Summary: Jack and the five former Little Sisters, now his adopted daughters, do what they can to fit into the everyday life of 1960s America, despite one little problem…none of them knows how to live "normally."

Disclaimer: I do not own Bioshock. I came up with the names for the five sisters but I don't own the sisters themselves.

A/N: I only recently got into Bioshock and so this is my first Bioshock fic. The story takes place a while after the good ending of Bioshock.

It was night time as Jack Ryan sat shivering with a blanket around his back inside of the galley on a freighter on its return trip to America from Iceland. He and the five rescued Little Sisters had been picked up by the freighter that had happened to spot the bathysphere floating in the ocean. The five girls had been given glasses of warm milk to help them sleep, on the cold floor of the galley with blankets over them and using some life preservers as pillows. Jack sat nearby, watching them sleep with as much as a warm smile as he could muster given the temperature. It was as if he had switched to the Winter Blast plasmid, which he still had access to. He could still use all of his Plasmids but he only had a limited supply of EVE left. He had nine full EVE hypos still on him as well. His gene tonics were still in full effect though and probably would remain that way for the rest of his life. He then noticed the first officer enter through the open hatch nearby.

The first officer was young as they go but noticeably older than Jack, but it was still a relief to not see someone looking anything like the disfigured Splicers in Rapture, but he still had his trusty wrench in hand just in case. The first officer glanced at the girls with a small smile before turning back to Jack.

"So, where ya headed?" the man asked with a slight Irish accent. Jack shrugged.

"America, I suppose." Jack said with the deep droning voice of the Big Daddy. He figured he was stuck with that voice for life now. The first officer jumped as soon as Jack spoke, not expecting the voice.

"I guess this voice might have its perks." Jack said mentally with a smile.

"You okay, lad? Your voice be soundin' strange 'n' I ain't 'ad a drop to drink in me life." The officer asked as Jack glanced away slightly, trying to come up with an excuse. Explaining Rapture and the Big Daddy's to him would probably get him locked away in the brig out of nervousness by the crew for coming off as an absolute lunatic so the truth was a big fat, no.

"Accident. My voice got messed up. It's a long story and I don't want to talk about it." Jack replied, the voice still a little unnerving to the officer, and kinda to Jack for that matter.

"Well, it doesn't matter. But the Cap'n' wants to know how ya got there in the middle of the bloody ocean…and in a bathysphere of all the contraptions in the world." The officer said as Jack shrugged.

"Again, long story." Jack replied.

"Mmm, well. So where did the girls come from? Or, are they also a part of this, 'long story?" the officer asked, making Jack finger the wrench in his hand, ready to strike if necessary. The girls had saved his life and he had every intention of returning the favor.

"We saved each other's lives. I'd appreciate it if you didn't press the issue." Jack replied, the droning Daddy voice now sounding threatening. He had his Electro Bolt Plasmid ready now in addition to the wrench, ready for a quick shock then quick blow to the head with the wrench. The ol' one-two punch as "Atlas" had referred to it.

"Relax lad, I'm not 'ere to antagonize ya. I'm just askin' some simple questions. You know, makin' conversation." The officer said as Jack sighed slightly. He wasn't used to conversation after all the one way radio communication that happened in Rapture.

"Look, I'm sorry if ya just went through some sort of disaster, but I'm just tryin' to help." The officer said as Jack nodded.

"I know you are. It's not that I don't want to talk about it but, talking about it would make me sound crazy. And I want to protect those girls more than I do myself." Jack explained as the officer looked down at his feet thoughtfully. He seemed to be thinking about what Jack had said.

"Well…I can respect that. One question though. Are they yours or-…" the officer asked, letting his sentence drop off intentionally. Jack sighed slightly, rubbing his hand over the scars where the Big Daddy Voice Altering Machine altered his vocal chords.

"They're not mine, but they don't have any parents now. They're not even true siblings. They've all got different parents. I just happened to rescue them, and they in turn, rescued me." Jack explained as the officer glanced at the girls as they continued sleeping quietly.

"Do ya even know their names, lad?" The officer asked as Jack shook his head.

"Does a man have to know the name of another, just to give them a helping hand?" Jack asked, raising his hand slightly, glancing at his wrist where the chain tattoos were.

"Aye, ya have a point. By the way, what is your name?" the officer asked curiously.

"My name is Jack…Jack Ryan." Jack said as the officer smiled with a friendly nod and extended his hand to the man.

"Well, nice to meet ya, Jack. That short for Jonathan?" the officer asked. Jack chuckled slightly and nodded. He really didn't have an inkling as to what his real name was or if he even had one save for Jack so he just decided to assume it was Jonathan "Jack" Ryan.

"How long will it take to reach civilization?" Jack asked as the officer stood up.

"Oh, a few days, give or take. Cap'n has the engine's goin' slow though. Says there was a plane crash near here a few days ago. Wants to keep an eye out for debris or survivors…say, you wouldn't happen to be…nah that's preposterous. I mean, how would you 'ave ended up in that bathysphere with five lil' girls with ya if you were in a plane crash?" the officer asked, laughing as he walked out the door. Jack simply scowled as he watched the man leave.

"You have no idea." He mumbled.

"Mr. Bubbles?" Jack turned and saw one of the girls, a blue eyed brunette, had awoken.

"Hmm? What's the matter?" he asked as the girl.

"I heard you talking to someone? Is everything alright Mr. B?" the girl asked as she approached him, kneeling down and resting her chin on his leg, staring up at him with a worried look.

"Yes, everything's fine. Go back to sleep." Jack replied, grabbing a bottle of whisky that had been left for him by the ship's cook to help keep him warm during the night.

"I'm scared Mister Bubbles." The girl replied as Jack took a quick sip of the whiskey.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked, his droning voice, apparently soothing to her. He also figured that the Big Daddy pheromones helped too.

"What's going to happen now, Mr. Bubbles?" another girl asked. Jack looked up to see that all of the girls had awoken. Jack paused for a moment, struggling to think of an answer.

"I…I don't know." Jack said as the girls started crowding around him.

"Where are we going?" another girl asked with a slight Russian accent.

"We're going somewhere…on the surface. To a place called America." Jack said, intriguing the girls slightly.

"America?" "Is it underwater too?" "Are there angels there?" the girls started asking.

"It's not underwater. It'll…it'll be like Arcadia, sort of. Lots of people, no Splicers, no ADAM, and no angels." Jack explained as best he could from his implanted memories. The girls looked up at him in amazement as if he were telling them a thrilling story. They quickly sat down in front of him.

"Tell us more Mr. B!" "Yeah, tell us more about America!" "Please, Mr. B! Tell us more!" the girls started pleading. Jack looked at each of them, his heart breaking finally.

"Alright, but…first I want to ask you girls, one thing. What are your names?" Jack asked. All but one of the girls looked at each other in silent confusion.

"I dunno my name." "Me too." "Do you know my name?" "Nuh-uh." "Do you know my name, Mr. Bubbles?" "My name is Masha." The girls started saying. When one girl introduced herself as Masha, something clicked in Jack's mind. He quickly flashed back to one of the audio diaries from a Russian born woman who said her daughter had been taken to become a little sister, and had committed suicide in despair upon seeing her with a Big Daddy.

"Masha?" Jack asked as the girl nodded. She had thick black hair and brown eyes.

"Do you know your last name?" Jack asked as the girl thought for a moment. She then shook her head.

"Sorry Mr. Bubbles, I don't." the girl replied. Jack sat back for a moment in thought. He suspected that this was a possible side effect of either the ADAM slug or the mental conditioning.

"It's okay. My name is Jack." Jack said, pointing to himself.

"But, you're Mr. Bubbles. You're Daddy." One of the girls said, causing Jack to pause.

"Daddy?" He asked himself.

"What's your last name Mr. Bubbles?" "Yeah, you asked Masha what her last name was, so what's yours?" the girls asked.

"Ryan." Jack replied.

"Then that'll be my last name too!" one of the girls declared proudly.

"Me too!" "OOH ME-ME-ME-ME!" "And me!" "Can I be Ryan too?" the girls and Masha said causing Jack's heart to break even more. He was beginning to realize what bringing the girls to the surface would mean. His Big Daddy pheromones, plus their remaining mental conditioning to be with a Big Daddy, and their total lack of memory from before they were made Little Sisters, meant that they'd need someone to protect them, and that was gonna be him.

"Sure…you can all be, Ryan's." Jack said, a tear forming in his eye.

"Then what about our names?" "Yeah, if Masha has a name, then we need one too." The girls said as Jack smiled and sighed, a little weepy for some strange reason.

"Well…uh…" Jack said, turning towards a redheaded and grey eyed, girl, "…you can be…Rebecca."

"What about me, Mr. Bubbles?" a black haired and green eyed girl asked.

"You can be…Suzanna." Jack said before turning to the brunette.

"You're…Amelia." Jack said before turning finally to a blond haired girl with blue eyes.

"And you are-…" Jack said but was interrupted by the loud thumping of feet on the metal floor nearby. He quickly stood up, his hand on his upgraded revolver and the Electro Bolt Plasmid ready. Suddenly the first officer entered holding something in his hand.

"Mr. Ryan! Mr. Ryan! We found these in the bathysphere! This was making an awful racket!" the officer said, holding up one of the audio diary machines from Rapture in one hand and a brown metal briefcase with the Rapture insignia in the other.

"I'll take them. Thanks." Jack said as the officer laid them both out on one of the tables before backing out of the galley.

"I'll leave ya to 'em." The officer said, still a little unnerved by Jack's voice. Probably for the better because Jack wanted to listen to this on his own, the girls excluded. He closed the hatches to the galley before finally sitting down and hitting play on the diary.

"I'm not sure how to start this message but…here it goes." Dr. Tenenbaum's voice filtered through.

"If you're listening to this message, then chances are that you've managed to escape Rapture. I sent five of the little ones to help you in dealing with Fontaine and I'm assuming that you've taken them with you. Regardless, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you've done for the little ones and me. After you killed Andrew Ryan and left to go after Fontaine, I went to Ryan's office. There I found important documents that Ryan had stolen from Fontaine. Documents detailing Fontaine's smuggling operations. He had a sizable bank account in a bank in New York City in America set up for when he would return to the surface. He had written down all of his account information on these papers, and as it does no use to me down here except to, perhaps, keep a fire going, I have given them all to you in the briefcase that's with this recorder so that you and the little ones can live out there. (Sigh) I still don't understand you…they offered you the city…and you refused it. And what did you do instead? What I come to expect of you. You saved them. You gave them the one thing that was stolen from them…A chance. A chance to learn, to find love, to live. And in the end, what was your reward? You never said, but I think I know…a family…Goodbye mien friend. And thank you."

At that, the recorder clicked off, Jack staring at it in silence, the girls, each clinging to him silently. He looked down at the girls, placing his arms around them.

"Mr. Bubbles?" Amelia asked worriedly.

"Was that Mama Brigid?" the unnamed girl asked.

"Yes, that was her." Jack replied, carefully opening the briefcase. Once opened, he found a loaded unmodified revolver, a record case from "Rapture Records" and two file folders. The first folder was marked as "Fontaine's Finances" and the other was marked "Read this!" Jack opened the "Read this" folder and inside found detailed instructions on how to slowly wean himself off of ADAM, instructions that obviously were printed during Fontaine's stint in producing the various plasmids and gene tonics since it had an advertisement at the bottom, offering the alternative of purchasing more tonics and plasmids from Fontaine Futuristics for those who "changed their minds." Jack smiled as he placed his remaining EVE hypos into the briefcase along with the pistol. He then glanced at the recorder from Dr. Tenenbaum before turning to the unnamed girl.

"You can be…Brigid." Jack said with a smile of pride as the girls smiled back at him, all happy to have names and be part of a family for the first time that they can remember. It was the birth of the new Ryan family.

Five Months Later…

Jonathan "Jack" Ryan, now a young billionaire due to Fontaine's surface accounts, living in a nice suburban home in the coastal town of Barton, North Carolina. (1) He lives with his five girls, Rebecca, Suzanna, Brigid, Masha, and Amelia Ryan. Despite being a billionaire, Jack has found a job as a repairman at a local fix-it shop, putting his trusty wrench to its rightful usage instead of bashing splicer heads in. Truthfully though he had retired the old wrench, turning it into a paperweight, since the sight of bloodstains might unnerve people or cause them to ask questions which he desperately wanted to avoid. The girls all attend school several blocks away from their house. The house itself is a quaint looking white ranch house with a small garden near the front porch that the girls will sometimes tend to. Jack and the girls were surprisingly integrating quite well into the "surface society" as Jack started referring to it.

Jack had managed to wean himself off of ADAM and the Plasmids during the boat ride to America, and his withdrawal symptoms weren't as bad as it was when he forced himself to quit smoking, since he hadn't been continually spliced like the rest of the citizens of Rapture. He could feel that his DNA was still overwritten by the splicing and could tell the Plasmids and Gene tonics were in effect, albeit without the necessary power to do anything noticeable. Once in awhile he would be working on a radio or a television and it would spontaneously and briefly turn on as a result of his Electro Bolt plasmid, but most everyone attributed it to his, "bumping something." They'd never realize that the device wasn't plugged in whenever it occurred. The girls seemed to be free from all symptoms of ADAM withdrawal, which Jack guessed was a side effect of the special Plasmid that Tenenbaum had given him upon their first meeting.

Despite their calm lifestyle, Jack did have a small amount of paranoia. He took it upon himself to learn sign language so he could avoid using his Big Daddy voice, which would cause questions. He wasn't so much worried about the girls saying anything since anything they said about underwater cities or various other Rapture related issues could be written off as childish fantasies. He had also locked up the modified weaponry and specialty rounds from Rapture in a large safe in his room but he kept the unmodified revolver from Tenenbaum, hidden, unloaded, and locked inside a desk drawer in his room just in case of emergency. He also feared that he would be discovered as having randomly appeared in America with no identification, no background information, and five little girls with different parents and with no identification either. He also feared having to take them or himself to the doctor's office. He knew that if doctors performed any blood work on any of them, that they would find the traces of ADAM in their systems. Plus, the girls had a natural fear for doctors thanks to Dr. Suchong and his minions. It was moments like this that they would cling closely to "Mr. Bubbles."

On the flipside, he would occasionally glance out towards the east at night, towards the ocean and wonder what had, and would, become of Rapture. He didn't care if the city itself stayed secret or not but he knew that trying to explain it would end up making people suspicious and put the girls lives in possible danger. When it came to the girls, he would lay his life on the line. If any danger would come their way, he wouldn't think twice about reaching for one of the EVE Hypos in the safe with the rest of the weapons and literally Incinerating anyone who dared touch his girls wrongly. Fortunately this hasn't happened…yet.

Then one day, the girls came home with the most unexpected news. News of something that made him rather nervous…

"Mr. Bubbles," Masha said with her slight Russian accent, "Our teacher, Miss Stein, says that you have to come to the school tomorrow afternoon."

"She said that you need to attend a, Parent-teacher conference." Brigid added. Jack sighed, knowing that this was going to be a meeting to remember.

End Chapter 1.

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(1) – I invented the town of Barton, NC. As far as I know, it doesn't exist.