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"My mother always told me that I was special when I was a child, she continued to say the same thing as I grew older but I merely brushed it off thinking that's what every parent said to make their children feel good about themselves. When I turned twelve, I realized that she was right all along, I was special in everyway I could possibly think of at the time."

- Cloud Strife

Chapter One of the Chronicles of a Messenger of Gaia


Chapter One.

Messengers of Gaia.

Walkers of the Lifestream.

Communicators of the Dead.

Cloud was all of these and even more, he wasn't an Ancient, he couldn't communicate with the dead while on the plane of the living nor could he control the energies of the Lifestream. Cloud could only enter the Lifestream and communicate with the dead while there.

He and his mother where the only surviving messengers left alive and she took an extra precaution to make sure no one in Nibelheim nor in Shinra ever found out about their legacy. When he asked why they couldn't tell anyone about their powers, she merely gave him one of her sad smiles he was so used to seeing and replied that it could lead to another tragedy.

Cloud didn't dare pry about the tragedy she spoke of.

When he turned fourteen he joined Shinra -much to the despair of his mother- this lead to many arguments in which he defended that someone Shinra was looking for would never willingly join their ranks so he joined to keep Shinra's eyes away from his mother.

He was so nervous, but after months of training and no sign of some of the higher ranked soldiers bursting into his barracks and dragging him into the science department. Cloud slowly but surely started to relax.

That is until he met SOLIDER 1st Class Zack Fair.

Everything he tried so hard to keep under wraps was starting to fall apart piece by piece.

They were sitting in the briefing room on the SOLDIER floor, something Cloud was excited about because he had only seen Zack's apartment on the SOLIDER floor, he wasn't allowed anywhere else.

"So, let me get this straight Professor Hojo." Zack spoke up after the scientist finished his request. "You want us to find a race that could most likely be extinct?"

Hojo's black beady eyes flashed behind his somewhat tacky glasses. "Once again Mr. Fair, the messengers of Gaia are not extinct! They are merely in hiding from Shinra. I want you to take a team and find the last remaining messengers and bring them here so I could analyze them."

Analyze? Cloud frowned deeply at Hojo's choice of words. He and his mother wasn't something Hojo could analyze they weren't some kind of animals!

"What are these messengers Professor?" Sephiroth asked, his deep smooth voice sending shivers down Cloud's spine effortlessly. It never failed to do so.

Hojo took off his glasses and wiped them off with a semi-clean cloth before sliding them back on. "The Messengers of Gaia are a race of people that can enter the Lifestream while still alive and can communicate with the dead, several hundred years ago many of these massagers existed and did a good service for the people by relaying things to their departed loved ones."

"They could go into the Lifestream? Alive?" disbelief was clear in Zack's voice. "That-that isn't possible Professor-"

"Anything is possible these days boy!" Hojo snapped impatiently. "I believe in cold hard facts rather than the myth of the Messengers but if we find one than…."

The Lifestream was packed full of departed souls some from thousands of years ago, his mother always told him that very wise people still resided in the Lifestream this very day instead of being reborn into the world.

"An ocean of information…." Cloud muttered loudly, all eyes shot towards him with bemusement -except Hojo who was looking slightly impressed-

"Exactly cadet." Hojo replied. "If we can obtain an messenger, than we can force him or her into the Lifestream to obtain information on events and even locations of certain artifacts."

"What happened to them?" Bryant, another SOLIDER Cadet asked curiously. Cloud managed to hold back a wince at the innocent question, he never bothered to ask his mother what had happened to their people.

The pain reflected in her eyes always made him hesitate.

"The records say that the Goddess Minerva was displeased by the messengers and wiped them from existence in a single night, but I find such a story unconvincing they must've been massacred by foolish people who most likely began to fear their powers."

Even though it was a horrible way to look at it. Hojo's theory was much more plausible than what the legends stated in Cloud's opinion.

Why would the goddess suddenly be displeased with his people? It made no sense at all.

"And if we don't find one?" Zack bit out.

Hojo looked smug and put his hands behind his back and began walking out of the briefing room. "Than I shall simply move on to something more worthwhile, but I have feeling you'll find at least one of them. You SOLIDER are at least good at finding things, turning tailcoat seems to be an awfully popular pastime these days…."

The temperature in the room dropped sharply at that comment. Cloud turned his gaze to Zack, to see that he was now wearing a blank expression.

"…he never really told us where were supposed to be looking." Cloud spoke up timidly.

"Nothing to worry about Cadet Strife," Sephiroth spoke up smoothly. "Everything is in the file that the Professor left behind."

"Where are we supposed to be going?" Zack cut in bitterly. Cloud shook his head, knowing his best friend was still upset at Hojo's comment about SOLDIERS deserting.

"Cosmo Canyon, their elders should know something about the messengers but I doubt they'll point us in the right direction."

"Well," Zack stood up from his chair and stretched. "Let's get going!"

Cloud watched warily as Sephiroth, Zack and his fellow SOLDIER Cadet Bryant, left the briefing room with an air displeasure.

"Now what am I supposed to do?"

He only hoped that the people of Cosmo Canyon did indeed point Shinra in the wrong direction, he would have to speak to Bugenhagen in private when they arrived.

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