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A Complicated Life Chapter Five: Are You Serious!

-x-x-x-x- (Sasuke's POV)

I opened the door to Sakura's house. The rooms were covered in darkness, all except the front room which had blue light pouring in from the window. I closed the door and looked around for a lamp, but it turned out, Sakura didn't seem to own one anywhere in her house.

I decided to head to my room and sleep. Walking down the hall, I noticed Sakura's bedroom door was slightly open. I know it's not right to look, but she wasn't home. What could it hurt?

I walked up to her door and gave a light shove. I felt around on the wall for the light switch. Instead I felt a sharp pinch. I winced and continued to feel for that damn switch.

When I found it I had to squint to adjust my eyes to the new surrounding of light. When I could see properly again I stared at Sakura's room.

It was a light shade of pink, and full of happy memories. I looked around the room. Almost every inch of the walls were covered with pictures of friends and family, posters, and random decorations. Sakura's bed was well-made with a million pillows and stuffed dolls stacked together at the head. She had a desk on the opposite wall, which had a white and pink laptop placed on top. Also there was a pencil holder with crazy coloured pens inside.

I walked deeper into Sakura's room. It was warm. Not in the heat sense, but in the comfortable sense. It made me want to smile.

"What are you doing in here?" I jumped at the sound of Sakura's voice behind me. I turned to see her with a shocked face.

"I was..." Why was I in there? I didn't know, so how was I going to explain it to her?

"Are you in here to break more stuff of mine?" Sakura's voice held an angry tone.

"I was just...The door was open so I was checking to see if you were home." I guess it's not a full lie, because she could have been in there.

"Oh...well I'm home now."

I nodded and left Sakura's room. I walked down the hall to my own room and closed the door behind me. I sat on the bed and felt anger rise inside of me. I didn't know why. It's not like anything was really her fault.

I lay back on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I stared at the ceiling for a while, and eventually fell asleep.

*** "W-why?" A small and shaky voice questioned. The voice belonged to a young boy who was terrified at the sight in front of him.

"Because...They were naive...just like you."A rough voice boomed.

The young boy gasped as tears fell from his wide eyes.

"I...I thought..." The young boy tried to speak, but all that came out were a mumble of words. The rough voice chuckled in delight.

"You thought wrong...Sasuke..."***

I shot up from my bed. I gasped for air as my own sweat trickled down my forehead.

After gathering air in my lungs and calming my breathing I flicked on the TV and checked the time. It was almost noon.

I sighed and got up. I walked over to the door and opened it.

Once I opened the door the smell of pancakes and syrup flooded my nose. Then my stomach started to rumble. I decided to head to the kitchen and grab me some pancakes.

"Good morning!" Sakura sang as I entered the kitchen. She seemed...happy? Strange, only last night she had flipped out at me for 'checking' on her.

"Uh, good morning?"

Sakura smiled. She picked up a plate and placed it down on the table. "Would you like some breakfast?" She asked still smiling.

"Uh, sure..." I was confused, but she didn't seem to notice. Just like she didn't seem to notice her own change in attitude. I never really understood females.

"So, any plans for today?" Sakura scooped two pancakes the size of my face onto the small glass plate in front of me.

"No." I answered simply.

"Oh..." She said quietly. It was more of an under your breath comment, but I heard her.

"Oh?" I raised an eye brow. Sakura turned around, not facing me.

"I didn't mean anything like that, it's just, the last few days you've been out. I was just curious." She turned back around with a fake laugh on her face.



"Sasuke!" Sakura's voice rang through her house. I groaned from my room and met her by the front door.

"Yes?" I said impatiently.

"I'm going out with a friend. So I'll see you later. Oh and I left a list of things you can do while i'm gone. Don't break anything please." Sakura gave a wave and then she was out the door.

"Bye?" I sighed.


I spent most of Sunday laying around Sakura's house and doing the chores she left for me. But before you start saying she won, she hasn't. I only did chores because Sakura has no entertainment at her house, and I was bored. It was no fun sitting in an empty house with no one to torment.

"Done..." I said to myself. Not that I really needed to, but the house was quiet, and something needed to speak up!

"I'm home!"

I looked up from sweeping and there stood Sakura with a huge grinned plastered to her face.

"Nice to know." I mumbled.

"Are Good, at least you're listening to my rules, finally." Sakura almost seemed shocked, but covered it with cockiness.

"Yeah..." I grumbled.

Sakura tossed her jacket, purse and shoes aside and walked farther into the house.

I grinned. She only wishes she won...

"SASUKE!" Sakura screeched from her bedroom. Sasuke one, Sakura zero.

"Yes?" I said coolly, like I didn't know what was coming.

"What in Fuck's name is this!" Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. I only laughed as I made my way towards her room.

"What's the problem Sakura?" I played. When I got to Sakura's room she turned to me with her door wide open to reveal the mess in which she was yelling for.

"Oh, that..." I snickered under my breath.

"Oh? What the hell's your problem! Everything was fine, and then you act up again! Fuck you Sasuke! You dumb assed jerk!" Sakura screamed. I noticed tears build up in her eyes. I didn't mean for it to go that far, it was only meant to be a simple joke.

"Sakura, calm down. It's some dust and a bit of garbage, it's not like I set a bomb off." I chuckled, hoping to lighten the mood. Not sure if it really worked.

"Damn it! I'm gone for a few hours with THE nicest guy ever, and then I come home to you!" Sakura's tears started to fall down her cheeks. It made me feel uncomfortable.

I wanted to say something, but I figured she'd only scream more if I did. So for the next little bit, the only noise was the sniffing of Sakura's nose.

Then I decided to try again.

"Sakura..." But before I was able to say anything Sakura ran into her room and slammed the door.

I stood there speechless with shock stretched so far across my face it'd take lifetimes to understand what just happened.

-x-x-x-x- (Sakura's POV)

Sasuke Uchiha was the biggest jerk ever known to walk the earth! I could NOT believe he threw garbage and dirt into my room! And when I thought maybe we were getting along...I guess I can't EVER trust him again!

After I ran into my room I sat against the door and listened as Sasuke walked down to his room and slammed the door. I felt hot tears slip out of my eyes and slide down my cheeks. I was so frustrated! I couldn't believe someone like him could be friends with Naruto, who is the smartest and nicest guy I've ever known!

I wiped my tears away and grabbed my cell. I called Hinata who was the only one of my friends who knew about Sasuke.

"Hello?" Her voice squeaked through the tiny receiver.

"Hinata...I..." I felt more tears well up and my eyes.

"Sakura, is everything okay?" She sounded worried, but I mean, her friend did just call and started crying. I'd be worried if she did the same.

"Yeah, it's just Sasuke, that's all. He's such a jerk!" I sobbed into the phone.

"Sakura, I'm sorry. Do you want to meet and talk about it? I can call Ino and Tenten." I could hear Hinata's attempt at a smile through the phone. She was trying to help and I loved her for that.

"I love that!"

After hanging up with Hinata I crept out of my room, and out the front door. Why was I sneaking? Because if Sasuke heard me he'd probably try and talk to me or something and I really just wanted to be with my friends!

Hinata had called Ino and Tenten after we hung up and we were going to meet at the mall. I drove without the radio the whole drive because I wasn't sure if I could take any talking, er, singing in my confused state.


I got to the mall around eight, and I sat in the food court waiting for my friends to show. After then minutes I decided to walk around and see if they were looking for me in one of the stores.

I walked on the different floors of the mall; I bet I looked like a lost puppy trying to find their master, because that's how I felt.

"Sakura?" A voice called my name. I turned around to see Naruto running up to me. It seems I always run into him now, but heck, who really cares right?

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" I gave him the biggest smile I could make through my fuzzy head.

"I was with a friend, what about you? You look kind of lost." I felt my eye try to twitch, but I covered it by blinking.

"Uh, I'm waiting for some friends to show, that's all." I smiled again. It seemed to be getting easier as I talked to Naruto.

"Would it be alright if I waited with you?" He asked politely. I nodded.


"So what happened to your friend?" I asked. After I agreed to let Naruto wait with me we each got a coffee and sat down in the food court.

"Who knows, he's pretty hopeless on his own." Naruto laughed. "What about your friends, where are they?"

Hinata had sent me a text while Naruto and I were in line for coffee and she said they'd be late due to some traffic issue.

"Traffic tie up I guess..." I took a sip of my caramel café mocha.

"Well, no worries, I'm here to keep you company." Naruto grinned showing his almost perfect white teeth.

"...Naruto, can I ask you something. It's about Sasuke." I played with the cover of my cup. I knew Naruto and Sasuke were friends, not sure if they were close, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask a few questions...

"Sasuke? Sure, what do you want to know?" Naruto didn't seem surprise at all about my question.

"What's his deal?" I raised my voice a bit more than needed. Naruto only chuckled to himself.

"What, what's so funny?" I asked starting to feel annoyed.

"Nothing, it's just Sasuke's a strange person. He's different than what he allows people to see." Naruto's eyes shone from the light of the mall while he stared into space.

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to make eye contact with Naruto. He looked up at me.

"He hides what he feels. He doesn't like to feel small and weak like he use to."

"Use to?"

"Sasuke's been through a lot, when he was younger his parents were killed. He felt like it was his fault, seeing as he watched it happen. I guess anyone would though."

"What!" I stood up and knocked over my chair in the process. "He...watched? Why...I don't understand..."

"He didn't have a choice, he was young Sakura. Kids don't have a choice in anything. Especially when it was his own brother who killed them..." Naruto's eyes saddened. I picked my chair back up and sat down.

"Ever since that day Sasuke swore to get stronger and kill his brother, even if it meant going to jail."

"That's insane! Why would he do such an idiotic thing!" I screamed. From the corner of my eye I saw some people give me dirty looks, but it didn't matter.

"He thinks it's the only thing he can do to help his parents. The thing is, his parents wouldn't want that. He knows it; he just can't and won't believe it." Naruto took a sip of his drink and sighed.

"It's a burden he's lived with most of his life."

I felt like the biggest ass in the world. I thought he acted the way he did because he was a selfish bastard who didn't care for anyone but himself.

"Naruto, I feel horrible...I've yelled at him so many times. If I knew..."

"Sakura, it's not your fault. Sasuke's the master of being an ass because he uses it to hide the hurt."

No matter how many times Naruto told me it wasn't my fault, I insisted it was. Sure I wasn't the one who killed his parents but I feel bad about yelling at him all those times.

"Naruto, I have another question..." I started to speak when Naruto interrupted me.

"It's about Sasuke's house isn't it? Why he's living with you? That's my fault. I use to stay with him until one day I didn't realize I turned the stove on and, well...everything caught fire. It was just luck that the next day he ran into, er, you backed your car into his..."

I was shocked. Why hadn't Sasuke told me himself?

"So what about you? Where are you staying?"

Naruto pointed to a man who was running up to our table. "I'm staying with my friend Kiba..."

When Naruto said Kiba I jumped. I knew Kiba, well sort of. I'd met him a few times because Ino was dating him. I never thought Naruto was only a little bit away from me this whole time.

"Hey, you left me in the store! You jerk!" Kiba yelled at Naruto. Then he turned and looked at me. "Hey, you're Sakura right. Ino's friend?" Kiba smiled. I nodded.

"Nice to see you again Kiba." I smiled.

"So, you two know each other?" Kiba asked taking a chair from another table and pulling it up to Naruto and I's.

"Yeah, we've been running into each other a lot and kind of grew on each other I guess." Naruto grinned. "Oh hey, I'm out of coffee; I'm going to get another. Be right back!" Naruto got up and ran over to a small line at a coffee stand.

"So, you and Naruto, you guys dating or something?" Kiba asked with a playful expression.

"You'd know. I mean you ARE the one who set us up." I said taking another sip of my own coffee. It was cold and gross, but I wasn't huge on it anyway.

"What do you mean?" Kiba's grey eyes narrowed.

"You know, that date you, Tenten and Ino set up Saturday night." I said. Like he didn't know. Ino, Tenten and him set it all up! I always hated when people played dumb...

"Uh, Sakura...We didn't set you up with Naruto..." Kiba said pointing out that I was the one who was wrong. It was Tenten all over again!

"Then who the hell was! And if it wasn't meant to be Naruto, then why was he there, he wasn't with anyone..." I was slowly rising to an annoyed state.

Kiba sighed and looked me right in the eye.

"Ino and I set Naruto up with one of my co-workers, that's why he was there."

"Then who was I suppose to meet!" I yelled, feeling my face get hot.

"You were suppose to meet Sasuke Uchiha..."


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