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Negai ga kanau
Wishes do come true

'Loneliness is a disease without a cure,
It drags you in with a tempting lure.
Promises of hope, love, and salvation,
When in reality emptiness is its creation.'
- Soul-Kit524

Chapter I.

I looked towards the kitchen from my hiding spot behind the wall, to check if there was anyone nearby to see me leave the house. Nervous, I put a hand over the medallion resting under my shirt. It was one of my most prized possessions and feeling the cool metal against my skin never failed to reassure me. I hoped I would not run into my father.

I say that title with as much malice as possible; Jiro was anything but a father. In fact, I would go so far as to say the man was an even greater monster than me. Even though I looked like a human, Jiro said I was a demon (and it must be true, because Jiro was always right).

Maybe I should be more grateful to him. After all, he did contribute to my birth and he let me stay in his house. I wish I could have met my mother, though. Maybe she would have been nice and loved me.

It was only wishful thinking, though... I had been born on the night the Kyuubi attacked and that was why my father called me a demon. He also said that my mother had taken one look at my brown-haired, blue-eyed face and promised that if I ever got within arms' reach of her again, she would kill me. I think the birthmarks on my cheeks were what made her not want me, or maybe she just wanted a kid who looked different. I didn't know - all I had left was my silver medallion with its strange writing on the back that I couldn't understand. I'd had it for as long as I could remember, so I was convinced it must have been a gift from her.

No use dwelling on the past, however. Now that I thought about it, she probably would have hated me more than Father.

I kept my mouth shut about such thoughts and made sure that Jiro never saw the pendant. He never liked it when I asked questions and if he ever found out I had the thing, I would probably be in big trouble - not just the usual bruises and scratches, more along the lines of broken bones. I had always healed fast, but a broken arm still took a few days to recover and it was hard to make excuses all the time to concerned people.

I wondered if they would be as concerned if they knew the truth. Nobody would care about a demon, after all.

The kitchen seemed clear and, in the dim light that made it past the boarded windows, the small living room looked empty as well. I decided to take a chance and quickly shuffled towards the front door, trying not to trip over my pants. They were three sizes too big and I had to hold them up if I thought about running.

As I reached for the rusted door knob, I froze and clutched my medallion, my grip so tight my knuckles turned white. Anyone watching would think I was about to have a heart attack, and I was suddenly so terrified that it might not have been far from the truth. The tingly feeling I got when something bad was about to happen was spreading throughout my body.

I winced as a burst of pain erupted at the back of my head. I stood praying that this was the extent of my punishment for the morning.

"Get the hell out, you worthless demon!"

I flinched as Jiro spat out the insult with as much venom as he could muster. It hurt more than any physical blow. Physical scars could heal over time, but emotional scars never went away. They embedded themselves into your very soul and scratched at your brain until you began to believe that the lies were true. Every hurtful phrase, every demeaning word.

I didn't turn towards him. I would not let him see the fear in my eyes, although I'm sure he already knew I was scared. I had been ever since I could remember and probably always would be.

I quickly twisted the handle and jumped out. I did not stop running until I reached the front gate. From there, I looked back at the small apartment complex with a sigh. This grey, run-down building was not a home. At least, I didn't think it was. A home was supposed to be a loving place, wasn't it? I hoped so, otherwise my only wish would never come true, but I suppose we demons didn't really get to have wishes.

It sucks being a demon, or at least that's what I believed in. According to Jiro, I always had to obey people - humans, I mean. So, whenever I was allowed out of the house to go to the Academy, I always had to follow orders. Always. No matter what.

I think Jiro would actually kill me if he found out I hadn't.

My life was as horrible as you can imagine, but I did not wish to die. I was positive I was worthless, he had made that much clear, but in order to try to convince him otherwise, I tried my hardest at the Academy. I was not very good at it, though, so he still beat and starved me as much as he could.

Now, I knew my wishes wouldn't ever come true, but dreams, dreams are realities you have to work for. I hoped that one day I would become a strong enough shinobi to impress Jiro, so he'd love me like a real father. All I wanted was to be loved... And if I became strong enough, maybe I could accomplish my dream: to be as strong as the Fourth Hokage. That would surely impress Father!

The Fourth was the strongest shinobi that ever lived in Konoha. He saved the village countless times, but his biggest feat by far was sealing the Nine-tailed Fox inside his son, putting his own life on the line. His son had disappeared afterwards, never to be found, but the Fourth had miraculously survived. I felt bad about what had happened to his son. We even shared the same birthday, so I bet we could have been friends... Except, I wasn't allowed to make friends with other kids so it wouldn't matter if he had lived anyway.

I walked to the Academy with my face down so I wouldn't look anyone in the eye. Jiro said I had the most disgusting eye colour he had ever seen and since I didn't want people to hate me as much as Jiro, I did my best to make sure I never made eye contact with anyone. It was safer that way.

As I made my way through the bustling streets of Konoha, I approached the Academy. Walking through the gates with my head down, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary... until I walked straight into someone.