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Freddie's Pov:
I lay there, in the most comfortable position I think I've ever been in, I looked over at my clock 10:30am,Saturday.I knew that any moment my mom would burst through the door forcing me to take a shower, change and eat the stuff she calls "food", it was only a matter of time, I was going to move myself but I couldn't find the strength or I was just being lazy, so I decided to time how long it would take for my mom to almost knock down the door and nag me,5,4,3,2,

"FREDDIE!,TIME TO TAKE YOUR SHOWER AND EAT SOME GERM FREE FOOD",I swear to god she made the room shake a little, I decided to answer her before she thought there was something wrong and call a doctor, "Alright mom.." I mumbled,

"Well what are you waiting for Freddie bear go!" she almost screamed, "Well leave the room mom?" I said just as loud, "Don't use that tone with me Freddie!"She was now screaming, why was she so complicated? "Alright I'm sorry mom" I apologized; she just nodded and left the room.

I finally found the strength to get out of bed, as I walked over to my wardrobe maroon 5 misery started blasting from my pear phone I grabbed it, looked at the caller ID, it was her, I answered "Hola?"I said in a flirtatious tone "Sup fudge face" she replied blankly "What do you want?" I said just as blankly, I was a bit disappointed that she didn't take notice of the flirtatious tone in my greeting,

"Me, Carly and Spence are going to the mall to buy random chizz, I was wondering if you wanna go?" she says, I was shocked, my mouth literally dropped open for a split second, this was my chance to act cool so I attempted, "Your asking me to the mall?" I said in a husky tone with abit of flirtation added, "Uhhh...pft no, Spencer complained about being the only guy and told me to call you" she shot back,

"Oh, alright what time are you guys leaving?"I asked politely trying to hide the disappointment that was slowly taking over my emotions "I'm not telling you" she said in that Samish way, it sounded like she was smirking, "What?, why not?" I say now getting annoyed, "I don't know, I just feeling annoying you" she says, now I defiantly know she's smirking, "Well, well done task complete!, I really don't see the poi-"Hey Freddie" she interrupted,

"What?" I asked, no reply, "Sam?" I call out, still nothing, then it hit me she'd put the phone down on me, I sighed angrily and threw my phone onto my bed, I looked down to see I was only wearing black boxers it's a good thing my mom left the room, I resumed walking over to the wardrobe, I got out some clothes, A black button up, Dark blue jeans and black converse, I lay them out on the bed and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

As I walked past the mirror I checked myself out, I looked good I had a nicely toned 6 Pac, along with some abs on my arms, looks like gym paid off after all, after checking out my body I jumped in the shower. After about 10 minutes in the shower I got out and changed into my fresh clothes, I decided to leave my hair in my face today, before I left I put on some aftershave, it smelt of mint. My mom had left for work so I grabbed my keys and headed to the apartment across the corridor,

I wondered if I should knock but my hand had already started opening the door so I just barged in, the first thing I saw was Sam who was licking cream of a cupcake, I suddenly stopped in my tracks, she hadn't noticed my entrance as she was too busy with the cupcake, I bitten my bottom lip my hormones were slowly taking over, then I realised I was staring at her like a fool so I snapped myself out of it before anything embarrassing happened to me, "Hey" I greeted, She looked up, her mouth opened then it closed, she smirked, "Well hello there Justin" she teased, "Ugh, don't even go there" I warned,

"Whatever" she sighed, "Where's Carly and Spence?" I asked, "Well we all know what Carly's like, and Spencer's gone to get petrol for the car" she replied "Ah I see" I say, I examined her face, first I looked at her electric blue eyes that I get lost in, then her perfectly shaped nose and then her strawberry red lips that I could kiss all day, wait what? Scratch that. I noticed she had icing above her mouth, it made her look cuter then befor- OKAY then where did that come from must be the hormones, "Hey Sam" I say, "Nerd?" she says with sarcasm "You have icing above your mouth" I say smugly,

She raises an eyebrow, then licks all around her mouth, slowly. And once again I'm staring like an idiot, "What? is there more icing on my face?" she says harshly, "No" I nearly choke out "Then what?" she asks, what do I say?, luckily I'm saved by Spencer, "Hey little people!" he greets, "Sup Spence" I reply Cooley, "Hey" Sam says, just as cool, "I got the gas for the car, I also bought pickles" he says cheerfully, "Pickles?" me and Sam say simultaneously, this earns me a slap in the face..Again, "Why do that?" I hissed, she gave me a death glare, "Never mind" I mumble.

About 5 or 10 minutes later Carly finally appeared in, purple converse, grey leggings, blue denim short shorts, and a black and white stripy vest top thingy, "Finally!" Sam shouts, Carly smiled, "Are we ready to go?" she asks curiously, "Sure" Spencer replies. We all headed out to the car Spencer and Carly in the front, me and the demon in the back, I stretch my arms out across the back of the seat, luckily Sam doesn't notice, but I guess it doesn't really matter because at that moment she leans against the window and I feel a weight on my legs, I look down to find her legs stretched across my thighs, I look at her and raise an eyebrow, she just smirks, so I roll my eyes in return.

It's about 40 minutes to the mall and we've been in the car for about 10 so I decided to waste some time by listening to music, I search for my Pearphone in my jean pocket and pull it out along with ear phones, I plug them in and put the ear buds in my ear, I decided to go wild and press shuffle, all I could hear playing was Lost in the stereo by all time low, I slowly nodded my head to the beat, then I felt one of my ear buds being pulled out of my ear, I turned my head in the demons direction she was mouthing the words to the song, "You know this song?" I ask surprised, "Who doesn't? It's all time low for crying out loud" she answered,

I smiled at her reply, maybe were not so different after all I thought to myself, but I was wrong, I felt a hand slid up my thigh(this made me well alerted) and make its way into my jean pocket, my jean pocket was a tight jean pocket, this made the situation awkward, but she kept on tugging, she was close, maybe too close, but I don't mind wait what am I saying of course I mind, she finally gotten what she wanted, my Pearphone, "Hey!" I frown like a child who had their candy stolen, "Hello Fredward" she spoke, "Sam, I'm not in the mood for any games, so give me back the phone!" I pleaded, "I'm just picking a song jeez!" she addressed "Whatever" I said blankly, all of a sudden, disgusting by Ke$ha is playing (YES! I have Ke$ha on my phone!) I raised an eyebrow then smiled smugly and looked out the window,

"It's disgusting how I love you, God I hate it, I could kill you, Cause your messing up my mind, Gotta walk my talk my fame, Look at what you do to me, It's disgusting!"

And then something clicked in my brain, this song relates to me and Sam SO much, maybe she played it for a reason...Nah, I need to forget about that, the song ended and there was this awkward silence, I looked over at Sam and smiled she smiled back, it was still awkward so I grabbed the phone from her and the ear bud "Hey!" she cried out, "Sup demon" I mimicked her from earlier on, her face dropped, "Why did you take it!" she bellowed, "Because I don't want my phone battery to run out okay?" I shouted, "Ugh Freddie you nerd" she added, "Ugh Sam you lazy blonde" she turned to me leaned in, and for some strange reason my heart beat speeded up, "Dork" she whispered with a smirk, "Jerk" I whispered smugly, she leaned in closer " Dip head" she teased,

I leaned in so I was now breathing in her ear, she shivered at this, "Blonde headed demon" I said flirtatiously, and then she leaned into my cheek, I heard her open her mouth, my heart was going faster than the speed of light, she did something I didn't expect, she licked my cheek slowly, I groaned a little in pleasure..Hormones... then as she was moving away she leaned in again and bitten my ear lobe! "ARGHHH!" I yelped out in pain, she sat back with a victorious smile planted upon her lips "SAM! What have I told you about biting him?" Carly scolded, Sam just pouted, "Are you okay Freddie?" Carly asked sweetly, Sam rolled her eyes at this, "Yeah I'm fine" I mutter looking straight at Sam with fire in my eyes,

then I fling into Spencer's seat as he pulls up outside the mall, "Alright, Carly, Lovebirds, we have arrived at the mall!" my eyes go wide, I slowly turned to Sam who looked stunned by Spencer's remark "What did you just say..?" She coldly questioned "Uh...Pft I said...Dove birds...Yeah! you need a hearing test pft" Spencer opened the door and ran to the mall entrance like a 5 year old, Carly laughed awkwardly I guess she could feel the awkwardness because she left the car to catch up with Spence who I hated right now, for putting me in this awkward situation "Well..." I say lamely, "Shut it dork face, let's just forget it ever happened and have fun in the mall" she said with no emotion on her face at all,

she opened the car door and joined Carly and Spencer at the mall entrance, did that just happen? I thought to myself, she's kind of cute when she's angry I think to myself, I exited the car and mentally scolded myself for the thought I just had about Sam, the demon who makes my life gray like a raincloud how could she be cute?...

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