Title: Happy

Rating: K+

Genre: Family

Summary: Happiness is easily attained in the Free Glades. Keris-centric drabble.

Am I happy?

Why, what a strange thing to ask! Of course I'm happy. I'm sixteen and married to my best friend. I'm ensconced for at least an hour every day with my ailing grandmother. I'm through with being silly and waiting for Father to come and find me; after all, enough people have sat me down and explained very kindly that he's almost certainly dead. So that's all sorted out.

And I have a home! Shem and I have very nice rooms above the inn, so we have a home and work all at once. I am so very lucky to have work, serving ale day in day out. I don't have a baby yet, but just you watch, I'll find out I'm with child any day now. Shem calls it getting in foal, and I always laugh for him.

Please don't worry about me. I am so very, very happy.

A/N: And here's another product of my habit of burning the midnight oil. I think I've managed to slightly disturb myself with this one, which is something of an achievement, although it might be less to do with the drabble itself and more to do with the images I had going through my head as I was writing it.