don't know what you mean.'

Harry smirked, returning his attention to her neck. 'Oh I think you do.' He said, alternating each word with a kiss.

'Maybe it was about another Harry.' Hermione said impishly.

Harry's eyes darkened. 'It better not be!' He squeezed her sides, causing her to wiggle and groan as she felt him tickle her.

'Ok-ok I give- I give-' Hermione gasped, feeling his hands rest at her waist, his body falling inbetween her open legs.

Harry grinned, kissing her firmly on the mouth so that she didn't feel upset. 'I should think so my little Hermy-worm.'

Hermione frowned, slapping at his bare chest. 'John told you to call me that didn't he? Merlin how I hate that nickname.'

'He might have said something yes. I think it's cute love.'

'Love, sweetheart even Mione I can stand but if you ever call me Hermy-worm again, well let's just say your little friend will feel mighty alone without his two companions down there.'

Harry winced, immediately moving his hands to protect that area from attack. 'Ouch. Alright I promise I won't call you by that name-' He saw her raise an eyebrow. '-ever.'

She smiled satisfied and gave him a quick kiss. 'Good boy.'

Harry returned the kiss wholeheartedly, feeling his heart swell at the depth on her eyes and width of her smile. 'So do you want to tell me what I was doing in this dream? Like you said I'm a good boy and good boys like to help people.'

Hermione chuckled but wrapped her arms around his neck. 'Fine it a steamy dream-'

'About me.'

Hermione rolled her eyes. 'Yes ok I admit it, it was about you. Happy now?'

Harry smirked, feeling whatever blood that was left in his body rush south. He didn't think he had ever been this turned on before, this was Hermione, his future wife, mother to his child, the woman he loved having erotic dreams about him. He pressed himself further into her, causing Hermione to moan as she felt his hardness pressing incessantly into her thigh.

'You don't have to dream about me love, I'm right here.'

Hermione smiled softly at him, moving her head so that her lips were brushing against his teasingly. 'Well I suppose we didn't finish what we started earlier…' She let her fingers wind softly through the hair on the back of his neck, her words cut off by Harry's firm kiss.

This wasn't the soft kiss, full of love and affection that they had shared earlier; these were rough, sensual and full of lust. Tongues battled for dominance and Harry let his hands wander under her shirt, fondling her ample breast and teasing her nipples.

Hermione broke away first, gasping as her head fell back amongst the pillows. 'Merlin Harry I..'

'Does that feel good?' He whispered teasingly, sucking an earlobe into his mouth. His other hand slowly tugged and pulled at her top, lifting it inch by glorious inch.

'Oh Harry that feels sooo good,' Hermione moaned and swiped Harry's hand that was tugging at her top before almost ripping the thing off herself.

Harry couldn't help but stare at her topless form. Her breasts were just as he had imagined (and fantasised about). A perfect fit for his hands, topped with dusty pink nipples that were hard and aching for his touch.

'Merlin you're so beautiful.' Harry whispered, and before Hermione could respond, he ducked his head to capture a nipple into his mouth, sucking and nipping with abandon.

Hermione moaned and threaded her fingers through his hair, holding his head against her chest as her free hand roamed his bare back, caressing the smooth skin. He mumbled compliments and words of affection but Hermione couldn't hear; her mind so addled by his ministrations that she couldn't focus on anything else.

Harry felt her long, smooth legs wrap tightly around his waist and he groaned as their heated cores meshed together tightly. Ignoring her protests he lifted his head, silencing her with a deep kiss as his hands found her hips and used his leverage to tease her, rotating his hips or thrusting against her, making sure to hit that special, sweet spot that made her pull back from his kiss and groan.

'Oh merlin…Harry…don't stop…so good..' Hermione moaned incoherently, arching her back as she raised her hips to meet his.

Harry felt a surge of pride, he was making her feel this way, making her moan and lose all coherent thought. Him and no one else. Her eyes locked with his and he felt his heart stop, his movements slowed down and his kisses became less frantic and gentler.

'Hermione,' He mumbled.


'I-' Harry took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. He never thought he'd ever say I love you to anyone – apart from his daughter of course. He had certainly never said it to any of his ex-girlfriends. He hadn't even had the chance to say it to Sirius before he died, but a small part of his heart said that Sirius knew. Harry never needed to say anything like that to Sirius; he just seemed to know what Harry was feeling.

This was it. It was now or never. He was going to open his heart to another person, bare his soul and expose his deepest, darkest fears and in the back of his mind the only thing that Harry could think was fighting Voldemort was less nerve wracking than this!

'I love you.' He said and then waited, their bodies still pressed tightly together and their faces inches apart. Seconds passed by slowly making them, to Harry anyway, feel like hours. Maybe he had come on to strong, or too quickly? Merlin had he ruined the greatest thing ever to happen to him before anything had even started-?

But then four words reached his ears and he was so shocked that he had to ask her to repeat them.

'I love you too.' Hermione smiled, clearly amused by his shocked face which quickly spread into a wide grin when his words sunk in.

'Really?' Harry asked, his breath catching at her smile and the emotion of her eyes.

'Really.' Hermione smiled. 'Despite your annoying over protectiveness and arrogant asshole moments you somehow managed to get me to fall in love with you.'

Harry squeezed her sides causing her to laugh and move to escape but he held firm. 'You mean you didn't like my manly ways and devilish charms?'

'Pfft if that's what you call it then no. I fell in love with plain old Harry not Harry Potter, the boy who loved, the man who won or whatever other stupid title the press have given you.'

Harry kissed her deeply, pouring all the love he felt for her into it, his heart bursting with joy and affection for the woman beneath him. His mouth travelled downwards, lingering on her breasts as his day old stubble tickled the sensitive skin, before raising his eyes to hers, his fingers lingering on the waistband of the sleep shorts she was wearing.

Hermione groaned and shifted her hips against hips impatiently. 'What are you stopping for?' She whined and with any other woman Harry wouldn't have dreamed of stopping but this was Hermione and something she had mentioned earlier lingered in his mind.

'I thought you said you wanted to wait until after the wedding before we you know,' He finished awkwardly, reminding himself of being back at Hogwarts and not knowing how to speak to a girl he fancied. He cursed himself inwardly; Hermione must think that he's the biggest idiot alive.

Surprisingly though she smiled, her hand reaching up to stroke his cheek gently. 'You mean before we have sex?' She teased and seeing him nod she smiled, silently pleased that he would remember at a time like this. 'Yes I did and I do want to wait, but that doesn't mean that we can't have a little fun beforehand does it?'

She laughed as Harry smiled widely, his head nodding up and down so fast that he looked like a perfect imitation of a nodding dog. Hermione tried to put on a stern façade but failed, as a smile tugged at her lips. 'No get back to work Mr. Potter.'

Harry grinned devilishly and saluted her. 'Right away Mrs. Potter.' His hands gently tugged the shorts down her legs, before throwing them somewhere into the darkness. He looked down at her and his mouth watered, she was so beautiful, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and she was his…

He bent his head, alternating his kisses from one thigh to the other, and his breath hot and so close to where she wanted; no needed him to be, it was almost too much.

'Harry I-' She began, her breath hitching as she felt his hands gently spread her legs further apart, throwing her a teasing wink before his lips wrapped around her clit and sucked hard.

Hermione gasped and threw her head back, he was good at teasing. One hand clenched the sheet tightly while the other clutched at his hair and keeping him in place, his own hands either massaged her inner thighs or slipped upwards to squeeze her breasts.

He was overwhelming with his touch but she groaned his name loudly the moment she felt his lips leave her core to recapture her breast. Harry almost smiled, part of him still couldn't believe he was doing this with Hermione whilst the other half, his better half, told him to shut up and enjoy it.

He slipped his fingers inside her, feeling her inner walls clenching his fingers tightly in wet warmth as they hit all the right spots. The combined feeling of his fingers and mouth on her breast was bringing Hermione to the edge much faster than she would have wanted to. She wasn't sure if she had felt the end approaching this fast before. She panted harshly, tugging at Harry's head to bring his face up to hers but he avoided her kisses, turning his head to whisper in her ear.

'Oh no, you won't come just yet, I haven't finished with you and you will only come when I decide for you to come.' His voice sent chills down her spine and she groaned in pleasure, feeling herself fast approaching the brink yet somehow holding back and following his order. In her hazed, pleasure filled mind she had to admit that Harry was the master at this; these commands, his hands, his voice, his technique could drive a woman crazy. A fact he was proving to her right this second.

He smiled inwardly at her silent acceptance of his order and returned his kisses to her body, moving downwards slowly and leaving a trail of fire in their wake. He reached her core and this time plunged his tongue in and hearing Hermione cry out, and tug his hair more forcefully.

'Oh God, Harry! Please…I…' she begged, muttering almost incoherently as her back arched, her fingers scratching his scalp sensuously.

Harry almost groaned at the look on her face but managed to stay in control. 'Please what, Hermione?' Harry asked, his jaw rubbing against her sensitive skin, as he inserted two fingers inside her, massaging her upper walls with skill.

'Just please…I….oh Harry!' She gasped, she could barely get the words out she was so lost for breath; it didn't help that Harry's eyes were piercing her own from between her legs. That combined with his touch, his words and his mouth had driven her to such levels of ecstasy she could barely think straight.

'Please…I…need..' She took one long shuddering breath. 'Please make me come.' She moaned, and all at once Harry removed his head from between her legs, fusing his lips to hers in a steamy kiss as his fingers kept working their magic inside her. She moaned into his mouth and arched into him, clutching at his body as he felt the first tremors of her orgasm. He went to remove his fingers but Hermione moaned loudly, wrapping her legs around his waist so that he wouldn't escape.

'No…' she gasped and Harry knew she was ready, he felt her walls clench and unclench rapidly and lent in closer.

'Come for me.' He whispered and Hermione gasped, shuddering as she did as he asked, clutching his body close as she screamed out and came.

After her amazing orgasm she felt his lips meet hers, gentler than their earlier passionate kisses but as he went to remove his fingers she squeezed her legs tighter, breaking their kiss to pant and spasm from the aftershocks that coursed through her body. She didn't want to let go of him just yet.

'No…don't…not yet…' She panted and Harry smirked, returning his attention to her neck.

'I'm going to need those fingers sooner or later you know.'

Hermione groaned but let go of his waist, her legs falling back to the mattress to cradle his hips. 'That was…I mean…merlin…'

'I know.' Harry's smirk grew and slowly he removed his fingers and bringing them to his mouth, he sucked them clean, causing Hermione to moan. 'Did I tell mention that you taste absolutely delicious?'

Hermione felt her breathing slowly return to normal, her mind coming out of her Harry induced orgasm haze at the feel of something pressing incessantly on her thigh, something that definitely wasn't his fingers. She smirked inwardly as a plan began to form in her mind.

'No but you're welcome to do that anytime you want to.' She drew him back for a kiss, deep and searching and Hermione could taste the lingering evidence of her arousal on his tongue, making her bolder and surer of her plan.

Harry melted into the kiss, his hands travelling the extensive amount of skin on show as his tongue battled for dominance with hers. In fact his attention was so caught up in her ministrations that he didn't notice Hermione move her body into the perfect position to…

'Hey, what the..?' Harry began startled as he was suddenly flipped onto his back, Hermione smiling as she straddled his hips. His eyes raked her form slowly and grinned. He definitely wasn't complaining about the view. 'If you wanted to be on top you only had to ask.' He teased, running his hands along her thighs.

Hermione shrugged but kissed him quickly and grabbed his hands. 'More fun this way,' she moved his hands to behind his head, 'No touching and these stay up here.' She smirked at his shocked face and released his hands cautiously, watching to see if he would obey. To her surprise he linked his fingers behind his head and stared up at her, almost daring her to make the next move.

'Yes ma'am.' Harry smirked, matching her gaze and her silent battle of wills. Hermione broke first, her lips twitching and she almost gave into a smile, quickly covering by kissing him firmly on the mouth.

She moved her lips to his neck, nipping at a particular sensitive part as her nimble fingers stroked his chest, flicking at his nipples before resting on the waistband of his boxers. For Harry it was proving incredibly hard to keep his hands where they were, he was sure he would rip a hole through the sheet when she tugged his boxers down his legs and looked at him appraisingly.

'Well I am impressed Mr. Potter.'

Harry smirked. 'Thank you, Harry Jr.'s very pleased to meet you.'

'I can tell.' Hermione said, wrapping her hand around his shaft and Harry moaned at the delicious rhythm she set. 'He gives a nice firm handshake.' She laughed as he winked at her, his face twisting in pleasure as she twisted her wrist expertly.

A thought popped into her mind, one so devious that she was almost surprised that she had even thought of it. She leant closer to Harry's ear, keeping a steady rhythm with her hand as she felt the tips of her breasts brush against his chest seductively.

'But you know Harry I grew up in France and the French have a different way of greeting.' She pulled back and without giving him chance to fully process her words she took in her mouth with deep strokes, her tongue moving over his sensitive flesh teasingly.

Harry groaned, her tongue was doing maddening things to his system as she worked in a rhythm that was quickly becoming his favourite. He had had his fair share of blow jobs but this was just…quite literally mind-blowing. Fleur had always gave one begrudgingly and she flat out refused to swallow his come, refusing to even have the tiniest drop in her mouth saying that it was disgusting and unnatural.

He moaned as Hermione gave him a particularly firm suck, her throat vibrating as she began to hum and Harry cursed himself for thinking of Fleur at a time like this. So far he had been managed to keep his hands where they were but when he glanced downwards at the unbelievably erotic sight of Hermione in between his legs his will was severely tested.

'Hermione I'm gonna..' He groaned as she removed her mouth and gave him a sly smile.

'That's kind of the idea.' She said simply and with returned to her ministrations, feeling him let go only moments later and filling her mouth. She swallowed all he had to give and cleaned him up, tugging his boxers back up as he lay panting, his hands running through his hair.

She smiled at the glazed look in his eyes but moved closer, snuggling into his side, his arm automatically wrapping around her. 'Are you still alive?' She teased.

Harry barked out a laugh, 'Barely. That was…' She cut him off with a quick kiss as she reached to tug on the nearest piece of clothing, one of Harry's old quidditch jerseys.

'I know.' She snuggled into his side, feeling her eyes droop and let of a loud yawn.

'Sorry do I bore you?' Harry teased, smiling as she instinctively curled her body around his.

Without opening her eyes Hermione said, 'You wore me out that's all.'

Ignoring the burst of male pride that swept through him, he let his own eyes droop. 'Get some sleep love.'

'That's what I'm trying to do but you keep distracting me.' Hermione grunted. 'Haven't you heard of post-coital bliss? You men are meant to fall straight asleep.'

'Yes but I'm not most men.' Harry quipped, kissing her gently on the forehead. 'Love you.'

There was a moments pause and Harry thought that Hermione had fallen asleep but then.. 'Love you too.' She mumbled sleepily and Harry smiled in the darkness, drifting off for the best night's sleep he had had in a long while.